Sparano, Edwards send postgame messages in different ways


The Jets’ miserable season came to a miserable end in Buffalo on Sunday with a 28-9 loss that left them with a 6-10 record to show for their work this season.

With the season officially over, it’s expected to be the end of offensive coordinator Tony Sparano’s brief stay with the team. He wasn’t really in the mood to discuss that possibility or anything else on Sunday afternoon. Cable network SNY, which carries all the Jets postgame action, caught Sparano walking to the team bus at a healthy pace with a horde of Jets beat writers following him in futile hopes of getting some comments.

Sunday’s game was another disaster for the Jets offense and there isn’t much Sparano could say at this point that could polish up the evidence that he wasn’t the right man for the job.

Wide receiver Braylon Edwards wasn’t a Jet for most of the season, but he was one for a couple of years in the past and he certainly seems to have picked up their ability to turn just about everything into more of a circus than it needs to be. Kevin Armstrong of the New York Daily News passes along word that Edwards made a gun to the head gesture on his way back to the locker room when he saw the assembled media waiting in the tunnel, a shot SNY also captured.

Mike Vorkunov of the Newark Star-Ledger reports that Edwards said after the game that he wants to return to the team next season. We’re not sure how the ol’ gun to the head routine fits into that, although we are talking about a man who got a job from people he had recently called idiots this season.

12 responses to “Sparano, Edwards send postgame messages in different ways

  1. Edwards is what he is and just wants that NFL paycheck. It doesn’t matter whose logo is on it.

    The coaching fraternity will ensure that Sporano will be employed next year, but everything between the field to the guys in the owner’s box should be fair game for change after THIS kind of season!

  2. Possibly expressing displeasure about having to deal with the NY media after another ugly loss?

    But nah, it makes a better story if it has to do with the team.

  3. The scrutiny that this team receives is ridiculous. You can’t make a gesture without this site making a post of it in 5 minutes. The Jets will have a massive overhaul this year so it will be interesting to see who this site and the rest of the cheap media chooses to over scrutinize.

  4. I agree Sparano has to go, but the problems with this team are much bigger than a one and done offensive coordinator. The GM has to go and if Mr. T is fired that means Rex might be gone too. The Jets need a seasoned and experienced front office guy to replace Mr. T. If that happens what experienced front office guy is going to take over a team and not be allowed to bring in their own head coach. I know Rex has been to 2 AFC championship games, but the offense has gotten worse every year and as a head coach you need to work both sides of the ball.

  5. Mark Sanchez – OC coach killer. So the head coach fires last year’s OC, stays with the ineffective QB all year, and gets to blame it again on another OC? If it were just bad play calling then the head coach still needs to be fired for hiring them. Either way, he needs to go along with QB and GM.

  6. Didnt I read an artical this past offseason that said Rex was the one who endorsed the Tony Sparano as his offensive cordinator? I though I read that Rex personally called Sparano after he was let go by the Dolphins and was so blown away in the interview that he knew Tony was his guy.

    Now with his job on the line Rex is going to throw Tony under the bus and act like he should take no responsablity with the hiring of Sparano?

    The Jets are doomed with Rex calling the shots. He has a loud mouth and is full of hot air. He rather be a friend to his players instead of a coach and now he might not have a job because of it.

    So how many of these die hard Jet fans are still behind the Rex/Sanchez era? There is no more denying how horrible that franchise is and it will be a long time before that pathetic franchise does anything in the league.

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