Steelers beat Browns to finish .500

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There were a number of surprising elements to Sunday’s Steelers-Browns game, not the least of which is that it didn’t matter.

The Steelers beat the Browns 24-10 to finish 8-8 on the season, but were eliminated from playoff contention before the game even started.

The shocker of the day was the way they iced it, with Plaxico Burress catching a touchdown pass for the final margin. Burress had caught just one pass in the three previous games he had been with the Steelers.

Ben Roethlisberger threw for 134 yards and three touchdowns, but it was an otherwise unremarkable day for the Steelers, who will be answering questions about their offense all offseason.

For the Browns, the loss drops them to 5-11 and signals the end of the Pat Shurmur era, another foregone conclusion entering the day.

38 responses to “Steelers beat Browns to finish .500

  1. Your season is a joke Pittsburgh and were all laughing at you. Couldn’t of happened to a more deserving group of players and fans.

  2. In a game that meant absolutely nothing it sure was sweat to see Burress catch that touchdown. Lawrence Timmons also displayed why he deserved a spot in the Pro Bowl. Off to he draft. See ya soon, Ravens.

  3. That’s ok ravenator. You can laugh now. But we will be laughing last as that joke of a team you got trots off the field for one and done!!

  4. The enormous amount of success the Steelers organization has had RECENTLY makes me and other Steeler fans care much less than you think. Can’t be dominant every year. Such is life. You’re comical on here Ravenator. Seriously.

  5. Ravenator, your comments are very old and tired. It seems like all you do is just copy and paste the same comment into every thread about the Steelers. We know the Steelers had a bad season and we know the Ravens are in the playoffs. But until they actually get to that big game, stop acting like your team is so superior to the Steelers. Your team will be one and done and you will left here to eat crow, and you will have an entire off season to think of another post to keep repeating next year. Cheers!

  6. If anyone watched this game, it truly showed the Steelers age. Cleveland dominated on both sides of the ball, while missing half of their starting secondary, QB, and RB! Cleveland played with their third string QB, and if it weren’t for the turnovers, the game wouldn’t have even been close.

    I’m sorry, but the Steelers glory days are over, and they would be smart to do a complete overhaul.

  7. yeah steelersownyou like you guys did last year when tebow beat you, now not even in it. Have a nice long off season.

  8. And Bruce Arians was chased away why? His new team is 11-5 with an outstanding offense led by a rookie QB. Now I think we all understand Big Ben’s crying about the current offense. Woops. I bet Steelers wish they could have a do over on Arians for Hailey (who’s done what to deserve the job?) exchange.

  9. Hard to believe that Raven fans would even coment with them in the playoffs, sounds like Steelers will always be in their heads. I guess the six rings compared to one does hurt some.

  10. Not overly impressive with the win today against the browns but they got it done. More importantly the steelers ended with a non losing season at 8-8. Off year for the steelers but they will be back in contention for another superbowl lombardi trophy next year. Now time to watch the other teams starting dropping like flys.

  11. Ravenator, the recent success that the Steelers have had has obviously made you very envious. Posting on every article about the Steelers has shown this. So stop commenting on every single Steelers article until your team actually wins the big one. You are making yourself look so insecure. That being said, good luck to the Ravens. I won’t be cheering for you guys but good luck because the way they have played the last month, they will need it against Indianapolis.

  12. “not overly impressive but we got it done…we finished8 and8” lots to be proud of steeler nation. now sit back and enjoy watching real football teams in the playoffs

  13. I think I will, gonna sit back and watch your team get ousted from the playoffs. The steelers got six lombardis and how many does your team have tough guy?

  14. the steelers have 6 super bowls…everyone knows that…why is it every time the steelers they did this year…steeler fans fall back on that fact….again…everyone knows the steelers have 6 super bowls…and in 2012 it means nothing. the steelers are out. and by the way…how long were the steelers in the nfl before they even won a championship since history is so important. tough guy

  15. Nice .500 season, 3rd place in your division! Haha have a nice time watching the class of the division beat up on cincy at the Bank next weekend! Oh and before I forget, LOSERS!

  16. Karma is a cruel mistress,eh steeler fans? For years you trumpet about how good your team is,but then get defensive when the shoe is on the other foot. Remember,there was a 26 year gap of futility between SB win 4 and 5. You’ve still got 25 more years of sucking to go!

  17. and the ravens also won 9 of their first 11…so what. record at the end of the season…a division best 10 and 6. enjoy the long cold non playoff off season

  18. You wanna know why Steeler fans break out the “6 rings” talk? Go read any of this ravenator comments (yes he is a joke at this point, but normally one of first 3 posts on ever Steeler story, what does that say about that person’ s life really?).

    And oh yah, it’s also true. We have won 6 Super Bowls, but Steeler fans don’t expect to win them all. That’s why we take seasons like this in stride. We don’t have to pity ourselves annually like Raven fans who are forced to accept regular season victories against the Steelers as their super bowls!

  19. Why do steelers fans fall back at that fact? Because its a fact and superbowl wins is all that matters, not the playoffs. Steelers 6 Bmore 1. Let me guess your still bitter the ravens havent beat the steelers in the playoffs. Sure the steelers didnt make it to the playoffs this year, Big Deal!!!! So your right…I think I will enjoy my long cold non playoff season…….. watching the ravens get knocked out in January like they normally do. By the way, Id hardly call the ravens a real team. They may have barely beat out the steelers in the playoffs but real teams dont lose to charlie batch in their house and barely squeak in the playoffs.

  20. scoobies05 says:
    Dec 30, 2012 5:08 PM
    “not overly impressive but we got it done…we finished8 and8″ lots to be proud of steeler nation. now sit back and enjoy watching real football teams in the playoffs

    2 11
    The real teams I look forward to seeing are the broncos patriots in AFC and Green Bay and niners in the NFC . I enjoy watching teams other than the steelers because I realize you can’t be good every year. Good is not just a tee shirt…just saying.

  21. To all non steeler fans who complain about us mentioning our Super Bowls…get over it. When you win one you will realize the magnitude, but for those of you not alive when your team last won one or were very young when you won to denigrate their importance is insulting.

    Get there, win, and you can brag until you do don’t be a miserable whiner….please..

  22. the ravens have won a super bowl. but you dont see ravens fans popping off about it everytime something goes wrong. we are very proud of our accomplishments as a franchise. but that super bowl was 12 years ago. no real reason to bring it up. steeler fans use we got six rings like it makes you the greatest franchise ever. which you arent. packers have 13 nfl titles. to sum up….2012…now…ravens in…steelers out. and yes i was very much alive and loving football when the ravens won their sb. your comments make you seem like a bitter old man longing for yesteryear

  23. As a Gmen fan winning 2 out of the last five bowls I can’t just sit back and laugh about a ravens fan aka ravenator who has not won a thing.. Haha Flacco he stinks and once again you will never go to the bowl..

  24. um….superbowl 35 ravens 34 gmen 7. did u forget about that. and please dont say that was in the past. so is last year. and this year giants are at home while ravens are in the playoffs. and dont say ravens cant win it. no one gave the giants a chance last year. we will just have to wait and see

  25. No one said they can’t win it but choking is the Ravens way plain and simple. Four straight years..tough to swallow but yup those are the facts my argumentative friend….keep trying little brother someday you’ll win…smh.

  26. thereisalwaysnextyear:
    Bruce Arians was “chased away” because his offense smelled almost as bad as the city of Baltimore.
    Last season’s Steelers’ point total was 325. This season’s point total is 336.
    Do the math.

  27. not your friend or your brother. and i guess after watching ben after he came back you know a thing or two about choking. ravens in playoffs for the fifth straight year. steelers at home. just facts

  28. This trash talk seriously cracks me up. Also the Raven fan above who says “the class of the AFC North will beat up on Cincy at the Bank next weekend” is brain dead. The Ravens play the Colts.

  29. Struck out on RGIII and passed on Wilson and Cousins for Brandon Weeden.

    Now you know why you’ll be shoveling snow next weekend.

  30. Scoobie, you say in one post there is no real reason to bring up your 1 super bowl win and then a couple of posts later when a Giants fan chimes in what do you do? Bring up your 1 super bowl win. What is it? Don’t bring it up, or bring it up when you think it makes your team more relevant? There is a reason why Steelers fans talk about their 6 rings. It shows that the organization isn’t just a one hit wonder like the Ravens.

  31. only brought it up because he said the ravens had never won a super bowl. just had to give a quick history lesson. of course past wins do matter. its just irritating that certain fan bases hold on to those past championships when they have no relevance to today.. case in point….steelers and their 6 trophies are home for the playoffs. be proud of your past…your present is no good

  32. As a Steeler fan, this was a disappointing year to me. There seems to be an issue with the team’s attitude and some poor coaching.

    The Bengals seem to be peaking though I question if they can get past the first round. Even if they do, they just do not seem to be a contender this year.

    As for the Ravens, it seems they have slide down hill in the second half of the season. They will likely lose in the first round but if not, no doubt they will lose in the second round.

    Our divison is probably the weakest from top to bottom. We play each other harder than we do other teams.

    As far as ravenator and scoobie, like it or not, the ravens are the old browns. The colts left baltimore and so your town could only get one team which was probably the worse team in the nfl at that time. You have won one superbowl and it has been a while since you have been there. The Steelers have been there 3 times since, and won 2 of those. Stop making so many idiotic comments.

  33. It was revealed by a local commentor following Mike Tomlin’s season-ending press conference on Monday that of the NFL’s 20 non-playoffs teams of 2012, the Steelers played the weakest schedule.
    And that’s what’s so disturbing. It’s one thing to be 8-8, but to be 8-8 against some of the worst teams in the league, that’s not only unacceptable but that also doesn’t bode well for a quick turnaround.

  34. @bobzilla.. pay attention. Although injuries are not a good excuse it does explain a lot about what happened this year. I don’t care who you’re playing. With that many injuries you’re gonna have a bad year. If this team woulda been healthy all year they woulda been 12-4 easily. Ben came back after being injured and he didn’t look the same at all. They were 6-3 when he got injured. And that was the beginning of the end. And that so called #1 defense in yardage failed to do what good defenses do. Get takeaways. 17 takeaways. Just putrid. 3rd least amount of takeaways in steeler history! Way to help the offense out!

  35. Pay attention?
    You kidding?
    The Steelers have a mediocre offense. That offense has been mediocre since 2008.
    As for this season: The Steelers got off to a 2-3 start WITH a healthy Roethlisberger. During that stretch, they lost to both the Raiders and Titans.
    The Steelers were 6-6 WITH Roethlisberger and 2-2 without him. Before Roethlisberger’s alleged injuries, the Steelers offense ranked 19th in scoring. By season’s end, the offense ranked 22nd in scoring…
    Here’s Roethlsiberger’s importance: The Steelers have lost with him, and they’ve won without him.
    It’s time to trade the league’s most fragile quarterback, to get out from underneath that $800,000 per-game payment.
    It shouldn’t take a 100-million-dollar quarterback to finish 22nd in scoring two seasons in a row.

  36. Steeler fans are still talking after going 8-8, hahahah how pathetic. Helloooo mcfly, your team was atrocious this season, downright pitiful. I would feel sorry for you fans, but I dont. Cheers!

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