Redskins come back to force tie with Cowboys

Getty Images

Tony Romo settled into a bit of a groove, and the Redskins remembered who they were.

As a result, we’re effectively where we started, with the Cowboys and Redskins tied 7-7 at halftime of the de facto first playoff game.

Romo overcame a pair of early picks to get the Cowboys on the board first (though he might have gotten a break on the play-clock) with a touchdown pass to Jason Witten.

The Redskins responded by doing what they do best, run the ball. With rookie Alfred Morris running 13 times for 92 yards, they are beginning to wear on the Cowboys defense a bit. Morris’ 17-yard touchdown evened things.

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III looks like a man coming off a knee injury, or a rookie. He’s looked far less than dynamic, and only a solid defense, Morris and Romo are keeping him in this thing.