Mort: Schwartz could be in trouble

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There’s nothing like the smell of ESPN-on-ESPN crime in the morning.

Last Saturday, Adam Schefter reported that Lions coach Jim Schwartz is safe for 2013, thanks to a contract extension that covers Schwartz through 2015.

On Sunday, Schefter’s on-air cohort reported that the Lions have had internal discussions about paying the buyout and moving on from Schwartz.  According to Chris Mortensen, the Ford family is troubled by the culture of the team, which featured more than a few off-field incidents in 2012 and only a few victories.

The possibility that Schwartz could be fired speaks to real friction between Schwartz and G.M. Martin Mayhew, who built the roster about which the Fords reportedly have concerns.

Despite last year’s playoff appearance, the Lions have reverted to their four-win form.  With major cap challenges looming, changes of some kind are needed.  And Mort’s report could be proof that, during a postseason that likely will include half of the NFC North in the six-team conference field, the main event in Motown could be Schwartz vs. Mayhew.

And maybe the loser really will be the winner, since whoever goes will not only get paid not to work, but also will avoid having to clean up a franchise that quickly has become a mess, again.

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  1. Where are all the Lion’s fans now? In August I seem to remember them proclaiming themselves winners of the division.

  2. The Lions are far from a mess. They lack discipline and accountability. They have plenty of talent. A couple FA or draft picks that play decent and they will contend. Schwartz has no idea about maturity, accountability or discipline. He needs to go. The players emulate their coach and their coach acts like a scorned child. Keep the GM and hire Parcells as HC. He sucks as a talent evaluator/GM but his old school disciplinarian style is exactly what the Lions need. Capable coordinators will be available as well. Change the culture and this team can win…now.

  3. At least they’re getting more efficient at finding bad employees. It took them 8 years to sniff out Millen.

  4. Signing a big contract, getting fired, and bought out is pretty much the dream scenario for an NFL coach.

  5. Why is Mayhew safe when he built the problematic roster? Unless the Fords think the only problem is coaching.

  6. I can see Schwartz getting put on notice but firing him would be overreacting and not addressing where the problem really is. It would be a transparent scapegoat firing, but with Detroit I guess anything is possible.

  7. If we can replace him with a proven winner like Cowher then I would do it in a heartbeat. May have enough talent to attract a winning coach finally. The cap situation is a nightmare though, and the defense has more holes than answers, so I still have my doubts about an established name wanting to step in. And please, please, not gruden.

  8. Schwartz’s flareup last year with Harbaugh was proof enough that he couldn’t discipline himself and it sent a clear message to his players. Mayhew helped put this group of misfits together without any regard for the baggage that the players bought to the team. A leader leads by example and Schwartz struck out big time.

  9. As a Packer fan, I would hate to see Schwartz fired! He’s the best thing to happen to the NFC North since Matt Millan. Truthfully, there are times when Detroit has had, arguably, the best talent in the NFL, like in 92 when Washington crushed them in the playoffs, but they had terrible coaching. A new coach might make them competitive at the next level.


    …Take Linehan with you – nice but WEAK.

    Way too much Player talent… not near enough from Coaching staff.


  11. They had been in salary cap hell, but should be in the clear in a year or so. They should be in much better shape (barring major injuries) a year from now. I don’t see Schwartz or Mayhew going anywhere anytime soon.

  12. “This was obvious to all but Lions fans”
    You couldn’t be more off base with that comment.

    “Where are all the Lion’s fans now? In August I seem to remember them proclaiming themselves winners of the division”
    I’m right here and I thank God that right here isn’t Texas.
    I hope they do fire Schwartz though.

  13. So Mayhew is in charge of disciplining coaches and drafting players, make him hold Schwartz more accountable and ask yourself why we keep drafting players with troubled histories. I like both Mayhew and Schwartz, they obviously both need to do a better job but you don’t become a successful team in the NFL by constantly changing coaching staffs

  14. He should be gone. He’s not a good coach. The discipline problems were overlooked last year because they won alot of games early that could have went either way and had some great comebacks from way down, which didn’t happen this year because when you consistently play that way, it catches up with you.

    However, the sloppy undisciplined play is reflective of the same way his defense played in TN.

    Get that team a real coach and add a few more pieces, and you might be a real contender instead of a flash in the pan Detroit fans.

  15. I would pay money to see a “Celebrity Death Match” at some point in the offseason between Schwartz and Harbaugh.

  16. Sure, it is Schwartz’s fault that Mayhew picked the players he did. Titus had a rep as a diva and proved it true (wasted 2nd rounder), Fairley had a rep as lazy and proved it (1st rounder), Best has concussion issues and his career is over (1st rounder), Broyles blew out a knee in college MM wasted a 2nd on him and he blew out the other knee in the NFL. MM did this all while having a massive lack of talent in the defensive backfield.

    No contribution last year from their entire 2011 draft class other than Titus Young. No contribution this year from their 2012 draft class.

    Martin Mayhew had a great 2009 draft and has been Matt Millen ever since. Truly an utter disaster of a GM.

    Mayhew wasted $10M on Avril this year when he could have let him walk, got a comp pick and spent that $10M on DB help.

    Yeah, it is Schwartz’s fault.

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