When music stops, Reid could be out of luck

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There has been a presumption that Andy Reid will land on his feet, if/when (when) he’s fired by the Eagles.  As we heard it on Saturday, Reid already is lining up a new staff that would accompany him to San Diego, if he’s hired by the Chargers.

But it’s no lock he’ll be hired by the Chargers.  Indeed, it’s no lock he’ll be hired by anyone.

There’s a theory making the rounds in league circles that Reid, who says he wants to coach in 2013, may not find an opening in the upcoming hiring cycle.  Any rumors of teams interested in Reid are believed to be the product of his agent, Bob LaMonte, who is believed to have spent much of December generating potential interest in another client, Jon Gruden.

The fact that Reid is widely liked by many in the national media (some in Philly have a much different attitude toward him) has caused many to sign off on the notion that Reid will definitely find another NFL job right away.  He definitely could, but it may not be the lock that some think it is.

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  1. Bring him to Washington, he can polish Mike Shanahan’s shoes….I wouldn’t have typed that in the past, but I sort if lost some respect for him last week when he went for it on 4th down twice on the opening drive.

  2. I had a dream that Reid coached an NFL team out of Cali, but it was Oakland not SD, and they moved back to LA.

    And the Eagles became 2014 SB Champs.

  3. Hey Florio, Texan fan and lifelong PFT supporter, but drop the personal vendetta against Bob Lamonte.

  4. He will get a job!!! He will out-interview every candidate and nationally he’s not viewed as badly as he is in Philly.

    Plus, fans have seen too many turnaround stories to not want Reid and if they were polled majority would want Reid in town!!!

    He too can get the likely future unemployed Cleveland coaches, Ron Rivera, his best Philly assistants, and sidekick/handpicked GM (the reportedly to-be-fired) Tom Heckert and take them anywhere.

    My prediction: Reid lands in Tennessee or Arizona.

    Plus, Jeff Fisher and John Fox ended things sourly with their last teams. Why can’t Reid get a job?

    Also, he can throw Howie Roseman under the bus in these interviews and he would still get it because the interviewer might think “anyone stinks with Roseman. Maybe it’ll be better with me.”

  5. Andy Reid will be wanted by all but 2 fan bases, Philly and the one skeptical fan base outlier among the hopefuls!!!

    This is not Rex Ryan we are talking about!!!

  6. Oh well, if he HAS to take a year off, might not be the worst thing for him. Sure a network would pick him up in a heartbeat for a hefty salary to work 2-3 days a week and spend the rest of his time with his family.

    As things are though, if Andy Reid wants to coach, pretty sure some team out of 32 will move heaven and earth to make that happen. Despite the catcalls from Philly the last two years, he has produced 9-10 wins or more consistently for a long time and to many fans of downtrodden franchises, that sounds like nirvana.

  7. Andy Reid as a consistent winner and a coach capable of bringing home a Lombardi trophy is a myth. He hasn’t won a playoff game since Jim Johnson passed away. As he gained more control and got rid of guys who had more power than he did, the team has gotten progressively worse. He fell in love with the deep ball and the offense is now a one trick pony and has zero consistency. Even the QB guru notion is a myth. He coached a # 2 overall pick into a pretty decent career… You’re SUPPOSED to do that. The national media can have him. Maybe he can win an Emmy because he’s definitely not winning a SB.

  8. Andy is a great guy…but not a good in-game manager. It’s been proven time and time again. If he has the opportunity, I hope he realizes that his family may need him more than this game does right now. Clear your head Andy…be with your family.

  9. Even before his son’s tragic death, Andy was kinda burned-out. Then the fire-in-the-belly got dimmer, plus he came back to soon. The calamity of this Season snuffed-out the dwindling flame, & now the best thing Andy can do for himself [and future Team]…is to take a year off to re-charge.

  10. I wouldn’t hire Reid. He’s one of those coaches that doesn’t know he’s burnt out. He didn’t even take any time off after his son died. What kind of a guy is that? A guy who has no life. I’d take a pass in him right now.Maybe in another year

  11. Once he leaves the Dream Team he won’t be the ‘best coach in the NFL’ anymore either.

  12. Yeah, there’s a chance that Reid will be out of a job. And there’s a chance that I’ll hit the lottery.

    If Reid is out of a job it’s because there a terms he didn’t agree with because teams are going to try and get his services. That is guaranteed.

  13. If Andy Reid was my friend Id advise him to take a break and focus on his kids. These coaches are full go, I wonder if he even let his brain relax long enough to mourn his son.

  14. Reid is already lining up a new staff for San Diego….

    How can that be, I thought he was just preparing his football team for the Giants?

    Advice to Reid: Please take Marty Morningsickness with you

  15. Since Jim Johnson (RIP) passed away 4 full seasons ago, the Eagles haven’t won a single playoff game. They’ve essentially imploded, going steadily downhill every year since Johnson’s death.

    I’m still not sure why and by who Reid is regarded as a truly good coach. Almost all of the Eagles’ success during his tenure can be chalked up to a weak division, Johnson’s D, and McNabb and Vick’s improv skills.

    Reid’s main talent was making mediocre QBs look decent and being able to hoodwink a desperate team out of a high draft pick for them………………which he would then in turn waste on a reach.

  16. Reid has done a pretty good job considering he has never had a “Franchise QB” in Philly. In today’s game the QB position has become so central that it is almost impossible to win consistently without one. Look at the Vikings and the Chiefs. On the other hand, Baltimore has done quite well with a second tier “Franchise QB”. If Pittsburgh cannot make the playoffs with the #1 defense even with a franchise QB, Philly does not have much hope with the folks they have.

  17. Reid is a great guy but hes really only a good coach not a great one. Reid has been a .500 coach since 2004. Hes 24-42 against playoff teams since 1999. Again thats 24-42. Hes had one extended playoff run since 2004. When the competition rises in the playoffs Reid cant match it.
    He assembled a fantastic coaching staff when he arrived in 1999 and one by one as they left and Jim Johnson passed, the team has depended more on his decisions and control and we’ve seen the results of that. Juan Castillo the offensive line coach as a defensive coordinator? Jim Washburn, a line coach, hired before Juan the D coordinator? Who does that?
    Philly fans will give Reid the biggest stand up ovation youll ever see a man receive if he returns coaching another team. Thats not sarcasm, thats Philly love. Philly love is the one thing the media never mentions to the rest of you. Ask Iverson, Aaron Rowand, Pat Burrell, Eric Lindros, even McNabb (even though he still has that bug up his..) Ask a hated rival in Mario Lemiux and the game he returned from after beating cancer. Mario was overcome by Philly love ovation that left him speechless (google it). These men returned to Philly and received that love, and the Fanavision captured all of their tears.
    The point is that after 14 years change is needed for us all. Reid needs a change. Philly needs a change. This whole Philly will regret Reid leaving only means that nobody is capable of replacing a .500 coach. Thats nonsense. Coaches coach and players play. Only the great coaches can overcome personnel deficiencies. Reid isn’t one of them.

  18. Fine coach. He got to 5 NFC Championships and 1 SB. That doesn’t happen by luck. That said, I think that if he wants to return to his best form, he needs a season off before returning to coach. There’ll be jobs waiting for him.

  19. As an avid Eagles fan, I can’t wait until Reid is gone. That being said, he is still better than a lot of current head coaches like:

    Jason Garrett
    Jim Schwartz
    Ron Rivera
    Ken Whisenhunt
    Chan Gailey
    Rex Ryan
    Pat Shurmur
    Mike Mularkey
    Mike Munchak
    Dennis Allen
    Romeo Crennel
    Norv Turner

  20. I could see the Jets firing Rex and hiring Reid.

    It could get them through Sanchez’s garage contract by saying Reid is a QB guru and likely give the fan base just enough to get them through this next season.

  21. I’m an Eagles fan, AND I appreciate everything Reid did for the franchise. Any real Eagles fan will remember the pile of trash that was the Eagles franchise, before Reid came to town. However, I feel its time for a change.

    About 3 days after Reid’s departure, I’m expecting to hear a press release that he has become the new head coach in Cleveland.

  22. I am an Eagles fan. Reid gave us quite a few winning seasons. We need a change and Lurie has plenty of money to do the right thing and get us the best choice. We need a young offense minded (game day)coach and smart aggressive defense (game day) coach. Luries money can do that.

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