Antoine Winfield’s broken hand forces him out


The Vikings’ halftime lead has already shrunk and they may be without one of their key defensive players for the rest of the day.

Cornerback Antoine Winfield is in a baseball cap on the sideline with the Vikings defense on the field to open the third and his return is being called questionable. Winfield was trying to play through a broken bone in his hand this week, but his hand is now unwrapped as he stands and watches his teammates try to stop the Packers.

It didn’t go all that well on the first drive of the third quarter. Aaron Rodgers hit big passes to James Jones and Greg Jennings to move the Packers down the field and then hit a wide open Jennings for a touchdown to cut the Minnesota lead to 20-17 a little more than three minutes into the second half.

The Vikings were going to need more points whether or not Winfield got hurt. The need’s just bigger now that there’s a chance their best cornerback won’t be returning to a game the Vikings can’t afford to lose.