Browns announce Shurmur, Heckert are out


New Browns CEO Joe Banner promised a quick decision on G.M. Tom Heckert and coach Pat Shurmur, and a quick decision has indeed been made.

The Browns officially have announced that Heckert and Shurmur have been fired.

“We felt that these moves were in the best interests of the Cleveland Browns and our future,” owner Jimmy Haslam said.   “I enjoyed getting to know Tom and Pat over the past several months, and want to thank them, not just for their contributions to the Browns, but also the insight they were able to provide.  They are both fine men and hope they have the best of success as they move forward with their careers.”

“This decision was not an easy one because of my relationship with Tom and Pat and the fact that they are both quality people,” Banner said.  “Ultimately our objective is to put together an organization that will be the best at everything we do.  On the field, our only goal is trying to win championships.   I have a great deal of respect Tom and Pat, and I want to wish them and their families nothing but the best.”

As we said from the moment Haslam bought the team, he didn’t do it because he wanted to employ Heckert and Shurmur.  Haslam made the purchase because he wants to own his own team — and now he’ll hire his own guys.

For Banner, who told PFT Live in June upon leaving the Eagles that his next NFL job would involve a team in need of a turnaround, it’s impossible to turn a team around by keeping the guys who were already there.

We reported on Sunday that Haslam and Banner already have narrowed their focus to a tight handful of G.M. and coaching candidates.  Mike Lombardi of NFL Network is widely believed to be on the list, a possibility that has sparked a strong outcry among Cleveland media.It’s possible that decisions will be made quickly as to the next coach and G.M., which would mean that the homework behind the decisions has long been completed.

23 responses to “Browns announce Shurmur, Heckert are out

  1. Not trying to be harsh, but why was Pat Shurmer hired in the first place. Never understood that move.

  2. Banner will make a lot of money “trying” to win a Super Bowl, but when that cow has been milked dry, he’ll move onto another cash cow.

  3. It’s infuriating the way the Browns keep hitting the reset button every 2-3 years. The Steelers and Ravens must be having a good belly laugh. Must be fun to be a stable organization in a division with the Keystone Kops.

    I just hope they don’t hire a college coach as HC and Mike Lombardi as GM. Things would be even worse than they are now. But I guess it doesn’t much matter, since everybody will be fired in a couple of years anyway.

  4. Browns fans saw this coming. Question is, will they be able to keep Browns fans with their next move? The circus never ends in C-town.

  5. When you have the wrong person in place and they have proven they can’t do the job nothing is gained leaving them in place……Shurmur was in way over his head….

  6. They’re looking at College coaches? These guys hardly ever work out. The Browns just haven’t had anybody that really knows talent. Just because some of Heckert’s picks played this year just shows how mediocre the Team’s talent level is. Washington has a better running back than T.R. and got him in the 6th round. Russel Wilson was a 3rd round but we took Weedon. Etc Etc Etc. Thad Lewis looked as good if not better than Weedon in his 1st start!

    Get ready for another 5 year plan!

  7. As a Steeler fan I stopped laughing at the Browns in about 2008. Now I just feel sorry for you guys. You can’t even look down on the Bengals anymore either, cause regardless of how tight that owner is with his money, he accidentally put together a good team. Hopefully this is the last regime change for a while and Cleveland can get back to being a respectable franchise.

  8. What does rg3 have to do with Heckart and Shurmur getting fired? If the browns got rg3 They probably only have 2 wins instead of the 5 they got since the Trent Richardson and josh Gordon picks would have been used to get him and those two were the browns top offensive weapons. Rg3 on the browns has worse talent around him than colt McCoy did but we’ll pretend rg3 is a magic qb and the redskins didn’t spend a ridiculous amount of money to give him receivers To make him look good. Obviously Kirk cousins looked terrible when he was plugged into the same offense which shows how special rg3 is.

  9. I think alot of people feel like I do. I am a Bronco fan, but I swear I am just tired of seeing the same teams succeed, and the same teams look horrible. I wish them well, seriously. But I think this move was neccesary despite the Browns fans not wanting to “reset” this year. Also, I think almost every player that have played for the Browns the last 5 seasons, that showed even a glimpse of success there, should get another chance on a team with more orginization. Good Luck Browns/fans…I hope change is coming, its been long enough….

  10. Haslam bought a team that was 3 yrs into a 5 yr rebuilding program, started by Holmgren and Heckert in 2010.

    The foundation of offense and defense have been established so any idea that Haslam and Banner should need 5 more years to complete the rebuild is not going to acceptable to Browns fans.

    The Browns are two years away from challenging for the playoffs if Haslam and Banner can complete the rebuilding plan that Heckert and Holmgren started in 2010.

    When Banner was fired by the Eagles in June, he said he hoped to gather potential owners, forming an investment group, willing to put up money to buy a team “and entrust him to run it”.

    Banner managed to leverage his involvement/investment with the group, into his dream job as Browns President/CEO, in charge of the “football side” of a franchise for the first time in his career.

    So now Browns fans are left with a rookie owner in Jimmy Haslam and a rookie Pres/CEO in Joe Banner, who will be in charge of the football side of a franchise, for the first time in his 19 year career.

    The good news is, the heavy lifting has already been done for Haslam and Banner by Heckert and Holmgren.

    As a lifelong Browns fan, I’m hopeful that Haslam and Banner can complete the rebuild of the team and with the Browns in the playoffs in 2014.

  11. All this will accomplish is to guarantee the continuation of “The Mistake By The Lake” that began in 1999.

    The fact is that Art Modell’s move to Baltimore killed this once proud franchise and nobody bothered to bury it.

    Move the team to Los Angeles and start over. Football has been and will remain dead in Cleveland.

  12. Call it what you want, “Mistake by the lake”, “Factory of sadness” or whatever, but football in Cleveland is back and everyone that watched the young Browns knows it…Only a few players away from being back in the playoffs.

    But even after the drive and the fumble Elway still lost and didn’t win a superbowl until years later.

    But Denver will be crappy again once Peyton retires or gets hurt.

  13. I feel sad for the browns

    I feel sorry for you long suffering fans. You are true fans and have suffered long enough. It will be hard to find an experienced coach who wants to start near the bottom so a good assistant moving up makes sense. You have to hope you find the next Tomlin….they are rare. Good luck in turning it around.

  14. Living in Dallas, I can see how a meddlesome\egotistical owner can decimate a franchise. I have this underlying fear that Jimmy Haslam will become another Jerry Jones. I hope to God I’m wrong. Only time will tell.

  15. Shurmur was fine once they developed some cohesion. The minute the Browns ever get any stability, they rip it up. New owner, new GM, they want their own guy. All this PR dancing with the PC quotes are just euphemisms for such. When they told him to hold out their core pieces yesterday, and placed the others on IR, you knew this was all but official.

  16. Shurmur was a product of nepotism and did nothing to earn another year. Weeden was given the qb job out of panic and in 15 games with more talent threw the same amount of TDs as Colt (who had crap for RB and WR). The working people of Cleveland saw through this favoritism over merit and are happy with today’s terminations.

    As for the “5 year plan” this is another facade. In a season ticket holder call and interviews, when Colt was drafted, Holmgren said he was on a 3 year plan.

    This regime made Mangini’s tenure seem like a success. Good riddance.

    I can’t see how 4-12 and 5-11 are improvement given teams like Indy, Minnesota and the Skins turned it around.

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