Dickerson doesn’t think Peterson will break the record

Getty Images

The last time Vikings running back Adrian Peterson faced the Packers, Peterson rushed for 210 yards.  With two fewer yards this time, Peterson will capture the all-time single-season rushing record.

The guy who currently holds the record — former Rams running back Eric Dickerson — doesn’t think that will happen.

“No, I don’t,” Dickerson told NFL Network on Sunday morning.  But Dickerson also acknowledged that “[i]f any guy could have 208 yards in a single game, that would be” Peterson.

Dickerson reiterated that he doesn’t want to see Peterson break the record.  “Anybody [with a record] who says ‘all records are made to be broken,’ that’s a lie,” Dickerson said.

People who don’t have a record can truthfully proclaim that all records are made to be broken.  We want to witness history, and there’s a chance we’ll be witnessing it today — in various ways.

Dickerson thinks we’ll be witnessing Peterson gain something in the range of 170 or 180 yards.  We think that if Peterson gets that close to the mark, he’ll find a way to finish the climb.