49ers will “evaluate” after two more David Akers misses


The 49ers have two weeks before their next game, which gives them ample time to figure out what to do about their kicker.

David Akers missed two field goal attempts in the first half of the game, from 44 and 40 yards, to continue an awful season for someone who has long been one of the league’s most reliable kickers. Akers missed at least one field goal in six of the team’s final eight games this season and ends the regular season with a conversion rate of just 69 percent on field goals for the year.

That’s the lowest of his career as a full-time kicker and it has prompted repeated questions about whether the 49ers would look to replace Akers. They’ve looked at others in tryouts, but coach Jim Harbaugh has stuck with Akers each time. He was asked if he’ll replace Akers this time after Sunday’s 27-13 win and committed to nothing other than a concise description of Akers’ job.

“I don’t know if we have to,” Harbaugh said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “We’ll evaluate the position. It’s his job to make the field goals.”

While you’re not going to find a kicker with more postseason success or experience than Akers at this point in the season, the 49ers have given him plenty of chances to get back into the groove and it hasn’t happened. We’ll see if the prospect of their slumping kicker facing a big kick in a playoff game will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

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  1. Akers is HURTING. He has an injury and has most likely been nursing it for a while. I was at Candlestick today and you could tell a leg injury is bothering him

  2. Wasn’t he the best Kicker next to Janikowski coming into the season?

    Sebass the only kicker than can make a 65yd FG

  3. THAT’s the Akers I remember from his last few years with the Eagles. December & January doesn’t seem to agree with Akers

  4. Call Ryan Longwell. Sure he’s not so great on kickoffs anymore, but the guy can make field goals.

  5. Better sign the Norway soccer player. Don’t know his name , but has a hellacious video on YouTube. ” Kickalicous ” Check it out..

  6. Better sign the soccer player from Norway. Dude can flat kick, check out his video on you tube. “Kickalicous”

  7. boltsfan14: Great post. It’s “old school” enough that there are probably a couple of generations of younger fans out there who aren’t familiar with your spot on reference!

  8. I think its a little late to change kickers. Its more of a mental thing now. To bring in a replacement this late to kick pressure field goals in the playoffs is absurd. Wait till theyre eliminated by the Packers then cut him. BTW Im not buying the injury thing. Just a cover up/excuse.


  9. Akers peaked last year.
    Maby he is just coming to terms with the fact that everything he has accomplished in his long career will be forgotten because the NFL doesn’t recognize kickers as real football players.

  10. have an open tryout. each kicker gets 20 attempts. who ever makes the most 50 yd fg’s gets the job.

  11. Not happy about it, but we need those kicks. We got lucky that we were only playing Arizona today and not a team that’ll make you pay for those misses.

  12. It is always a great idea to make more changes at a starting position entering the playoffs. Wise move indeed. Keep the loyalty coming 49er fans. Karma.

  13. After meeting him in person, he knows he is having problems but no one can place a finger on it. I would bet a Super Bowl ticket he will make any big kick needed in the next four games

  14. I can’t just ignore what Akers did for the 49ers last year, because he really was a key factor in many games for us and as a fan, I greatly appreciate that. This year though, something just isn’t right, and I really hope whatever it is gets corrected soon. He’s had a good long career and I’d hate to see it end on such a low note. Here’s to hoping he comes through in the playoffs

  15. Ryan longwell is Out there. Don’t let another special teams blunder cost you the Super Bowl appearance.

  16. Cundiff, Rackers, John Kasay, Ryan Longwell, Kris Brown? These guys were at Best Buy on Sunday returning Xmas gifts. I agree. Akers is mental. They need to cut of the head of a live chicken or something to get him right.

  17. Akers is a great guy and has had a hell of a career, but the Niners need to make a change. He probably does have some sort of injury, and that’s unfortunate, but you’re not going to win the SB (or even reach it) if you can’t hit clutch kicks in big games. You just can’t count on Akers at present to get it done.

  18. Maybe he’s..hurt, sore, all te above? You know he probably would be with the 49ers passing attack.

    FG, FG, FG, Block FG.

  19. Better not cost the 49ers a playoff game, this is a business about winning. Kickers are paid nicely for doing one thing only. They need to do their job.

  20. With the kickoffs no longer as huge of a factor these days, maybe they should try Jeff Reed who kicked a half season with them. His problem with SF wasn’t FG accuracy. Even at his worst times in Pittsburgh, Reed was never this bad. He is practicing hard in NC right now and maybe SF should give him a chance. Same with GB.

  21. Akers will surely choke in the playoffs, like his entire team did last week when they got The Beatdown in Seatown.

  22. Maybe its the kicking coach- the same idiot who coached in baltimore last year. How’d that turn out .

  23. i think romo’s performance last night was the final straw that broke the camels back. jerry jones might sign alex smith next year. very possible. alex doesnt throw interceptions hardly ever. alex smith is a significant upgrade to tony romo.

  24. Akers is a well experienced kicker. He’s just slumping this year. Being at Candlestick yesterday it seemed like Akers has a definte leg injury. He needs to rebuild his confidence. Harbaugh looks to be standing with Akers. Harbaugh is one of the best coaches in the league. He knows how to form and mold players. Take Alex Smith for an example, he molded him into a mistake free qb that brought us to the playoffs last year. Akers will overcome this in due time.


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