Chargers bring Ron Wolf in as consultant

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The Chargers are going to get a fresh set of eyes on their general manager search, with the Spanos family bringing in former Packers GM Ron Wolf as a consultant.

NFL Network’s Albert Breer said Chargers owner Dean Spanos  reached out to Wolf eight or nine days ago, and that Wolf will begin his job Tuesday.

While many expect current personnel man Jimmy Raye to move up a seat (and to ultimately report to Dean’s son John Spanos), Wolf could expand the search.

There are many things that make the Chargers an attractive destination, though many of those things are particular to San Diego more than the Chargers themselves. But they have a quarterback that was recently good, and that’s the first thing any potential employee, coach or GM will look for.

Wolf’s presence doesn’t guarantee Spanos will make a good hire, but it does at least create the appearance that it’s other than a cruise-controlled inside job.

11 responses to “Chargers bring Ron Wolf in as consultant

  1. Ah yes, the great Ron Wolf. Is this the same Ron Wolf that sat with Bill Parcells in the Dolphin suite as a consultant as he was taking over the Dolphins?
    Good luck to you Chargers. Some people just don’t get when someones best days were 20 years ago….

  2. Ron Wolf said one of his biggest regrets was not hiring Andy Reid as the head coach to follow Mike Holmgren in 1999. Makes it more surprising that they have no interest in Reid now.

  3. mazblast says:
    Dec 31, 2012 2:43 PM
    If Wolf is involved, does that mean the other guy in the picture will be the new coach?

    Doubtful, Holmgren left Green Bay because Wolf wouldn’t retire and give him control over personal. Instead, Ron gave it toMike Sherman two years later(BIG MISTAKE). I’m not saying Mike hates Ron but I don’t think a working relationship is in their future.

  4. pipe down joe. your beloved raiturds just posted a tenth (10) straight season w.o a winning record, including seven (7) seasons w at LEAST twelve (12) losses (*an NFL record) and were swept by the bolts this season. the bolts increased their winning streak to three victories in a row and have won seventeen (17) of the last twenty (20) meetings. Talk about desperation on the part of the raiturds. Yikes.

    Just lose, baby!

  5. It’s all about the regular season when your a Chargers fan.

    Gotta love that empty trophy case. 🙂

  6. It’s all about the past when you’re a Raiders fan.

    Gotta love that stuff FROM THREE DECADES AGO. 🙂

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