Report: Bills appear headed for “full house-cleaning”


Bills coach Chan Gailey getting the heave-ho seems expected at this point, but he could have company on the way out the door.

Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News, citing an executive on another team and another league source, said “they were hearing of a full house-cleaning by the Bills.”

But if general manager Buddy Nix is leaving, he hasn’t heared about it, telling Gaughan Saturday night he’s been given no indication of his job status.

Bills owner Ralph Wilson hasn’t told any of his employees in Buffalo his plans, though he expects to meet with his staff shortly after today’s finale against the Jets. The 94-year-old Wilson flew to Western New York Friday for the team’s holiday party, but he apparently returned to his Detroit-area home afterward.

The Bills are 5-10, having clinched last place in the AFC East. Their 13-year playoff drought is the longest in the NFL and in Bills franchise history.

Gailey’s 15-32 record is justification enough, but Nix has been openly advocating major moves for the Bills, saying “the time is now,” for them to make a move in the draft for a franchise quarterback.

It might be time for someone else to make that call.

24 responses to “Report: Bills appear headed for “full house-cleaning”

  1. No rebuild without a solid QB. Bills have not found that guy since Jimbo retired, if you do not have a QB, it is always the time to find one and make a move. Nothing else you do works without the QB in place.

  2. How long has this been coming? It’s time to bring in a real football man at GM and give him decision making power over football operations, without any meddling from on high.

  3. I look at that roster, and there’s talent. They need some better receivers, and the run defense shouldn’t be that bad with the talent they have up front. I’m not sure what the fix for that DL … it would seem questionable to spend more quality assets on the DL, although a Star Lotulelei/Marcell Dareus combo inside would likely improve that run D.

    The bigger issue is obviously what you do at QB? I don’t know about their cap situation and what they can do with Fitzpatrick’s contract, but this would seem like the ideal spot for someone like Alex Smith. Now, he’s not the future, not a 10 year guy, but he seems like he’s settled into a solid starter, a guy that won’t make mistakes. With Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller, this might be a good fit for him. If you buy that Alex Smith won’t make many mistakes, then he’s a upgrade over Fitzpatrick. Then, you draft a youngster in the 2nd/3rd to develop.

    There’s a lot of teams that could be looking for QB’s this offseason.

  4. I feel bad for the Bills fans – very loyal and deserving of a better on-field product. Stay warm up there, folks.

  5. I wonder if Thurman Thomas’ tweet-bomb the other day wasn’t an indication that Ralph is selling the team to Jim Kelly and his investors, but that Kelly is becoming the next GM instead.

  6. I want chip Kelly. Spiller will flourish with a coach like him and if we could only get a qb. The receivers are good enough and the defense will be better next year. Give us chip Kelly!!!

  7. The Bills need to sink or swim with a young prospect at the most important position in football (moreso nowadays), a QB.

    Nix and Gailey failed the day they thought they could win with Fitzpatrick with no player in sight to develop at the position.

    They would still have their jobs going into next year if they could sell the fans and owner they have a guy like Kaepernick or Russell Wilson (they both made so much sense for what Gailey likes to do on offense) to jump into the action and be good.

    It’s a shame because they are fine people, they just overplayed thier hand.

    I hope the next coach comes in and moves heaven and earth to find their face to lead their team.

  8. Been watching the Bills for 40 years and even brain-washed my young son into liking them. Poor decision! All 3 NEED to go: Fitz, Gailey, Nix. The best time for a QB was LAST years draft. Missed that one, huh buddy? Change the GM, have a decent draft that includes a decent QB. Not crazy about Geno Smith but wonder if Colin Klein is any better or just a one hit wonder. NC State QB Mike Glennon? Maybe a Landry Jones in the second with a stud LB in the first? How about enticing a college coach? Say, Dana Holgorsen or Chip Kelly? Change the Head Coach, Defensive coordinator and likely others. The whole orgainization ir BAD from the top down. I’m sick of watching them in games where they aren’t even competative. Just do SOMETHING Buffalo…please! We have gone nowhere in the past 3 years under this regime and have seen NO progress towards the playoffs.

  9. They need to invest in a GM and HC who have a grasp on the NFL, the draft, and how to call plays to maximize the talent they have while also building on it.

    This whole regime can be summed up by looking at this little tidbit… The 69th pick in the 2012 draft: TJ Graham… the 75th pick in the 2012 draft: Russel Wilson. Good call drafting a 5-7th round WR, not so good of a call being delusional enough to think Fitzpatrick is an NFL QB.

  10. hungbob says: Dec 30, 2012 9:31 AM

    Nix should be fired based on his litany of bad drafts.

    Actually, Nix has done fairly well with his Drafts. From 1993-2000 as a scout for Buffalo Nix’s “hits” include cornerback Thomas Smith, receiver Eric Moulds, linebacker Gabe Northern, linebacker Sam Cowart and receiver Peerless Price. As the Buffalo Bills GM- C. J. Spiller, Alex Carrington, Arthur Moats, Donald Jones, David Nelson, Marcell Dareus, Aaron Williams, Kelvin Sheppard, Da’Norris Searcy, Chris Hairston, Justin Rogers, Stephon Gilmore, Cordy Glenn, T. J. Graham, Nigel Bradham and Ron Brooks. All current players are active players. Not bad.

  11. Good luck getting a decent HC or GM, there Buffalo. How do you think the Bills ended up with Nix/Gailey to begin with? No prospective GM or HC worth their salt wants to go to the NFL’s version of Siberia and work for that clown-school organization.

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