Woody Johnson not happy with Jets leaks


The Jets have more leaks than the Orca in the final 20 minutes of Jaws.  (Yes, I’ve used that one before.  Because I really am as cool as the other side of the pillow.)

The latest leak is that owner Woody Johnson isn’t happy with all the leaks.

Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com reports, citing unnamed sources, that Johnson isn’t pleased with the inability of the members of the family to keep the family business in the family.  Though it’s unclear how that will all play out after the regular season ends, giving everyone a stern talking-to won’t change anything.

The only way to change the culture is to change out the folks who have created it.  And that means firing everyone.

If Johnson isn’t willing to write the checks necessary to buy freedom from the years remaining on the various coaching and front-office contracts, then he’ll have to simply tolerate that the leaks will continue — primarily because there’s no way to catch the leakers in the act of leaking.

24 responses to “Woody Johnson not happy with Jets leaks

  1. A quality NFL caliber QB would stop most if not all of the leaks. This team is missing 3 skill offensive players – who have been missing for 2-3 years. Please add a running back, wide out and QB. Muzzle might also be needed and let’s start focusing on 2013.

  2. Woody Johnson wanted a circus and he got one. Congrats on all the back pages of the NY tabloids….problem is fans and media all think your franchise is a joke.

    Good job Woody.

  3. It has to be hard to reign people in from talking when you hired a coach, who does nothing BUT talk. It sends mixed messages.

  4. He should be unhappy! This year has been a major embarrassment for him and the entire Jets organization.

    I understand playing in NY the Jets are under a microscope…but so do the players and the coaches…..yet that doesn’t stop them from opening their mouths to every reporter within earshot.

    The question now is what will Woody Johnson do about it? My bet is nothing…….

  5. Woody Johnson created a circus. The guy said he would take a losing season if Romney won the election. Congratulations Mr. Johnson, you were granted one of your wishes.

  6. It’s become apparent that the Jets “brain trust” just isn’t too bright. That goes from Woody on down. But while you can’t fire the owner you can fire the GM and if anybody has their fingerprints all over this ugly ugly failure it’s Tannenbaum. He has been the architect and his work has ended up as one really ugly mess. I think Rexy is OK as a coach but the personnel decisions being have crippled the franchise. The “brain trust” is the problem…..they don’t have much brains.

  7. As long as the dollars are rolling in Woody Johnson doesn’t care at all what happens on or off the field with his team.

  8. Woody should focus on being unhappy with the leadership and talent gap on the offensive side of the ball instead of this high school gossip.

    If people believe in your culture and vision, this nonsense doesn’t happen.

    Sanchez is culpable and accountable in his professional development but the Jets need to put a staff around him that can help him grow.
    Sparano was never known as an OC. Schottenheimer didn’t have the pedigree of Kyle Shanahan (College athlete, Dad working with HOFers, RG3, etc.)

    The talent evaluation of the Jets has been questionable since their last AFC championship game. Their success blinded them to their flaws and needs.

    Woody should know better. He owns JnJ. Bad input lead to bad output.

  9. The leak if from Jimmy Sexton…he’s Rex’s agent, Sparano’s agent, Tebows agent and even Bill Parcells agent. Doesn’t it seem odd that last week there was a leak that Parcells could be the guy to fix the Jets ? Jimmy sexton is hanging his clients out to dry it’s that simple

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