Greg Schiano: I need to evaluate Josh Freeman

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Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano said Monday that he thinks quarterback Josh Freeman will win Super Bowls over the course of his career, but he stopped short of saying that Freeman will continue to be the team’s starter next season.

Schiano was complimentary of Freeman’s season during his postmortem on the Bucs’ 7-9 season, but he also said that he wants to evaluate Freeman before the start of next season to make sure that he’s the right quarterback for the team in the future. Part of that evaluation will be to bring in competition for Freeman in the offseason.

“What I can say is, a 4,000-yard passer, a touchdown record – there’s a lot of things you say, ‘Wow.’ Are there things that frustrate you? Yeah. There’s things that frustrate him, too. And I’m not ducking the question, because quite frankly, I really like Josh Freeman. But I want to make sure I don’t get ahead of my skis at all here and really evaluate every single thing to what’s best for this organization,” Schiano said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “Do I think Josh Freeman is going to win Super Bowls in this league? I do. So, I hope that happens here. But again, at the end of the day, I have to evaluate everything before I can say that’s what we’re doing. The one thing I do believe in is competition at every spot, including the quarterback so I want to have as many good players on our football team as we can at every single position. It’s a little different in the NFL.”

Freeman was all over the place during the 2012 season. He struggled a little early then went on a five-game spurt where he threw 13 touchdowns and one interception before posting consecutive four interception outings in Weeks 15 and 16. The end result was better than 2011, to be sure, but Freeman remains an athletically gifted but erratic quarterback after four seasons.

Next year will be a big one for the quarterback as it is the final year of the deal he signed as a rookie. If Freeman can’t raise his game, he might not get another deal from the Buccaneers and, if Schiano follows through on his plan, he might not even be their starter next season.

42 responses to “Greg Schiano: I need to evaluate Josh Freeman

  1. Schiano is just tough talking or bluffing. Freeman will probably end up being there longer than he is.

  2. If he thinks Freeman will win Super Bowls, what’s the problem? Brady, Brees, Manning, Rodgers, etc don’t need competition on their teams. They’re just good QBs.

    So you either believe in your QB or you don’t. If you ask me, Schiano wants a better QB or he wouldn’t dance around the question.

  3. Freeman’s a very average quarterback. That’s his ceiling. Schiano couldn’t have possibly had a straight face when he said Super Bowl.
    Check that, Super Bowls.

  4. What is wrong with what he said? Josh has to get better and I think he will. He turns 25 in 2 weeks so he is still very young and is +15 TDs to INTs after 4 years.

    I expect Josh to have a real good off-season and a big year next year and the Bucs will sign him long term.

  5. You people just do not get it, lol.

    Schiano is a smart man and a good man. The Bucs do not even have a competent backup. If Freeman goes down the Bucs are in big trouble. All he’s saying is that, just like every position, QB needs competition as well. But Freeman is going nowhere.

    Do yourselves a favor and look at the histories of elite QBs…the majority of them struggled until their 5th year, and they were older than Josh Freeman. He will only be 25 at the start of next season. COLLEGE STUDENTS GET DRAFTED AT 25!

    The majority of people on this site look at hte Bucs as a joke…and that’s fine with us Bucs fans. We hope your teams do the same next year.

    Also, keep in mind that both Freeman AND the rest of the offense were learning the new playbook this year. WRs were out of position a lot.

    And the offensive line played mostly backups due to injury. Freeman had a psser rating just over 50% when pressured this year…but over 90% when the oline gave him at least a little time.

    Take a look at Eli’s history.

  6. Bet the Jets would like Freeman to be evaluated out of Tampa and to NY. As erratic as he is, he’s lightyears better than Sanchise.

  7. You don’t go out and spend a fortune on Carl Nicks and Vincent Jackson because your QB is a bum. Freeman could benefit from some maturity, but if you’re a HC you just don’t do this unless you’re prepared for it potentially blowing up in your face. The QB is the guy you need on your side.

  8. Petedutcher, sorry, but I think you are the one who doesn’t get it. No franchise QB faces “competition”. Did Big Ben face competition in year two, never mind year five? What about Brady, the Mannings, Kelly, Marino, Montana, Aikman, Fouts? No. None of them. And that’s normally the case for truly elite QBs.

    And why is this? Because the QB must be the unquestioned leader of your team. Bring in competition and you start sending a message to the locker room that the leader isn’t good enough. You want proof? Look at the Jets. Look at the Broncos last year. Look at the Vikings prior two years ago. Look at the Bucs next year.

    If Freeman is truly capable of winning SBs then the competition is over and he’s your starter. If you don’t have an adequate back-up, Schaino should say “Freeman is our starter but we need someone capable in case he goes down”

  9. So you think he’ll win SBs but you aren’t sure you want him? This isn’t college, you can’t just go out and get a new QB every 4 years and expect to be successful. Freeman clearly has potential, so either commit to him, or move him while he has some value.

  10. thereisalwaysnextyear says:
    Dec 31, 2012 6:29 PM
    Translation=I want to be sure we don’t have a Tony Romo on our hands here.

    Oh please. Tony Romo is light years better than Freeman, and so, soooo much more skilled at short to intermediate throws. My god it’s no comparison. Romo has no accuracy issues. None. He can sling it with the best of ’em. His prob is decision making. (Which is still bad I know.)He has too much Brett Favre in him, only he isn’t as good as Favre was. Freeman has decision making issues AND accuracy issues. Freeman can be absolutely mind numbingly horrendous. Not quite Sanchez/Tebow bad, but nevertheless. Schiano is absolutely 110 percent correct in that Freeman needs to get better. He was giving an honest answer. Why put yourself in a corner by publicly committing to Freeman only to bring in a high priced FA or whatever and then you come off as a liar. Freeman isn’t “Peyton f’ing Manning” mmkay he doesn’t deserve the bene of the doubt..

  11. @petedutcher… any quarterback worth his salt should have a 90 rating or higher when “given time.” It’s how the quarterback plays under duress that really shows what they are capable of.

    Also, Greg Schiano needs to evaluate Greg Schiano.

  12. logicalvoicesays says:
    Dec 31, 2012 6:34 PM
    Meanwhile, Raheem Morris is about to win a SB with a real franchise in DC.

    because Raheem is a position coach there which is all he should be. If he was the Redskins HC they would be picking high in the draft again.

  13. “Meanwhile, Raheem Morris is about to win a SB with a real franchise in DC.”

    Don’t say that near the Grudenistas. Remember, players lose games and coaches win them.

    Or was that players win games and coaches lose them.

    ::thumbs through 2009 Bandwagon Bay Fan manual::

    Ah, okay. Gruden won games, players lost them. Raheem was just an uppity n…

  14. Freeman is 24 yrs old and just set all kinds of franchise records….1st 4000 yrd passer in team history, in his 1st year with his 3rd coordinator in 4 years…. and we were like 15 yrds from the worst pass defense in the nfl 93 year history……help me out here ? smh

  15. against the eagle 2:30 seconds left and we had 3rd and 7. we ran the ball and handed the game to the worst pass defense in league history and Foles leads them down and wins the game……Epic Fail coach.

  16. We think he is going to win Super Bowls here, but we must first decide if we start him next year and accept those Super Bowl trophies he will give us. We might want to go in direction away from that. We’ll keep you posted.

    This sounds like Rex Ryan’s thought process.

  17. yourmomcalled says:
    Dec 31, 2012 7:44 PM
    shogunassasin30 says:
    Dec 31, 2012 7:19 PM

    Romo has no accuracy issues.

    Ha ha!!

    Cool – glad you think it’s funny but there’s a difference between accuracy and decision making. Romo is an excellent thrower. Guys like Mayock and Ron Jaworski say so. Guys whom by the way, know a hell of a lot more then some kid who goes by “yourmomcalled.” Freeman does not belong in a conversation with Tony Romo. Freeman is a bottom third quarterback. It’s Schiano’s job to evaluate as he is kind of the head coach. Who in the hell is Freeman to be given the job? Please. F outta here

  18. Schiano will be smart to bring in “credible” competition for Freeman…not just a dummy competition. Raheem Morris made that mistake – he lived and died with Freeman. Freeman is like Schaub – he cannot carry the offense. He does best when he is asked to manage the game rather than go out and win the game. If you have him throwing the ball, he turns it over!

  19. shogunassasin30 says:
    Dec 31, 2012 7:19 PM
    thereisalwaysnextyear says:
    Dec 31, 2012 6:29 PM
    Translation=I want to be sure we don’t have a Tony Romo on our hands here.

    Oh please. Tony Romo is light years better than Freeman

    One playoff win and being on the wrong side of 30 vs zero playoff wins on the near side of 25 is light years difference? Maybe in Texas.

  20. Yeah Raheem’s doing great, what with the Skins being in the bottom third of the league in pass defense. Besides he hasn’t had his chance to stab Shannahan in the back yet, give it time.

  21. peytonsneck18 says:
    Dec 31, 2012 6:44 PM
    Logical cracks me up..noway skins gonna win a SB
    What happened to you chump? Before the season you were all about how Manning is done. Haven’t heard from you on any Manning posts lately. What gives?

  22. Try to trade him to Washington for Cousins and a pick or two from the next draft (since they have none in this one), sign a reliable veteran backup, then move forward.

  23. The old “let’s artificially inflate my QBs confidence in case I’m stuck with him again next year” move.

    I call this the Rex Ryan

  24. The Jets will trade Sanchez and Tebow for Freeman. That way Schiano can bring in two new QB’s and have a competition. The team won’t be any good with either QB but at least Greg can have his QB competition.

  25. I actually think Freeman is at least a B- QB… he does have the potential to be really good. Definitely not elite, but if he stops being so inconsistent he could be at least well above average. He’s not that bad at all.

  26. Josh Freeman isn’t an outstanding quarterback, but he does have potential. Considering the recent history of Tampa Bay QBs prior to Freeman becoming the starter (Josh Johnson, Jeff Garcia, Byron Leftwich, Luke McCown, BRUUUUUCE Gradkowski, Tim Rattay) I wouldn’t blame Schiano for sticking with the kid going into next season.

    They’re not going to find a better QB in the draft, and they’re not going to find a quality replacement in free agency unless the Ravens allow Joe Flacco to walk.

    The only plausible scenario I can think of is this being a move towards Tampa Bay attempting to pry Matt Flynn from Seattle, Alex Smith from SF, or maybe Kirk Cousins from Washington.

    IMO, their defense is the biggest problem that needs to be addressed, especially if Ronde Barber decides to call it a career.

  27. For those defending Raheeem as Bucs head coach, I’ve watched the Bucs since the early 80s and the losing streak last year was the worst and Bucs team I have ever seen has played.

    No coach black white or any other color would have kept his job after last season’s skid. It wasn’t that they lost so much as the fact that none of the players seemed to be the slightest bit interested in playing at all.

    Raheem may learn from his mistakes and be a head coach yet again, but he deserved firing as much as any NFL coach ever has.

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