The Giants are doing their part


If this is the end of the Andy Reid era in Philly, it isn’t ending with a stirring performance by the Eagles.

They trail the Giants 35-7 at halftime in the Meadowlands, a score that means the Giants are doing everything they need to do to keep their playoff chances alive. It might not be enough as they need the Bears (winning against the Lions), Vikings and Cowboys to lose, but they’re doing a good job of fulfilling Tom Coughlin’s wish that they play with dignity after two humiliating blowouts.

Eli Manning is 11-of-16 for 196 yards and four touchdowns, Ahmad Bradshaw has run for 67 yards on seven carries and the defense shut down the Eagles until the score was already 21-0 in favor of Big Blue. It’s the kind of performance that the Giants were hoping to get in each of their last two losses, which might make it sting all the more if they wind up cruising to an easy win that proves to be meaningless to anyone but the bookmakers.

Michael Vick is 13-of-24 for 142 yards with a touchdown and an interception. That pick came on the first Eagles drive after they recovered an onside kick to open the game and, in hindsight, it looks like the last moment that this was a competitive contest.

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  1. Based upon our legal system I support the motion that people who commit crimes deserve a chance at redemption once they have paid their debt to society. Vick paid the price for his crimes off the field. Since the eagles gave him a chance to continue his NFL career he has done little to honor their support by preparing for games. He has reverted to his freelancing ways at a point in his career when his athleticism cannot compensate for his age and lack of preparation. He may land with another team and may be a starter, but unless he recommits himself to preparing before the game then the results-mediocrity-will remain the same.

  2. To much too late ! Would you like your season to depend on the Detroit Lions doing their part ?

  3. Vick is so bad it’s amazing.

    If he’s not turning the ball over, he’s wildly inaccurate or throwing suicide balls.

    Just garbage.

  4. Eagles OT just threw the ref to the ground. I trust Florio will write a column calling for him hkme to be ejected/fined/suspended/banned for life like he did for Cam Newton last week. Right?

  5. 2 minute warning in the Bears Lions game, with the Bears 1st down in the red zone…

    You can almost see it slipping away huh Giants fans…

  6. The Giants remain confounding. 9-7 last year, and win it all. 9-7 this year, and miss the playoffs.

    At least they give it everything today. There is still a solid core here. But there is a lot that needs to be done in the next few months, and the division is a lot harder now with the arrival of RGIII and Dez Bryant.

  7. Oh well. Can’t have everything. At least it was nice to see the Giants end the “Andy Reid/Michael Vick Era” with an absolutely embarrassing thumping. I guess after crowing about all those regular season wins at the Giants expense from Eagles fans, the Giants fans can take a LITTLE bit of solace in this one.

    Can only imagine the Eagles are going to look VERY different next year. Too bad Nnamdi won’t still be there. He was always good for a couple of PI’s and/or TDs per game.

  8. Hey giants fans, you got everyone exactly where you want’em lol. Bye bye, hope you like the playoffs from home

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