Chatter increases that Pioli could be back in Kansas City


There’s a loose rule in NFL circles that a traditional General Manager gets to hire two coaches before the G.M. ends up on the hot seat.  The Bears broke from that loose standard last year, firing G.M. Jerry Angelo before the only coach Angelo ever hired was let go.

The Chiefs could go the other way this time around, giving G.M. Scott Pioli a third chance to hire a new head coach.

The prevailing rumor in league circles is that first-year coach Romeo Crennel will be replaced, but that Pioli will remain.  In 2009, Pioli hired Todd Haley to coach the team.  Haley was fired during his third season on the job.

No one knows for sure what owner Clark Hunt will do.  He was facing unrelenting pressure from fans and local media to clean house earlier this season.  The Jovan Belcher tragedy caused much of the outcry to diminish.

If Hunt keeps Pioli, his mandate will be clear:  Find a quarterback.  With five Pro Bowlers on a two-win team, there’s no lack of talent at other positions in Kansas City.  But Matt Cassel never has matched his performance in 2008, the year he replaced Tom Brady in New England, and it’s impossible to win in this league without someone who can move the chains by flinging the pig.

The bad news for the Chiefs and Pioli is that they’re a year late to earn a top-two pick.  There’s no Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III in 2013.  Pioli’s best bet could be to take the best available athlete at the top of the draft, and then to make like Trent Baalke or John Schneider and find a franchise quarterback in round two or three.

If Hunt fires Pioli, the talk is that Bill Polian could become the new G.M. in Kansas City.  Some suspect, however, that the Polian rumors trace to Polian himself.

Either way, a looming finish of 2-14 shows that changes are needed in Kansas City.  The only question is how extensive they’ll be.

32 responses to “Chatter increases that Pioli could be back in Kansas City

  1. My gut says give Pioli one more shot. I know I already predicted a Tuna sighting in Buffalo but maybe Pioli gets his father-in-law to get that roster moving forward.

    With five Pro Bowlers on the team I could see this being a desirable destination for one of the coaches out there waiting for the right scenario. Throw in the solid fan base and the long history of the franchise and it looks fairly attractive especially if the coach has faith in Pioli.

    As a big Jeff Ireland fan the best I can say is believe in continuity. Believe that sometimes the failure of the team falls on the inability of the staff to teach. Sure Pioli had his hand in choosing the coaches but it’s the one aspect he never had to handle in New England. Let the man learn from his mistakes.

    That’s really what it boils down to for me. Every GM will make mistakes. But will he learn from his mistakes?

    Guys like Pioli and Ireland have been around the game forever. They’ve witnessed the evolution of the game. They have massive amounts of contacts and men who have been very successful in life and this game mentoring them. You’ve allowed them to make the mistakes so let them correct them. In the end they’ll be left with their finger on the pulse of the team and with enough patience you’ll be left with a truly skilled GM since he learned and adapted on the job.

  2. They actually have a decent core in place, but this is going to be a tough year to find a QB. I really wouldn’t gamble the first or 2nd overall pick on any QB in this draft. It wouldn’t surprise me if a team did take a QB that high, but I’m really not enthused about any (if anything, I sorta agree with Kiper in that Glennon might be the guy that emerges, but not enthused about Barkley, Smith, Bray, Wilson … you name it).

    I still think their best bet is to draft Joeckel high, see if they can’t swing a deal with Albert (albeit, I do not know their cap situation) for an extra pick or two (the one team that makes a lot of sense for Albert would be the Bears, with Phil Emery there), and perhaps use the extra picks to swing for a QB, or draft a youngster. If Pioli stays, I half wonder if he may go back to his old stomping grounds in a 2nd attempt at finding a QB. It’s not hard to envision the Patriots moving Ryan Mallett if the right price came, as Brady probably still has another 3-4 years left, enough time to groom another youngster. They need to add a young QB and a veteran this offseason.

  3. If Clark Hunt retains Pioli, he either does not care about building a winning franchise or has no idea what he’s doing.

    Pioli has demonstrated that he has no idea what he is doing and cannot tell a good player from a bad player.

  4. It’s insulting to Bill Polian to mention his name in the same sentence with Scott Pioli. Polian is a true general manager, where Pioli was nothing but a whipping boy for BB in New England AND only got THAT job because of his father in law ( Parcells). KC will never make it with Pioli running the franchise.

  5. The elephant in Arrowhead is that NO GM or COACH worth their weight in gold wants to come to KC.

    Hunt hired Pioli to change KC’s losing culture, maybe Pioli can slowly turn 43 years of losing into some success. ANother elephant is that owner Hunt is an absentee owner, doesn’t really work in the NFL. The owner must be ever present, guiding the ship through safe harbors as well as trecherous seas. Otherwise you get what they have in KC, a somewhat competent GM with no fear of losing his job.

    Finally, Pioli didn’t draft those Pro-Bowlers. It was Carl Peterson, who they ran out of town!

  6. @Kattykathy…I agree with everything you suggest. Always liked Mallet. Only problem is the stigma of making another trade with the Pats for their backup QB. I still think they should go after Alex Smith. They have the talent, especially on defense. Romeo helped that D get us into the playoffs just 2 years ago, resign him to do the same. But Pioli MUST be fired after this mess. If he’s not, the Chiefs joke of a 2012 season gets even worse because they will be no accountability for it.

  7. Why in gods name would we want Ryan Mallet instead of drafting our own guy?

    And stockpile picks for what purpose? Without a legitimate franchise QB it doesn’t matter how many picks you have.

  8. Chiefs fans deserve far better than they’re getting. Super Bowl IV was a very long time ago.

    Pioli has proven that he was nothing more than the front man for one famous coach and is the son-in-law of another, that he has no particular ability of his own. Time for a change.

  9. It was just 4 years ago that it was written that the Patriots would be nothing w/o Pioli handling the draft. Anyone want to take that prediction back ??

  10. From a financial stand point it would be crazy to keep both. The Chiefs would need to payoff Crennel and if the next hire fails pay him off too. Or fire Pioli after letting him stay another year and the next GM would want his own coach. It could get expensive, so fire them both.

  11. as a chiefs season ticket holder, if they bring back scott pioli, I wont go to any games next year or spend one single dime on the team. I work too hard to keep throwing my money away. In fact, I urge all other die-hard chiefs fans to boycott the team until clark and co. actually prove a commitment to winning a superbowl, not just turning a profit.

  12. This is an outstanding decision by Clark and the entire Hunt family. Pioli has got this thing going in the right direction, don’t be fooled by what you have seen on Sunday’s. There’s more to it than that, trust me!


    Raiders/Broncos/Chargers Fan

  13. As a Bronco fan, I feel bad for the Chiefs fans. Good people who deserve better and know how to BBQ. As always, it comes down to ownership. Check the cap space. Jax 25mil, Tenn 19mil, Cleve 18mil, KC 17mil. The worst teams have the most cash. Wonder if there is a connection? In Aug 2011, KC led the lead with 32mil in cap space. Money to the owner.

  14. 6ball says: Dec 30, 2012 9:42 AM

    Their roster is much better than their record.


    No…you are what your record says you are

  15. I’m a Seattle fan first and foremost, but I have always loved the Chief’s too – and I do a lot of business in KC.

    Anyway, here in Seattle we have a guy named Flynn who is a great QB, yet we drafted Wilson – who is really great too (everyone knows the story). KC should look at trading their 2nd round pick for Flynn, as its the best QB they could end up with next year. I know some in Seattle think Flynn can bring a first round, but that isn’t realistic.

  16. All I here from season ticket holders is that they are done if Pioli isn’t fired. Clean house and find a GM that has strong ties to college scouting AND is known for being able evaluate talent. Hire a hungry coach and make the fans of KC proud of their team. Or I guess we will turn to another sport.

  17. So there is no good qb’s to draft with the first pick this year, no worries, we’ll be drafting first again next year ( if we keep Pioli).

  18. I’m a chiefs season ticket holder, and its been a very tough year to admit that to people. If they keep Pioli I am going to cancel my season tickets and will not attend a single game until Clark Hunt proves to me that he wants a winning football team and not a profit from his inheritance.

    Clark, your father was one of the greatest owners in AFL and NFL history. His passion for the sport cannot be argued. I please urge you to find this same passion for our chiefs and make the right decision.

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