Report: Lurie has already told Reid he’s fired

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As with some other coaching jobs, the Eagles’ has been all but official for weeks.

You can now remove the “all but.”

According to Reuben Frank of, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie has already told coach Andy Reid he’s fired.

The move ends a 14-year run for Reid, who was the longest-tenured active coach in the league.

The 54-year-old Reid won three NFL coach of the year awards, and made five NFC Championship Games, losing his only trip to the Super Bowl.

75 responses to “Report: Lurie has already told Reid he’s fired

  1. this is a Mistake and by this time next year more than 1/2 the people that want him gone will be saying they shouldn’t have let him go.

  2. the eagles are such a terrible organization, what a terrible move. im not sure whos out there that will do any better then reid has. as a cowboys fan im more then happy to see the eagles implod, but reid is not the problem, and since the FO of the eagles hasnt been watching their own games guess i can spell it out for them V-I-C-K! fix your qb problem and the rest will fall into place. vick is terrible and cant finish a season, and you drafted a goof in foles.

  3. Michael Vick – dog killer and coach killer.

    Good luck, Andy Reid. As a Redskin fan, you have always had my respect. Maybe now I can root for you to succeed!

  4. With this move, the Eagles are officially sinking to mediocrity. Go ahead and bring in Chip Kelly to cement that bottomdweller tag your franchise held for most of your team history outside the McNabb era.

  5. Reid is burned out. Nice guy, hope he takes a year off, collect 5 million, and chill with his family. Maybe get to know them.

  6. I’m sure I’ll get crushed for this, but Reid should have taken some time off earlier. His two sons were a mess and football has always been seemingly his first priority. My job’s been mine before and that’s a terrible thing. I don’t care how much he earns or what he’s responsible for at work. Kids are, or should be, always the most important thing in a father’s life. Especially when they are troubled.

  7. Reid is a great guy but hes really only a good coach not a great one. Reid has been a .500 coach since 2004. Hes 24-42 against playoff teams since 1999. Again thats 24-42. Hes had one extended playoff run since 2004. When the competition rises in the playoffs Reid cant match it.

    He assembled a fantastic coaching staff when he arrived in 1999 and one by one as they left and Jim Johnson passed, the team has depended more on his decisions and control and we’ve seen the results of that. Juan Castillo the offensive line coach as a defensive coordinator? Jim Washburn, a line coach, hired before Juan the D coordinator? Who does that?

    Philly fans will give Reid the biggest stand up ovation youll ever see a man receive if he returns coaching another team. Thats not sarcasm, thats Philly love. Philly love is the one thing the media never mentions to the rest of you. Ask Iverson, Aaron Rowand, Pat Burrell, Eric Lindros, even McNabb (even though he still has that bug up his..) Ask a hated rival in Mario Lemiux and the game he returned from after beating cancer. Mario was overcome by Philly love ovation that left him speechless (google it). These men returned to Philly and received that love, and the Fanavision captured all of their tears.

    The point is that after 14 years change is needed for us all. Reid needs a change. Philly needs a change. This whole Philly will regret Reid leaving only means that nobody is capable of replacing a .500 coach. Thats nonsense. Coaches coach and players play. Only the great coaches can overcome personnel defenciences. Reid isnt one of them.

  8. Coach Reid, I hope you take a year or two off. A little time to deal with all you have have gone through without having to worry about football will help you and your faimily going forward. Godspeed.

  9. Hope he returns to his native west coast, I think the sunshine will do him good. Pulling for him to hook up with the Chargers.

    Happy trails Coach.

  10. I might be one of the few Eagles fans that respects Andy Reid and what he did for this organization,but his time is up in Philly and I will wish him the best at his next team.

  11. Good luck Andy. Thank you for the last 14 years. It was a good ride, but all rides must come to an end. All the best to you and your family, and thanks again

  12. A tremendously classy individual. In a business as cut throat as the NFL, it’s hard to sustain a job for 14 years. Shows just how good of a job he’s really done. As an Eagle fan, I’ll never have anything but good to say about him. Best of luck Coach…

    Now, bring in Perry Fewell!!

  13. You’ll be happier in sunny San Diego. With a 10-6 record you’ll be the toast of the town!

  14. Orivar: he has one year left on his deal.

    This run is definitely over. This reeks of the end of the Mcnabb era, fans saying its done, national media warning be careful what you wish for. I just hope the team has a better replacement plan this time.

  15. I would really think after everything that has happened, Reid would take the next year or two off. After reading posts in recent days that he is intent on coaching again next season, I say good luck to you Andy. I hope that one day soon fans of the Eagles will be able to look back on your time running the franchise and appreciate all that you have done.

  16. Dear Mr. Reid:

    I would like to congratulate you on a successful tenure as the Eagles Head Coach. For the majority of your time there, you transitioned a joke of an organization into a perennial NFC East contender. While you were never able to win a Super Bowl, you brought the Eagles to their most successful decade ever in the 2000’s. As a fan of the Giants, your team made me pull my hair out & scream – like a man – more times than I would like to admit. Your Eagles team was always a disciplined team & very opportunistic. Your teams never had the best talent, but the players always executed the fundamentals perfectly under your leadership. There were many of a Giants season – seasons destined for greatness – that you put a prompt end to. Whether it was a regular season finale with Jeff Garcia as your starting QB, or it was a Divisional Round Playoff Game where the Giants seemed poised to repeat as Super Bowl Champions, or this year, with one of your four wins coming preventing the Giants from a chance at a repeat, you always seemed to have the G-Men’s number when it mattered most to them. You faced some personal tragedy & professional turmoil this past year, but your demeanor never changed. You were the greatest coach in Eagles history & the biggest pain in the a$$ to Giants fans. I won’t miss you on the field, but I will miss your competitiveness & the rivalry will not be the same. Godspeed, Andy, and some other NFL team is going to be lucky to hire you in the coming days. I just hope it’s not the Jets or another NFC East team – I cringe at the thought of you going up against us on a regular basis again. Best of luck, Andy & great job the past 14 years.


    A Diehard NY Football Giants Fan & a Person with Immense Respect for Andy Reid.

  17. I hope philly fans really understand the run that Andy Reid has given them as they’ve tried to chase him out of town for years.

    Not to mention a man who’s given up his personal and family health in devotion to the eagles.

    As a Bills fan, who’s had to watch 13 years of JV football, I find gold in another man’s garbage.

    Don’t rush back in the game…take care of the more important things first, Andy!

  18. Reid was informed at the beginning of the year he would be fired if they didn’t even make the playoffs. This comes as no surprise to anyone.

  19. Reached for comment, Lurie said this is Andy’s responsibility, Andy has to do a better job, lots of free time is yours. I’ll be sure the checks don’t bounce for your next year under contract.

    While in the firing mood, plenty of room to boot Roseman out that door

  20. I love the comments:

    It wasn’t Reid it was Vick. Reid chose Vick.

    It wasn’t Reid it was the D. Reid chose the D, FAs and draft picks as well as implemented the Wide 9.

    It wasn’t Reid it was the….Folks these were all Reid’s decisions.

    This on top of him being an awful big game coach since 1999 = appropriate firing.

    When Reid stinks at his new job all you non Eagles fans saying how stupid we are will see how we’ve been right for the past 5 years.

    PS – Reid NEVER did anything without Jimmy Johnson. NEVER!!

  21. Hung

    Andy is a good guy but a bad game day coach and play caller. Every time he play a backup QB, he still throws 50+ times a game. Held on to D-Mac too long, Ran Jeff Garcia out of town when the city loved him for saving our season, punts on 4th & 15 in Saints territory when he knew we couldn’t get the ball back. Onside kick in the Super Bowl when we were only down by 3 and 2 timeouts left. Could have held the Patriots and made them punt to Westbrook at midfield.

    Wouldn’t pay TO after all he did to get to the Eagles and what he did for them. (Suing the league to void the Raven’s trade and risking further injury to help them in the Super Bowl).

    Screwing up all those drafts by reaching in the 1st round then reaching for mid rounders with his 2nd and third round picks.

    Juan Castillo as D-coordinator. No commitment to the running game. Wears out his QB and defense because he won’t burn clock and wear out the opposing defense, etc, etc, etc

    Gruden, Dungy, Billick, Cower or Arians would be nice

  22. I think Lurie is making a huge mistake. The Steelers were in an almost identical position with Cowher at the end of 2003, but stuck with him, used their high draft pick to get a hot qb, and went to a conference championship and a Super Bowl the next two seasons.

    Cowher was in his 14th season, with 5 championship game appearances and 1 Super Bowl loss – very similar to Reid. Just like Reid with Michael Vick, Cowher’s 2-year experiment with qb Tommy Maddox fell apart and resulted in a losing record in 2003. The fans screamed for Cowher’s head, but ownership stuck to their guns and have been very well rewarded, with the nucleus of the team he put together in 2004 going on to win two Super Bowls and lose one in the next 6 years.

  23. As a diehard, long suffering Lions fan I can only SMH at Eagles fans that haven’t understood how pivotal Reid has been to their success. I know that myself and countless other Lions fans would take Reid as our coach in a second.

    That said, I also understand the frustration Eagles fans feel over 4 NFC titles, and only 1 Super Bowl (a loss) to show for years of success. Reid and McNabb had a great run, but the second the Eagles decided to go with Vick it was obvious to any objective viewer that the run would soon end…and it did. As good as Reid was, it was time for the Eagles to make a change. I just hope Eagles fans understand that you’re not exactly firing Jim Schwartz. (We should be so lucky for this to happen).

    All the best to Reid. He’ll land on his feet and likely revitalize a new organization.

  24. For all u losers saying firing Reid is a mistake, for gods sake why? I am an admirer of coach Reid but the whole thing has gone stale and its not working anymore. The eagles fans deserve a fresh start. Even if the new coach doesn’t work out it doesn’t mean Reid should’ve been retained. Reid needs a fresh start and the eagles need a coach who brings a new perspective . More physicality and toughness are a must as they rebuild.

  25. Andy was best coach Eagles have ever had in modern era. This had to happen but FO of Eagles bear a lot of responsibility for the lack of talent and horrible season. AR will be missed and soon. Howie needs to go too and now. If we get rid of Howie, maybe we can start to add talent thru the draft again.

  26. Its just a report, im sure within the hour another story will be reported that this is a false report. It will become official tomorrow.

  27. Nobody is surprised obviously. This team has been desperate for a new identity for some time. A lot of talent to be sure, but they’ve been a mess both offensively AND defensively. Fresh start Eagles fans, other heads will roll and hopefully you’ll come out ahead. Question: Who is next to inherit the headset of the Walrus? Jon Gruden?

    I see Andy landing in Cleveland and NOT San Diego. My thought is that he’d get more control with the Browns and that would entice him to the Factory of Sadness as their new foreman.

  28. Thank you Andy! While you didn’t win the big one there were an awful lot of good times over the years. What a shame those players all laid down once they got paid with their FA contracts. Eagles fans should be more ticked off at the way these players have played than Andy.

  29. “ladymacesq: Michael Vick – dog killer and coach killer.” I love it! See you in San Diego, Andy!

  30. So tired of the be careful what u wish for nonsense, are u telling me there isn’t another coach out there who can’t replicate the mediocrity that we have seen since Jim Johnson passed? Reid is probably one of the most overrated coaches out there, I hope the Cowgirls grab him, would be just like when the Skins “stole” McNabb from us…

  31. Ummm..Why all the mentions that he is a great man? And that he doesn’t have his priorities straight?
    Do the people calling him a great man not care about his messed up priorities?

  32. I’m a Redskins fan, and I have nothing but respect for Reid. He and McNabb were a force to be reckoned with for a long time. I hope he’s successful in San Diego, or wherever he ends up.

  33. What happened to fraction Jackson got paid and is a bum. Mike Vick got paid played like a bum…Reid will be the best coach we ever had but it was stale…..from the top how do yo treat Dawkins and Mcnabb like that… Kill the heart and the body will follow that was the collapse of this organization…. Pay those who will give you everything all the time….don’t get me started on Nhamdi(24) biggest bust overrated player in free agency history….curse of Dawkins in the safety position we will probably never Find a adequate replacement. End of a era end of legitimacy…..just easily put So disappointing !!!! Fire Lurie Rossman bring back JC !!!

  34. I just HOPE Lovie is NEXT!! I dont want Andy Reid tho. I want Greg Roman the offensive Coordinator
    for the 49ers. Emery can be trusted
    to get a good coach and get a O-line

  35. I love the comment that the Eagles are going to start sinking to mediocrity. They were mediocre last year 8-8, this year 4-12, right now the Eagles aspire to be mediocre.

  36. Andy was the best coach in my lifetime and probably in the history of the franchise. I wish him and his family well. I hope he takes a year off to be with the family so they all can heal. Clearly his message wasn’t being heard in Philly anymore and he has made some terrible moves with coaches and players. It is time for a change. There were also things that he never corrected, mostly clock management which was always aweful.

  37. classy coach! i would not have come back this year if i had the heartbreak he did this year,especially in the worst sport city in world,philadelphia! would love to see him be a qb coach for the redskins,and if not,he would be a great oc elsewhere! good luck to a great coach!

  38. Good luck Andy. It’s time for a change. And let’s not get carried away, the div is up for grabs next year, not like patriots are in the NFC east last time I checked. Div struggles to barely win 9-10 games.

  39. As a diehard Cowboys fan I respect Andy Reid and his abilities. I don’t think his ability diminished over the tenure but his judgement did; he should have taken a few months off when he lost his son; his sacrafice of coming back early to coach a meaningless preseason game just added bad karma to a team/organization that allready had plenty of negative karma starting with VICK. I think putting trust in Vick to get the job done will be remembered as his biggest lapse in judgement by REID followed by trusting his dick boss to respect him and announce the separation at a joint press conference rather than let it leak out before the lights have even been turned off at the stadium. Donovan Mcnabb was best QB product without a doubt. Should have a ring outta it.

  40. andrewprough:
    Cowher’s two-year experiment with Maddox failed because his team’s defense got old. In 2003, he drafted Troy Polamalu, which paid dividends starting with the 2004 season, when the Steelers’ defense began a run of No. 1 rankings in five of the next nine seasons.
    Cowher won his lone Super Bowl with a quarterback who had a passer rating of 22, the lowest in Super Bowl history.
    In the ‘Burgh, it’s always been about defense since the drafting of Polamalu in ’03 and Dick LeBeau’s arrival in 2004.
    Good luck duplicating those two.

  41. The Eagles didn’t even try. That’s not Reid’s fault. Gutless players. No pride. Pathetic!

  42. reidstinks says: Dec 30, 2012 5:53 PM

    I love the comments:

    It wasn’t Reid it was Vick. Reid chose Vick.

    It wasn’t Reid it was the D. Reid chose the D, FAs and draft picks as well as implemented the Wide 9.

    It wasn’t Reid it was the….Folks these were all Reid’s decisions.

    This on top of him being an awful big game coach since 1999 = appropriate firing.

    When Reid stinks at his new job all you non Eagles fans saying how stupid we are will see how we’ve been right for the past 5 years.

    PS – Reid NEVER did anything without Jimmy Johnson. NEVER!!

    When Reid fails miserably at his next coaching(?) job, the critics of Reid’s critics will see we were right all along about him. Just as we were about McNabb.

  43. This team almost lost 12 in a row. 12 IN A ROW. Better coaches have been fired for performances like this year and today in particular. 2 playoff wins in 8 years, better coaches have been fired for that. ZERO championships in 14 years, most coaches don’t get that long to NOT win.

    During the eagles run of early 2000’s what great team did they beat? NONE. They were favored to win almost every playoff game and managed one super bowl., lost to underdogs time and time again. Andy Reid had a pretty good run, but to continue with him as the head of the organization is not an option.

    Thank you and Good Luck Andy.

  44. Andy is a good person, but sometimes things just run their course and it’s time to move on. There’s a reason why most coaches don’t last this long. I wish Andy all the best – unless he ends up in Dallas.

  45. “Now, bring in Perry Fewell!!”

    Take it from a Giants fan, trading Andy Reid for Perry Fewell is a SIGNIFICANT downgrade. Might want to review the Giants games and see how often guys are out of position and how bad they are when they can’t get to the QB before signing Fewell. Bears fans should be asking for Fewell. He knows how to beat GB. Everyone else? Not so much.

  46. vikesfansteve says: Dec 30, 2012 7:13 PM

    The Eagles didn’t even try. That’s not Reid’s fault. Gutless players. No pride. Pathetic!


    That’s a direct reflection on the coach.

  47. Seems to me that they should have fired the GM who built this team. They could see the team sinking last year. Reid is a known commodity as a coach and will be rehired almost immediately if he wants to. All I know is that they did have a helluva run!

  48. Really amazing to see the positive comments from the Eagles fans on here. For all of you other ignorant nfl fans… Well I would expect nothing less. Thanks for all that you did Andy!!!

  49. Andy Reid is overrated, blutbaddenbill. Contrary to the belief of many non-Philadelphians, it is Reid who is the QUARTERBACK KILLER. He was NEVER a “quarterback guru”. This is purely a media creation. If he gets his hands on RGIII, I guarantee you, RGIII will end up like Vick or McNabb…ineffectual and confidence shaken.

  50. If i hear the name GRUDEN again i’ll go crazy the man was like 41-52 during his last 6 yrs.

  51. Andy, I hope you are fired. The eagles had a great organization being built with Tom Modrak building a team and you and your coaching staff running the team. Many coaches have made you look good,Jim Johnson,Leslie Frazier,chilli,and many others. You and your agent bob lamont got all the power from Jeffery and you ran it into the ground. Howie Roseman as the gm? Good luck Philly fans, the organization is back to being run by business people instead of football people. Who is going to make a football decision for the eagles?

  52. He has been a good coach, the last few years maybe not as good as he could be.
    Take some time off, deal with that personal baggage and maybe he can be the coach he needs to be.
    I always felt he has been in denial about the issues of his sons.
    I don’t think he has really taken the time to deal with the loss of his son less than a year ago.
    Take A Year Off.

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