Other moves possible, but Sparano’s gone in New York


The exact course Jets owner Woody Johnson will send his franchise in the coming days isn’t known yet.

But one thing has become clear, there will be coaching changes.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that offensive coordinator Tony Sparano won’t be back next year, which isn’t much of a surprise to anyone.

The Jets are 30th in the league in offense, with their alleged attempts to use Tim Tebow a fantastic flop.

But Sparano might not be the extent of the changes.

Special teams coach Mike Westhoff is retiring and defensive coordinator Mike Pettine’s contract is up, setting the stage for significant changes regardless what Johnson decides to do with head coach Rex Ryan or general manager Mike Tannenbaum.

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  1. Getting rid of a few underlings isn’t going to do it. Woody needs to clean house now. Perhaps he should even try to sell the team, as he’s shown no ability to put together a winning organization.

  2. Send them all on their way. Keeping Rex will just prolong the inevitable as firing Schottenheimer last year was doing the same. The Jets need a complete change of culture from the top down.

  3. Rex will be there next year. He’s not a bad coach, just an awful judge of talent. This is the first year they are under 500 in 5 or 6 years. Plus, there’s about 8 to 10 teams also looking for a head coach so the amount of talent available didn’t make sense to replace a coach still under contract.
    Woody needs to find a GM who can actually draft talent, and will keep Rex in his place…

  4. Rex could very well be joining them:

    I think Woody Johnson is sick of Rex and could fire him, especially knowing Andy Reid (barring anything totally unforseen) is going to be available. I could see Andy simply moving up the turnpike the way Rich Kotite did 18 years ago after he was fired by the Eagles and then-Jets owner Leon Hess fired Pete Carroll and replaced him with Kotite.

    Andy may be exactly what the Jets need at this point.

  5. Rex’s way of doing things is the issue, everything from how he let the inmates run the asylum last year to the tebow debacle this year.
    Someone I respect once told me that a good carpenter doesn’t blame his tools, Rex is not a good carpenter.

  6. I don’t know why, but i have always had the feeling Rex isn’t the problem. If he had anyone who knew what they were doing in the front office he would be much better off. This team has some very talented players….but not enough. They want to make Sanchez the scapegoat but half the offensive line shouldn’t be starting on any nfl team and they have very little talent at wr and one of the most overrated RBs in the NFL. How is any QB going to be successful. Top that with an offense that was a poor fit from the get go and defense that is aging. I guess basically I am saying the problems run deap.

  7. Things are not going to get turned around for the Jets until they change the “inmates running the asylum” culture in the locker room, period.

    And that means getting rid of Rex Ryan, period.

    If they keep him, it will because Johnson doesn’t want to pay another fired coach, period.

  8. @Mazblast….
    from 1960 – 2000 the jets made the playoffs 8 times. only 8 times in 40 years

    Woody bought the team in 2000, been to the playoffs 6 times in 12 years. with 1 divsion title and 2 afc championship games.

    Woody isn’t the greatest owner in history, but the guy does care and isn’t scared to try and put a good product on the football field.

  9. Dolphins had to pay off remaining 2 years of Sparano’s contract and the Jets now have to do likewise. Poor Tony Sparano.

    That’s 4 years on salaries without having to work for it.
    It should happen to me.

  10. I think the jets problem is philosphy. In the new NFL ground and pound won’t work because everyone and thier momma can score about 24 a game. Now days superbowl teams are teams that can hold the oppisition to field goals and not touchdowns. The trouble with getting the Jets fixed is that I don’t see how they can get the personal in place for a few years. Now, I’m a Saints fan so every Jets fan out there as the right to shout me down when you get ready. But, if I owned the team. I would trade Darrel Revis, if you could find someone who’d take is contract, for a lest one first round pick. I’d then, and, I promise you I’m not trying to be funny, I’d hire June Jones the SMU coach and bring the run and shoot back. You can get ahead of the curb because right now everyone knowns with the way teams or drafting spread QBs it’s just a matter of time before it comes back to the NFL anyway. Then, find the best colleage DC in the nation and make him your DC.

    In the draft I would trade down until the lower to late half of the first round and add number twos in the second. With my first pick I’d take the best QB available if I had a first round grade on him. I’d then take the best receiver left on the board. And, with the rest of the picks just fill wholes.

    You play in a divison with the Patriots. And, I think when Tom Brady breaks DB consective TD passess record or wins his next SP he’s gone anyway. BB will follow shortly after and even if he doesn’t leave he’ll be chasing past glory. The divison would be wide open.

  11. They ought to fire everybody and then spray the entire facility down with industrial strength disinfectant.

  12. Perhaps if Sparano actually USED Tebow like they said they would, he’d still have a job. It’s one thing to try something that fails but it’s insanity to never even try and then call it a failure.

    For example, in some game in mid-season, Tebow launched his first (and only) deep pass. It was a beautiful pass that hit Jason Hill right in the hands/chest…and he dropped it. He was 5 yards behind everybody and it was a sure 70-80 yard Touchdown. Great play call, great execution, great throw, and a drop. The play was never called again! Why? Jason Hill sucked so bad the Jets cut him, so why not attempt again? Unbelievable…

  13. As a Dolphin fan, this saddens me. Not because an ex-Dolphin coach lost his job. But because he lost his job with the Jets.

    When they first signed him as their OC, I knew it wasn’t going to work out well. I just wish they tried it for another year or two to see if it could get better (it wouldn’t – but it’d be fun watching).

  14. Reflecting on this horrible season brings to mind that when the Jets were doing good a few years ago with Favre and Mangini, they lost the last 5 games when after the fact it came out that Favre had a torn bicep.
    They knew! Yet they still played Favre. The way Woody ran the team this year, I’d bet he “suggested” to Mangini to play Favre anyway.
    They were 8-3 at the time, and wound up 8-8.
    Gotta be on Woody!

  15. I wonder what would happen to the NFL if some team takes a chance on Rob Ryan this offseason, and his brother is brought in as the DC? Could be one hell of a funny team to watch, anyone down for some Hard Knocks starring both of the Ryan Twins?

  16. There are alot of problems but Sprano was one of the worst OC’s I have ever seen on any team. You have to work with what you have but Sprano couldn’t even work with that

  17. Anyone else think it’s mildly ironic the Jets were entertaining the idea of bringing in Parcells to turn them around right around the same time they talk about firing the guy Parcells hand-picked to turn Miami’s franchise around?

  18. Sometimes Interesting:
    We don’t really know if the owner is actually considering Parcells…could well be a trial balloon floated by Parcells’ agent…

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