Steelers and Browns look like they’d rather be at home


Pairing up divisional rivals in Week 17 was supposed to guarantee drama.

But as in other precincts, that didn’t quite work out in Pittsburgh, as the Browns and Steelers are playing a dreadful game befitting two teams which won’t make the playoffs.

One of those teams is quarterbacked by Thaddeus Lewis.

They’re tied 3-3, with Shaun Suisham and Phil Dawson trading second-quarter field goals.

Lewis is actually playing as well as Ben Roethlisberger. Other than a ridiculous interception to Troy Polamalu, Lewis doesn’t look like a guy making his first NFL start. He’s 10-of-16 passing for  119 yards and the pick, while Roethlisberger’s 4-of-6 for 41 yards.

At some point, someone’s going to start caring and put this game away.

5 responses to “Steelers and Browns look like they’d rather be at home

  1. Not necessarily. It could be one of those games which, in the immortal words of the great Neil Young, “starts out slow, then fizzles out altogether.”

  2. Ok I’ll say it. I’m a Steelers fan, and I’m loyal, but I’m not blind.

    Right now the Ravens backups are beating the same Bengals team that beat our starters last week.

    I don’t know if it is coaching, talent or both but it is no longer debatable that the Ravens are better than my beloved Steelers.

    Here’s to hoping Dan coming back means the return of common sense to the organization, and smart moves happen in the offseason.

    2012 has been excruciating to watch.

  3. Mike Tomlin is a good coach; but the Steelers are in bad need of some help and/or youth among their ranks.

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