Bidwill says Cardinals will interview Andy Reid

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Current defensive coordinator Ray Horton was established as a candidate for the Cardinals head coaching job already.

But team president Michael Bidwill just said during a press conference that he was also going to interview former Eagles coach Andy Reid and Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy as well, according to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.

One of these things is not like the others.

The Cardinals have never been known for their free-spending habits, and Reid represents a significant step up in price-range from Horton or McCoy.

Bidwill also said he was “not ready to give up on Kevin Kolb yet,” and that the Kolb issue would be one he brought up with potential candidates.

Reid has already fleeced the Cardinals on Kolb once, so perhaps this would be a chance to make it up to them. The Cardinals gave Reid’s Eagles a second-round pick and cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for the right to give Kolb a $63 million contract.

Or it might be Reid’s realization that his market might not be as strong as he’d hoped, and that he might need to take the first chair offered.

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  1. The NFC West isn’t the cupcake division any longer. The Cards need to step it up or they’ll continue to be in last place. I think that is a great spot for Reid.

  2. I kind of like this idea. After all, who better to get the most out of Kolb than Reid? Cards already have major bucks invested in Kolb, so why not get the most out of him? Plus, Kolb worked better in Reid’s system than he did in Whisenhunt’s system.

    As for Horton, I would hate to lose him, but several people have said perhaps one of his assitants could take over the D and run the same system.

    Hey Cards fans, are you as happy as I am that Grimm is gone also?

  3. Andy Reid is not that great. He is a successful failure. Clothe Marty Schottenheiner of his generation. fact

  4. I have no idea why Bidwell would want Reid… And I have no idea why Reid would want to go there either…

  5. As a cardinals fan i wouldn’t mind having reid come in and be the head coach but then again if the cardinals don’t make horton the head coach they will lose him i fear.

  6. dwoofer,

    Check your facts:

    Since 1999 Arizona has had 4 Coaches (Andy Reid was coaching the Eagles since 1999)

    Since 1999 the Cardinals record:

    86 – 138

    Andy Reid’s record:


    Cardinals Payoff Appearances since 1999


    Andy Reid’s Payoff Appearances since 1999


    Cardinals = Loser
    Reid = Winner

    Here endith the lesson…..

  7. Well considering they drafted Nate Allen with that second round pick, I wouldn’t consider it fleecing.

  8. Andy needs to take a year off… he’ll be hired in 2014 easy. With all that family sadness, the disaster of Vick and the dream team..etc. Recharge, recoup, and return in ’14.

  9. The Cardinals were not fleeced for Kolb. The team needed a QB or Fitz would walk the next year in free agency. Who was available? Kolb. Sure, Bellicheck might cut Tom Brady in a drunken fit after a whiskey bender, but unless that happened, they needed to trade for someone. That someone was Kolb.

    DRC is a head case and refused to tackle. He wouldn’t fit in Horton’s scheme and, frankly, he aint setting the world on fire in Philadelphia either. The second round pick hurt, but hey, trading for a QB is not cheap. That doesn’t mean they got fleeced. Especially considering it enabled them to keep Fitz long term.

  10. It will never happen, Bidwells’ will never spend the $ it takes to build a consistent winner.

    Short of signing Warner as what everyone viewed a washed up back up at the time, have they ever landed a top tier FA? Warner was a fluke signing who won inspire of them, not because.

    Nice area, decent fans, jack (x) in a bow tie unwilling to loosen the purse strings and change the perception of his team.

    I’d like to see Wiz in SD or somewhere similar and see how he does.

  11. I’d love the Reid hire but it won’t happen. They are gonna hire a first time GM and Reid wants more control than he’d get with the Cardinals. The VERY hot rumor around here is they want Todd Haley. Why they want him I have no idea but the rumor is hiring Haley as HC and keeping Horton as the DC. Haley would come cheap in comparison so look for them to go HARD after Norv Turner for the OC.

  12. Reid was a good coach for quite a long time, though not a great one as his horrible clock management and other issues hurt the Eagles many times.

    But he seems awfully burnt out from the last couple years and the trouble in his family. I think he needs a year off in which he doesn’t do any job to recharge.

  13. Im sure Andy appreciates everyones input on what they think is best for him to do in life but The only way Reid takes a year off is if he doesn’t get a job… He’s said it plenty of times which is why he is interviewing and looking for a job.

  14. Bidwell is trying to get the most out of the $63 million invested in Kolb… It could be good for both sides. As a Seahawks fan, I think Reid will make the Cardinals a better team in the long run and help make the NFC West more competitive.

  15. While Reid is a good coach I think he needs to take the year off. He looked like a beaten man since week one and really phoned it in the rest of the way. Circumstances considered.

  16. nomoreseasontix says:

    Who’s gonna be the obligatory “Rooney Rule” guy this year?
    My money is on Hue Jackson….
    Wouldn’t Ray Horton fulfill the rule? He’d be more than a (pardon the expression) token candidate, too.

  17. Man NFC west would get even tougher with Ried..I mean youu already got Harbaugh, Fischer and….yea I mean we already got two good coaches…

  18. Memo to the clowns who keep calling the Cardinals cheap:
    YOU ARE CLUELESS! Do you watch the league? Do you pay attention to contracts? If you say the Cardinals are still tight wads you have a football IQ of 5.

    Calais Campbell just signed a huge deal worth 55 million, 31 million guaranteed
    Daryl Washington re-signed to a big contract this year
    Larry Fitzgerald, 100 million dollar plus deal.
    Ken Whisenhunt. 5 million a year, one of the highest paid coaches
    Yeah, real cheap….idiots.
    By the way, old man Bidwill hasn’t called the shots in years. His sin Michael runs the show. Next time you make want to know the facts about the Cardinals before all of you make asses out of yourselves

  19. Reid -> cardinals
    Smith -> chargers or bills
    Turner -> oc / c’boyz

    Whiz -> ?? (Probably oc somewhere)

    Crennel -> out of NFL
    Grampa from buffalo -> out of NFL
    Shurmur -> who cares

    Bank it.

  20. Andy Reid is a great coach who built the Eagles up from the garbage pits that Rhoads left into a consistent winner.If he gets the job and builds the O-line up this team could win a Super Bowl in a very short time.

  21. Who cares, starting next year the Dolphins will begin their ten year run of dominance in the AFC and definitely in Florida. They have tons of cap space, five picks in the first 100 and good pieces already in place. Mark my words going into year three with Philbin the dolphins will be super bowl contenders every year for awhile, and I’ve been down on the fins as much as anyone recently but it’s about to turn around, finally.

  22. Andy, you aren’t exactly in a situation of any port in a storm. The last Cardinals coach that had a winning record is? Were any of us born when that happened?

    If this is the best head coaching gig you can get this year than enjoy the paid year off courtesy of Mr. Lurie and wait for a better gig.

    Even if the choice is the Cardinals or like the Farmington, Maine expansion team in the UFL. Take the UFL it will be less toxic to your career.

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