2013 NFL draft order


The end of the regular season means that 20 teams have nothing to look forward to other than next year.

Those 20 teams can start planning for the offseason with the knowledge of where they’ll be selecting in the 2013 draft. The order for the non-playoff teams has been set and we’ve got it below for your perusal. The 12 playoff teams are on the list, although their final spot in the proceedings will be subject to the rules laid out under the list of teams.

1. Chiefs (2-14)

2. Jaguars (2-14)

3. Raiders (4-12)

4. Eagles (4-12)

5. Lions (4-12)

6. Browns (5-11)

7. Cardinals (5-11)

8. Bills (6-10)

9. Jets (6-10)

10. Titans (6-10)

11. Chargers (7-9)

12. Dolphins (7-9)

13. Buccaneers (7-9)

14. Panthers (7-9)

15. Saints (7-9)

16. Rams (7-8-1)

17. Steelers (8-8)

18. Cowboys (8-8)

19. Giants (9-7)

20. Bears (10-6)

21. Bengals (10-6)

22. Redskins (10-6) – Pick traded to Rams

23. Vikings (10-6)

24. Colts (11-5)

25. Ravens (10-6

26. Seahawks (11-5)

27. Packers (11-5)

28. 49ers (11-4-1)

29. Texans (12-4)

30. Patriots (12-4)

31. Falcons (13-3)

32. Broncos (13-3)

(A)       The winner of the Super Bowl will select last and the other Super Bowl participant next-to-last, regardless of their regular-season record.

(B)       The Championship Game participants not advancing to the Super Bowl will select 29th and 30th, according to the reverse order of their standing.
(C)       The Divisional Playoff participants not advancing to the Championship Games will select 25th through 28th, according to the reverse order of their standing.
(D)       The Wild Card participants not advancing to the Divisional Playoffs will select 21st through 24th, according to the reverse order of their standing.
(E)       Non-playoff clubs will select first through 20th, according to the reverse order of their standing.
If ties exist in any grouping except (A) above, they will be broken by strength of schedule (i.e., figuring the aggregate won-lost-tied percentage of each involved club’s regular-season opponents and awarding preferential selection order to the club which faced the schedule of teams with the lowest aggregate won-lost-tied percentage).
UPDATE 1/7 12:48 p.m. ET: The list has been updated to reflect the results of Wild Card weekend.

13 responses to “2013 NFL draft order

  1. I wonder if that Raider 1st rd pick 3rd overall goes to the Bengals lol (at the expense of Carson Palmer) that would only make them more dangerous!

    Lets go Pats

  2. No that 1st round pick does not go to the bungles! We actually have a 1st round pick that Al Davis can’t throw at the fast 40 time of the combine!! Thanks god!!

  3. Do not underestimate the power of Al Davis to mess things up.

    It’s just a current listing of teams by record. The actual 29th and 30th teams will be one from each conference, the losers of the conference championship games.

  4. The post is about which team is picking, so it’d be more accurate to indicate trades that have already occurred, e.g. the Redskins aren’t picking 22nd or later, because they traded that pick to the Rams. So it should say 22. Redskins –> Rams or something like that.

  5. The Oakland Raiders have officially become the “old Bengals”,which means bad drafts,bad ownership and commitment of mediocrity. Thanks for the draft picks,Raiders.

  6. The 2nd pick the Bengals get in the fleecing of the Raiders for girlyboy Palmer, is Oakland’s 2nd rnder, the 35th overall pick…thanks for the free picks in xchg for a prettyboy loser w/ no heart!!! hahahahaha

  7. 2 utterly meaningless victories & the Chargers drop at least 3 places in the draft.
    That was almost as smart as playing Drew Brees, in a meaningless, season ending game. In said game, a Denver Bronco tore up Drew’s shoulder, with a shameless, unpunished–and unreported–cheap shot. Of course it did get Brees out of San Diego, and away from the “lord of no rings.”
    (Ironically AJ wanted to sit Brees, and get Rivers some playing time. It was none other than the Choke-nheimer, who insisted on playing Brees).
    The Spanos clan…committed to stupidity & mediocrity.
    Bobby Ross took them to the Super Bowl, and they fired him!
    Where’s Gene Klein when you need him??!!!

  8. Chiefs. Just trade down if u can u need a qb n no1 is worth number who’s coming out.

    Oakland again gees they suck

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