Cardinals clean out offensive coaches as well


The Cardinals have in-house candidates to replace just-fired general manager Rod Graves and head coach Ken Whisenhunt if they want them.

But if personnel man Steve Keim and defensive coordinator Ray Horton hang around, they’ll need to fill an offensive staff.

In addition to the previously reported top jobs, the Cardinals announced they also cleaned out their offensive coaches, firing assistant head coach/line coach Russ Grimm, offensive coordinator Mike Miller, offensive quality control coach Chad Grimm, quarterbacks coach John McNulty, wide receivers coach Frank Reich and running backs coach Tommie Robinson.

Horton is viewed a valuable commodity, so giving him or whoever the next head coach is a chance to fix a bad offense will be an attractive selling point.

Of course, adding a quarterback would be more of one.

13 responses to “Cardinals clean out offensive coaches as well

  1. An obvious and overdue move. What a putrid offense, despite the presence of probably the best WR in the league.

    And will someone finally explain to me what a “quality control coach” is and does, especially for an offense with no quality?

  2. Quality Control Coaches break down film, scout opponents, get the coffee, set up drills. Basically whatever the HC wants them to do that is “below” the coordinators and position coaches.

    And don’t forget that Russ Grimm was one of the three finalists when the Steelers hired Tomlin. Still think he’s a good coach.

  3. Look at what happens when a team can’t find an effective QB….all the coaches and GM get fired. Maybe the Cardinals should stop looking for scapegoats (apparently the GM and the entire coaching staff) and focus all effort on getting that QB. Are the Bidwells too stupid to see that???, or are they just reverting back to their cheap, shortsighted ways and not willing to do what it takes to acquire a top notch NFL caliber QB???

  4. Instead of firing Whisenhunt Bill Bidwell should fire himself. How many coaches and GM’s have failed in Arizona with one consistency. Bidwell. Give me a break. The problem is the ownership.

  5. The problem is ownership. Whisenhunt did good with the Cardinals AND if they were able to keep Kolb healthy, their record would of been a lot better.

    Keep Whisenhunt, Keep Kolb, build on the positives you have and see what works the next year. But in sports smart moves aren’t common sense moves. Ask the Raiders how well rebuilding every year has done.

    Actually Bidwell doesn’t have to ask the Raiders because Bidwell knows himself.

  6. Horton should be the Steelers DC but Lebeau WONT retire! lol and how is keeping him goin to help the Offense? And wasn’t Frank Reich a QB? Why the hell is he the WRs coach?

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