Browns have focused their search on a narrow group


In June, when former Eagles president Joe Banner appeared on PFT Live to discuss his plans for the future, he said he intends to land with a team that requires a turnaround.

There’s no way to turnaround the Browns without turning the page on the current regime.  And, as reported Saturday night by the Cleveland Plain Dealer, we’re told that’s precisely what will happen promptly after Sunday’s game at Pittsburgh:  Both coach Pat Shurmur and G.M. Tom Heckert will become former employees of the franchise.

Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, Banner and new owner Jimmy Haslam won’t be launching an exhaustive nationwide search after cleaning house.  Instead, they already have a very focused and narrow list of coach and G.M. candidates, who will be quickly lined up for interviews.

It’s possible, but not probable, that the Browns could have a new coach in place by the end of the week.  If that happens, it would remove from the final equation candidates like Josh McDaniels (who will be working for at least one more weekend with the Patriots) and Nick Saban (who has a date with the Irish next Monday night).

Some think that Haslam hopes to make a big splash.  Others think Banner will want a coach with less name recognition, which would arguably give Banner more authority over the operation.

19 responses to “Browns have focused their search on a narrow group

  1. Forget Saban. Not going to happen.

    The money pool available to pay the players isn’t near as much as he has available to him at Bama

  2. Saban will be the next head coach of the Browns. Haslam is going to pull a Godfather with an offer that cannot be refused. Book it.

  3. You can’t expect an established HC to come in if there is no signs of stability.

    Hire the coach and give him at least 3-4 years to establish something.

    The constant shuffling in Cleveland has directly lead to poor seasons since 2000 (save 2007).

  4. don’t hire Chip Kelly – is Cleveland really the place (and is this really the time) to experiment with a college offense?

  5. I am all about the Browns cleaning house besides getting rid of Tom Heckert. He knows how to draft talent. Say what you want about Weeden but let’s see what he can do with a better offensive plan suited to his skill set.

  6. heygfy says:
    Dec 30, 2012 11:56 AM
    don’t hire Chip Kelly – is Cleveland really the place (and is this really the time) to experiment with a college offense?

    Considering the majority of the Browns’ skill position players have 2 years or less of NFL experience, running a college styled offense wouldn’t be much of a stretch…

  7. I don’t think anyone is surprised by this. The new incoming coach will tell everyone exactly who is in charge here. With Haslam’s connections to the Steelers, could Bill Cowher be an option? I think so. Nevertheless, if it is a coordinator or mid-level college coach, Banner won out & he’s running things with complete autonomy big its a big name, like Cowher, Haslam is running the show & will have his fingers in just about every personnel move.

  8. Man here we go with keep heckert again, he’s passed up way more talent than he ever picked for us in my opinion. I say see ya to him as well as to shurmur.

  9. I’d like to see Chip Kelly. It’s not the experiment it used to be. Multiple teams have incorporated read-option into their systems this year. All of those teams are winning. Kelly would either be a flop or build one of the most exciting teams in football. The Browns have been bad long enough for me to be willing to take a chance.

  10. Good news on the cleaning house moves. Now it’s time to grab the ideal coach to lead the franchise into the next decade….Norv Turner. Go get him!!

  11. I’d rule out Chip Kelly as he would want total control. Can’t see this new regime giving in to that.

  12. Anything the Browns decide will be a gamble.

    The problem with getting a college coach is that NCAA and NFL are like apples and oranges and moving an assistant to the head coach job gives you Pat Shurmer.

    The problem with hiring an unemployed head coach is that they are unemployed for a reason and usually that reason is because they can’t win, seldom do previously fired coaches make good in a new home.

  13. Bill Cowher has said more than one time he would never coach another team from the afcn out of respect for the Rooney family. I do believe him.

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