Source: Schwartz is safe


Adam Schefter says Lions coach Jim Schwartz is safe.  Chris Mortensen reported this morning that Schwartz could be out.

So why not break the tie?

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Schwartz will be back in 2013.  The source also said that there’s “no merit” to the notion that firing Schwartz with three years left on his contract has been considered seriously.

Though the source is in position to know what’s happening, it’s hard to completely dismiss a report from Mortensen, one of the most well-known insiders in the business.  He surely didn’t make it up, and it’s possible that the notion of firing Schwartz was raised and quickly rejected and is now being ignored so that Schwartz’s authority won’t be undermined in the future.

Either way, Schwartz is safe, due in large part to the fact that Schwartz is signed through 2015.  Plus-one for Schefter.

27 responses to “Source: Schwartz is safe

  1. I see the Lions a team kind of like the Eagles,they are both really talented,but cannot figure a way to win and I think that reflects on coaching,so I think Schwartz should not be safe of his job.

  2. I think what Schwartz and coaching staff should read into this is, “You’ve been put on notice…One year to figure it out.”

    More than fair.

  3. Megatron and Stafford won’t be in their prime forever. A running back isn’t as hard to get as the Lions make it look. Schwartz may be safe, but I’m sure they’ll want at least a team that makes it to the playoffs and wins a game in 2013.

  4. Okay guys, simmer down. What better coach is gonna go coach in Detroit?? They should hire some marty ball to run the offence, and keep Schwartz.

  5. Look, Schwartz philosophy was build a D-Line strong enough that you don’t have to blitz to create pressure and that can cover up flaws in the secondary. It might work, but the D-Line is overhyped and not good enough. They had injuries and are young in the backfield. They have to rely on offense to win right now and they lost every WR not named Megatron this year. They’ll be fine next year. A good draft and some decent FA signings could easily make this a playoff team again.

  6. I hate being in the minority, but I genuinely, not sarcastically, think Schwartz should stay. Sure, this season was a complete collapse, and coaches have been fired for less, but let’s not forget that Schwartz took the Lions from an 0-16 joke to the playoffs in 3 years.

    In fact, it could be said his job is in danger because of his earlier success. If he hadn’t set the bar higher than Lions have seen it in years, there wouldn’t even be a discussion about firing him.

  7. not sure why people want him fired. lions have lost all but two games by a touchdown. they aren’t getting blown out. most lions fans who watch the games every week cannot name the starting secondary or receivers, because they are from the practice squad. this team has been decimated by injuries and they are still on every game. why start over when the team is close to bring great?

  8. Mort or Adam…who is right?

    Actually the question should be Mayhew or Schwartz…which one has to go?


  9. Dominic like this clown. I agree, keep him there! Let him draft more problem children, slowly becoming the raiders of the 2010’s! Undisciplined, wanna-be bad boys! Only thing they’re back to dominating is number of top 5 picks on the roster.

  10. Packer fans rejoice! Mediocrity will continue to reign in Detroit. Here’s hoping Chicago retains Lovie, too, because Green Bay owns them and will continue to beat on Detroit and Chicago with divisional coaches like Schwartz and Lovie.

  11. Its not gunther’s wide 9 its Schwartz’s. Gunther is a 3-4 aggressive blitzer by nature so the idea of hiring him to run the head coaches system was silly from the jump. There is an overall lack of discipline and accountability on the lions that is destructive to the organization.

  12. This guy is a terrible head coach. Between the constant disciplinary issues, the boneheaded plays the team makes every week, and the failure to fix Stafford’s sloppy mechanics, there is no way the coaching staff should return.

  13. Great news for Chicago, GB, & Vikes. Schwartz is 4-20 w/in division. Schwartz is a classic example of the Peter Principle

  14. I doubt they fire Schwartz. At a minimum they need a new direction with two new coordinators and a QB coach. The problem: what intelligent football coach is going to want to work for Schwartz? I really think they have to clean house or they are going to waste Calvin’s prime the same way they did with Barry’s.

  15. How can anyone claim that Schwartz and / or Mayhew are worthy of staying for one more minute?

    As a sickened Lions fan, I gotta dumb this down. The players do not execute well, seem ill prepared and lose most of their games. Schwartz.

    The team has not improved talent-wise in 2 straight years. Mayhew.

    Please, just fix it now and at least look like a professional team.

  16. This doesn’t mean we have three more years of Schwartz – it means they won’t fire him the same year that they gave him a 5-year extension.

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