DeCosta says he’s not leaving Ravens

As plenty of G.M. vacancies emerge on the first day after the 2012 regular season, one of the leading candidates has removed his hat from the ring.

The Ravens have announced that “a number of teams” have contacted the Ravens seeking permission to interview assistant G.M. Eric DeCosta.  They can now stop.

“I love being a part of the Ravens and plan to stay here and help them win championships,” DeCosta said in a statement issued by the Ravens.  “I have no intentions of leaving this team.”

He has no intentions of leaving in part because he has no way to leave.  Last year, DeCosta received G.M. money in exchange for agreeing to a contract that keeps him from departing.

So while it looks good now that DeCosta is choosing to stay with a team that suddenly has more flaws that Keith Richards’ complexion, DeCosta and the Ravens said their vows a year ago.