Bills, Bears, Chargers, Chiefs, Browns, Eagles all fire head coaches


I noted in my Monday morning column today that it’s the worst day of the NFL year: Black Monday, when coaches and executives lose their job.

This Black Monday is even crueler than most.

Before noon, six NFL teams had fired their head coaches: The Bills fired Chan Gailey, the Bears fired Lovie Smith, the Chiefs fired Romeo Crennel, the Browns fired Pat Shurmur and the Eagles fired Andy Reid, and although the Chargers haven’t formally announced that Norv Turner is fired, everyone in San Diego knows that decision has already been made and is just being announced later in the day because the Chargers are on Pacific time.

Four general managers — Cleveland’s Tom Heckert, San Diego’s A.J. Smith, Jacksonville’s Gene Smith and the Jets’ Mike Tannenbaum — are also out.

Coaches who haven’t yet learned their fates include Arizona’s Ken Whisenhunt, Carolina’s Ron Rivera and Jacksonville’s Mike Mularkey.

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46 responses to “Bills, Bears, Chargers, Chiefs, Browns, Eagles all fire head coaches

  1. Rivera is safe for now. Will depend on GM. Plus Richardson isn’t even in Charlotte, he’s in NYC, hopefully interviewing Marc Ross for GM position. I say the strides the defense took even after the injuries is more than enough to keep him. Just kick out Chud or demote him and bring in Norv for OC duties.

  2. Today is one of the worst days in the NFL? If you ask a Bills fan, this is the ONLY day this season that has gone well. This is a happy day in Buffalo, NY and surrounding areas!

  3. Chan Gailey can come in as our new tech guy, Reid as our new chef (Crennel can be his assistant), Shurmur as head ballboy, Norv as some guy to throw with pre-game, and Lovie can assist in cleaning our stadiums post-game. This team will truly complement our staff.

  4. Welcome to reality, boys. But none of these ex-coaches is going over any cliff; none is facing what 3M workers in this nation face, the end of UC benefits as of today; none is looking down the barrel of a fresh recession and the disaster it will bring. So right now I’m playing the world’s smallest violin for these ex-coaches; they have no clue what it’s really like out here in the real world.

  5. Lovie Smith gets fired and Jim Scwantz still has his job??? 10-6 in the NFC is a pretty good record this year. I’d be all over that Chicago job if I were a candidate, that’s a good team.

  6. Thanks for putting this all in one post. It’s hard to keep track of things.

    And we are far from finished, given that plenty of coordinators and assistants will likely be let go as well.

  7. Lovie had to go. Nice guy, yes. Good coach, yes, but not a great coach. Nine years, and he never was able to develop an offense. Sure, he’s a defensive guy, but he’s the head coach. He’s responsible for everything. Time for a change.

  8. I don’t know why people say “Lovie was a nice guy.” What proof of there is that fact? More importantly why should that matter? Look at Smith’s record with the offense and the coordinators he’s hired. Look at Smith’s record the last 1/4 of the season (for his career – not just the last couple years).

  9. @jprcox says:
    The D wasn’t the problem.The offense was.The Bears offense was ranked real close to the bottom in the NFL. With a decent O they had a good chance to go all the way. Lovie is a nice guy but his offense sucked.Like Cutler or not he’s a decent QB, Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte and they still couldn’t score. It’s time for a change.

  10. Worst day of the NFL year: Black Monday?
    Wish someone would sign me to a multi-million-dollar, multi-year contract, then fire me so I can collect without having to lift a finger the rest of my life.
    Pretty rough.

  11. Out of all of these coaches, Lovie Smith should get a job in 2013. Look at his quarterbacks. Look at his linemen. And yet they kept being a perennial playoff team.

  12. Raiders should be added to the list. Greg Knapp is going to be scapegoat, but really he just installed the offense Dennis Allen wanted.

    Raiders will be on that list next year if they’re not on it this year.

  13. Obviously all of these guys won’t get jobs, but there are going to be some high level coordinators last year. You have to wonder if a guy like Gruden for example, who has known all year he was probably going to be coming back, hasn’t been in their ear about taking on a job with him if he makes a return.

    A staff with Gruden at the top, Lovie or Crennel at D, and Norv or Andy at O would be sick (although I doubt Andy would take a coordinator job, I think he’s a HC or takes a year off). But still, Gruden Lovie/Crennel and Norv would be a very nice staff

  14. I think Jerry Jones needs to hire a GM because he hasn’t got the job done. Fire Garrett and Ryan because they both aren’t getting it done. Bring in another QB because Romo makes to many mistakes to be the #1 QB. There are several QB’s coming out in this years draft not to draft 1 and groom one to take over. Get rid of Austin and Ogletree and Free and Jones. There just needs to be wholesale changes to the Cowboys team.

  15. Lovie Smith could only hire who the Bears were willing to pay for . Anyone who has followed the bears throughout there history knows they have always been reluctant to spend money on the offensive side of the ball .

    What we saw the last 4 years is a direct result of Jerry Angelo trading for Cutler instead of fortifying his offensive line and other skill positions like the rest of the top teams now were doing 4 years ago.

  16. Lovie was too conservative. Even his defense (Tampa -2) waits for opponents to make mistakes. Problem is, sometimes the opponent won’t make mistakes and the D never adjusts (blitz) to cause mistakes. The offense has to be figured out and move to a 20th century attack.

    He’s a good coach but i believe next year would bring the same thing for the bears if he’s there. This could be like Dungy preparing the Buc’s for Gruden to win it all.

  17. Crennel and Smith are decent or were decent defensive coaches. The game changes and maybe these two aren’t what they used to be. Not to mention if you hire them, you as the head coach have to watch your own back because the GM’s are aware these guys could step in anytime and take over.
    Personally if I was a GM I would want my own defensive guy from college or a few years with NFL experience and stay away from the power guys.
    Smith and Crennel are set in their ways some and that could be a problem but they are good guys.

  18. packattack1967 says:Dec 31, 2012 12:28 PM

    No one has done so little with so much as Jim Schwartz

    Funny but thanks to Mutt Millen, Schwartz had absolutely NOTHING to work with when he started. He isn’t going anywhere.

  19. Why so much surprise for Lovie Smith? He is a great defense of mind and that’s it. He knows how to take advantage of teams that turn the ball over. Once he plays a good team that doesn’t make mistakes, he was clueless. It showed, and that’s why the Bears have been able to do nothing when it counts.

  20. Bears fans are hilarious. How can they complain about Lovie? They criticize the lack of an offense?? Puh-leese!! When in the history of the Bears have they ever had an offense??? When? How many teams have both these days? Not many…. Way to break up a 10 win team….sad because the fans never liked Lovie…but why?

  21. Feel for Crennell considering what he had to endure with the whole Belcher tragedy. Cannot believe Pioli, who hired Crennel, and put this team on the field has a job still though.

  22. @travishole25. If you thought thatNorv had 9 lives, you haven’t been following the Eagles. Reid had 14, as in FOURTEEN YEARS. Reid had more lives than the villain in a bad horror movie.

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