Stephen Tulloch: Lions “need more accountability” this offseason

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The Lions will be trying to end a seven-game losing streak when they put the cap on a very disappointing 2012 season on Sunday against the Bears.

While the season didn’t go completely into the tank until the second half of the season, linebacker Stephen Tulloch thinks the stage was set for the dismal results during the offseason when the Lions saw several players get arrested. Tulloch believes those incidents lingered into the season, providing distractions that the Lions handled poorly.

“I think discipline is the biggest issue, that kind of selfishness, it hurts the team. We’ve had guys hurt the team through their actions, and it lingered. We had Aaron Berry here, we were really counting on him, he gets dismissed, and now you need someone to fill in,” Tulloch said, via Albert Breer of the NFL Network. “And I think we’ve had changes in the secondary 13 times in 16 weeks because of that. It’s hard to get chemistry, when guys are hurting the team like that and you feel like you can’t count on them. I try to put my finger on whether there’s a bigger problem, but I get lost trying to pinpoint what it is. We need more accountability. Hopefully we can weed that out this offseason.”

The lack of discipline shown by the Lions on and off the field over the last two years has led to criticism of coach Jim Schwartz, although Tulloch doesn’t hold the coach responsible for the actions of the players.

“The problem here has to do with players, and learning how to handle success. It’s one thing to get there, but just because it’s the same team doesn’t mean you’ll get there again. It’s up to us as leaders to enforce things,” Tulloch said. “Coach puts us in good position, in a position to win. The only thing I could say, the players need to be more accountable and disciplined.”

Schwartz, who has several years to go on his contract, is expected to return in 2013 and accountability has to start from the top. If the Lions can’t find their way back onto the right track next year, Schwartz’s contract status might not be enough to save his job.

16 responses to “Stephen Tulloch: Lions “need more accountability” this offseason

  1. “Hopefully we can weed that out this offseason.”

    Don’t say weed, Stephen, you’ll get them excited.

  2. “Hopefully we can WEED that out this offseason”. Hilarious.
    In all seriousness though I was a big fan of Jim Schwartz in the beginning but I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s a big part of the problem. Aside from the fact that he’s a meathead who pops his collar there’s just no way that they should play so poorly and lose so many games with the talent they have. Injuries have been a big problem too though.

  3. “The problem here has to do with players, and learning how to handle success. It’s one thing to get there, but just because it’s the same team doesn’t mean you’ll get there again. It’s up to us as leaders to enforce things,” Tulloch said.

    Does anyone really think tho that those particular players only had their individual problems due to the playoff season last year?

    More likely – they would have gotten into the same exact trouble has they gone 4-12 last year.

    The Lions brought in guys with “character” issues – knowingly. Now they might have believed they could corral those issues or provided an environment where such a thing wouldn’t be tolerated but they’ve failed on those fronts.

    Primarily on the Schwartz and Cunningham fronts – neither one is performing to the level of talent they have and neither one has been real good about accepting responsibility for that.

  4. Yeah that was one of the problems. also dont forget we were missing someone else the we really needed to get the offense rolling. remember last year when he was in the lineup they went 5-0 till he got knocked out??? we had no one to replace him. and that hurted us the most!!

  5. I think the man who drafted all these players with all the off field trouble should go. yes i mean Martin Mayhew . A coach can only coach the players he is given and Schwartz has been given a bunch of immature players like Suh, Young , Leshore, Berry, etc. Mayhew is just as bad as drafting talent as Millen was and he needs to go.

  6. Tulloch came over from the Titans with Schwartz. Schwartz also had a lot of influence in Tulloch’s 5 year multi-million contract. So of course Tulloch won’t blame coaching. This is a coaching failure to harness the talent and scheme properly. Do you think that during the game Fairley is thinking “I hope my DUI charge gets dropped” or Leshore is thinking “I could really go for a doobie right about now”?

  7. Come on Cryin’ fans,

    Do you think Schwartz had NO say in the players they were drafting? Of course he did, and he’s just as much at fault as anyone else for this non-disciplined mess. And how about leading by example? How can he instill discipline when he can’t even control himself?

    You’ll always have this problem as long as he’s there

  8. Get Bill Cowher right away and start building a disciplined and championship team. I don’t expect them to do it, thus I don’t envision any championships anythime soon. Schwartz has proved he can’t do it-7 straight loses with alot od talent. Time to move on.

  9. Schwartz deserves some blame but most of the blame should be directed in Martin Mayhew’s direction. His personnel decisions the last couple of years have been very questionable. Broyles, a WR, selected ahead of CB J. Jenkins when CB was and is a desperate need for this team. 1st and 2nd round picks generally are guys that you believe can come in and challenge for a spot. Some can argue that Mayhew started off with a “bang”, his last two drafts (11′, 12′) are questionable at best. N. Fairley (Character issues), T. Young (character issues), M. Leshoure (weed issues), Doug Houge (WHO?), J. Culbreath (WHAT?) in 11′ and Reiff, Broyles, Bentley, Ronnell Lewis, Tahir Whitehead, Chris Greenwood, Jonte Green and Travis Lewis. Its week 17 and of the 13 players mentioned, only 2 (Reiff and Leshoure) will play this week. You can get by with a rookie coach “learning” but its tough to get by with a rookie GM. Sorry Tulloch, but Mayhew needs to be held accountable for this mess.

  10. We will see Monday what direction this organization is taking.
    I don’t expect to see Schwartz going anywhere but I can’t say the same for Cunningham or Linehan.
    Whatever happens Martin Mayhew has to continue to upgrade the Lions roster.
    It’s going to be a pivotal offseason for this franchise … another season like this after the excitement generated by their 10 – 6 finish and no one in the front office or coaching staff are going to be safe.

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