Redskins taking control in fourth quarter


The Redskins are about 10 minutes and on Tony Romo away from a playoff berth.

The Redskins just took a 21-10 lead with 10:32 left in their play-in game with the Cowboys, on a 32-yard touchdown run by Alfred Morris.

Granted, comebacks are nothing new for the Cowboys and their seat-of-the-pants quarterback. They’ve trailed in all eight of their wins, and Romo said they believe they can win if they’re within two scores in the fourth quarter.

We’re about to find out.

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  1. edhochuli ….you are a joke…the skins are playing against the refs…delay of game, illegal block on tghe punt, offensive holding etc….none called,,,so shut up….

  2. Hawks fan here… We desperately want to play the skins. Exciting to see both rookies go head to head. Seahawks Def has the best shot at beating an even healthy RG3 and will have a huge advantage playing a hurt RG3.

    Hawks have a stout and top ranked Def who can beat this team and shut down both Morris and RG3. Hawks flat out match up perfectly athletically with the speed and are far more physical.

    Hawks have won 7of 8 and yess struggled early on the road but all losses on the road were in the last min. Seahawks on the road will give the skins THE BUSINESS.

    BUT good luck to both, 2 hot teams im pumped. RG3 has that magic so you never know.

  3. @allidoiswin55

    The Skins beat pretty much the same Seahawks D, in Seattle last year, with Rex Grossman at QB. If the Skins win it should be a good game, but as far as the Seahawks D matching up good on the Skins, not so fast.

  4. I’m not a Dallas or Redskins fan but that roughing the passer call on third down on Dallas was terrible. Referee should use his discretion in that situation and not make himself bigger than the game. Suck that a call like that will decide the game and not the players

  5. Hawks fan here… We desperately want to play the skins.

    So you speak for the entire Seahawks organization? I would think Peter and the other guys would rather play the Cowboys. I’m very impressed with what the Seahawks have done this year but I think some of you guys are delusional. Best of luck next weekend.

  6. How ironic is it that the last playoff game for the Redskins was against Seattle.

    They knocked RB Shaun Alexander out with a clear concussion. (I still remember him running up and down the sideline yelling “I’m Batman”) I believe that Seattle went on to lose to Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl that year.

  7. im a huge dallas fan, and ive been vouching for romo year in and year out, and i still think he can win a super bowl in dallas, but oh my goodness does he make it hard to stick up for him. what a joke. for the 3rd time in the last 4-5 yrs its a win and in divisional game, and for the 3rd time we have the same result. and the pathetic thing is that hes had the same oppurtunity against each NFC East team. eagles schooled them, giants made them look stupid, and now the blitz and alfred morris stopped them once tired of saying maybe next year!

  8. I love how the Skins won 7 in a row against legit teams and haters are still flooding the comments trying to put the team down by saying they will lose next week. Maybe, maybe not, but at least we are in!!

  9. So you haven’t watched much Seahawks film my friends if you don’t believe what I’m saying. Watch every commentator not just from Wash/Seattle say the same things as me.

    RG3 is a beast Al Morris too, but these teams match up very well for the Hawks. Period! Especially if RG3 is hurt! The Hawks are the fastest and definitely one of the most physical teams in all the league.

    Yes they will be on the road and you never know what you’ll get but they haven’t come out and just laid eggs they just lost in last min LITERALLY in EVERY GAME. The most over talked about subject in the league is road losses /wins. It makes more sense that playing at 10am Pacific time and being at the stadium at 6 or 7 Pacific time affects them the most.

    GAME should be awesome but this is the easiest match up to get a ” upset ” on the road. Hawks will even be favored probably.

    **Note Hawks Are NOT World beaters there just a solid well rounded team. Nor am I claiming a super bowl. Just stating an educated opinion unlike a total homer. Skins are a team of the future, they can be legitimate super bowl contenders with that foundation, but they don’t have enough defense to beat good teams consistently and to win 3 or 4 more in a row will not happen against good teams. Doesn’t change what the skins have accomplished this year and how relevant they are and will be in the future im a fan of the skins to a degree. But tough draw for this squad, better match up would be the Vikes.

  10. allidoiswin55 are you serious you match up well with the Redskins especially if RGIII is hurt? dude clean the resin out of your pipe. most teams think they match up well with the Redskins if RGIII is hurt. here’s your problem tho’ RGIII is NOT hurt. good luck next week

  11. Bud I said Hawks match up with a healthy RG3. From a pure team speed and physicality standpoint. HOWEVER a hurt RG3 gives the Seahawks a major advantage because they can focus on stopping the run without loading the box up. And have the type of DB’s to cover your WR.

    Excited for the game just see a clear advantage for the Hawks if RG3 is at all gimpy. Morris is the major threat but I’m not sure he’s played a defense this physical who can match up with his speed. Not saying a guaranteed victory but sure as hell can see the Hawks taking this on the road. Even favored!

    Don’t be surprised with less than a. 80 yrds by Morris and RG3 being forced to win by passing. Which honestly he can. Lol kid can ball. Wish he was healthy so it was more of a challenge for the sake of good football.

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