Cards hanging tough, 49ers lead 7-6 at half


The 49ers are the ones playing for a bye week, but it doesn’t look like it.

And there are things about their 7-6 halftime lead that are frankly troubling.

Kicker David Akers has already missed field goals from 44 and 40 yards, eroding whatever trust the veteran had, and making you wonder how they’ll hold up with a first-year starting quarterback and a shaky special teams entering the postseason.

The Cardinals raced (by their standards) to a 6-0 lead, with a pair of Jay Feely field goals. Quarterback Brian Hoyer hasn’t been any worse than the rest of the Cardinals passers this year. Actually, since he hasn’t turned it over, he’s been far better. He’s passed for 103 yards, a relative air raid.

Colin Kaepernick gave the 49ers the lead with a nice touchdown pass to Michael Crabtree, but the 49ers haven’t done nearly enough to make you confident.