Bears’ early lead is bad news for Giants

Getty Images

The Giants have jumped out to an early lead over the Eagles, but if the fans at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey are watching the out of town scores, they have to be getting discouraged.

The Giants cannot make the playoffs unless the Bears lose, and the Bears are currently leading the Lions 20-3. Detroit has made a bunch of mistakes and looks like a team that is just playing out the string and waiting for a lousy season to come to an end, and the Lions don’t look like a team that has enough fight in them to come back and win.

So if the current scores hold, the Giants will be eliminated from playoff contention despite beating the Eagles, and the Bears will stay in playoff contention by beating the Lions. That will leave the Bears and their fans in the unusual position of rooting for the Packers to beat the Vikings, which would clinch a wild card berth for Chicago.

A Bears win would also mean that the Redskins cannot earn a wild card berth, and that their only path to the playoffs is to win the NFC East by beating the Cowboys tonight.