Vikings jump out to 10-point lead

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With the Bears holding off the Lions earlier on Sunday, the stakes for the Vikings are clear.

Win and they’re in the playoffs. Lose and they’re out.

So far, they’re winning. Adrian Peterson scooted into the end zone from seven yards out with a little more than nine minutes gone in the first quarter, putting the Vikings up 10-0 on the Packers. Peterson has 61 yards on eight carries overall, leaving him 147 yards short of the 208 total rushing yards he needs on Sunday to become the NFL’s all-time single season rushing champion.

The defense has forced the Packers to go three-and-out twice, making it a good start all around for the Vikings on a day when only a win will be good enough for them to continue their season a little bit longer.

7 responses to “Vikings jump out to 10-point lead

  1. If Rex is available, can Dom and bring him in.

    No excuses, EVERYONE knows AP’s getting the ball and the Packers look lost, uninspired and lazy.

    TACKLING is part of the game, one that defense isn’t participating in.

    Damned disgrace to the Packer history.

  2. As a Viking fan, a 13-0 lead is nothing to be comfortable about. Maybe if GB had Mike Vick as their QB… But it’s Rodgers… I’d still be nervous if it was a 28-0 lead against the Pack.. Rodgers is just way to good to feel comfortable with any lead.

  3. Vikings fan…

    It’s hard to say we are whooping the Pack… We do have a good game plan to beat them though. Keep Rodgers off the field. Which was working good at first, but the second quarter they started moving the ball..

    I said all week long. This game will be won in the trenches. Whoever controls the line of scrimmage will win this game. So far the Vikings are doing that. But that Ross, who is in for Cobb could be the wild card here. He looks pretty good! And it’s kinda scary that it could come down to a punt return or kick off return that he could house one and change the game in a hurry.

    The last Packers drive before the half is indicative of them. 1 minute is just to much time to leave for Rodgers. He’s hands down the best QB in the league, and you can’t leave him any time at all or he will tear you apart.

  4. The Packers had absolutely no interest in playing that game today. Next week will be another story. Any educated football fan will know this. Good job on getting into the playoffs Vikings!!! Next week will be another story.

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