Hunt says “no final determination” has been made on Pioli


If Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has indeed floated a trial balloon, it will be floating for a little while longer, at least.

Chiefs owner Clark Hunt has confirmed that coach Romeo Crennel has been fired.  According to Bill Williamson of, Hunt has said that “[n]o final determination has been made at this point on the future of General Manager Scott Pioli.”

Hunt also said that the entire football operation will remain under review.

It’s unknown when a decision will be made, and whether Hunt will look outside the organization for advice.  In recent days, rumors have spread that Pioli could stay, given Hunt’s fondness for Pioli.  If Pioli stays, the organization will need to hire the right coach at a time when plenty of teams are looking for coaches.

The Chiefs also will need to find the right quarterback, also at a time when plenty of teams are looking for quarterbacks.

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  1. Translation:

    He’s under contract and the thought of paying someone who doesn’t work for us gives me the heebie geebies.

  2. Hunt should dawdle for months and truly mull this over. You don’t want to move too quickly on the brainiac who signed Cassel to a 50-yr, $50B contract.

  3. What has this guy done that has you even thinking about keeping him? The majority of the quality players we have were drafted by the King. He has whiffed on Tyson Jackson, Jon Bladwin (who?) and made the ultimate mistake of chaining himself to Cassel when it was clear Cassel wasn’t the answer. Your fan base is tired of rebuilding, wasn’t that the plan 4 years ago when you hired Pioli? Enough’s enough. Where’s the Tylenol?

  4. I’m a chiefs season ticket holder, and its been a very tough year to admit that to people. If they keep Pioli I am going to cancel my season tickets and will not attend a single game until Clark Hunt proves to me that he wants a winning football team and not a profit from his inheritance.

    Clark, your father was one of the greatest owners in AFL and NFL history. His passion for the sport cannot be argued. I please urge you to find this same passion for our chiefs and make the right decision.

  5. Crennel and Pioli out, McDaniels and Lombardi in with Bill Simmons as a special advisor.

    Pick up Bryan “The Best Backup in the League” Hoyer and you just found your new franchise QB, Chiefs fans!

  6. As a Chiefs fan I am not surprised. Hunts first priority is profits and then his team. If pioli stays he will bring in a coach that he can control. I got my fingers crossed he gets fired. Awhile back there was a rumor that he signed a contract extension, but then those rumors were suppose to be false. If he stays then unfortunately the rumor was true.

  7. Follow Kent Babb on Twitter and you’ll see the most intelligent comments on the matter so far.

    If Hunt is hiring the coach, this is a dog and pony show. Hunt hires a Gruden or Cowher who wants final control over the roster, there’s no place for Pioli.

  8. Posting as Broncos fan, I have to say that I would like a stronger AFC West. The sheer competitiveness makes everyone better.

    Chins up, Chief Fans…it will get better.

  9. The language in Clark’s statement is pretty revealing. “I will immediately begin the search for the next head coach of the Chiefs.” Clark paid Pioli a lot of money to make decisions like that. Why would Clark begin the search for a new coach if Pioli was staying?

    Clark really threw Pioli under the bus in that statement.

  10. I hate to see my Chiefs go through this. Arrowhead stadium once was one of the best venues in all of professional sports. Ask anyone, visitor and fan alike what the Arrowhead stadium experience was like during the previous 25 years. The community loved the Chiefs and the Chiefs loved the KC community. The fans are what has made the KC Chiefs great, even during loosing seasons. There has always been hope and excitement surrounding the Chiefs until now.

    Scott Pioli has single handedly destroyed the Kansas City Chiefs. Pioli has alienated the community, the fans, the employees, the staff, and the players. The only way to return Arrowhead stadium to its former glory is to fire Scott Pioli immediately!

  11. You don’t even need to look at the byline to know when it’s a post from Florio. Those clever turns of phrase are the reason I like PFT so much. Love ya, Mike.

  12. Bill Cowher NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seems a weird order for the owner to go, doesn’t the GM decide the coach? I would think you’d can the GM and let the next decide about the coach or whack them both. I would have preferred to let the next GM/coach try and keep Crennel around as DC if he’d go for it but with the Belcher deal he probably wouldn’t.

    Either way. BILL COWHER NOW!!!!!!!!!

    Hunt covets the Steelers way of doing business and Cowher could/would set that tone. Marty as GM, Cowher as HC, Crennel as DC and Norv Turner as OC

  13. I say we keep Pioli. Maybe improve to 3 wins next year, continue to lower attendance, get another HC, and be the 20teens version of the Lions. We’ve already tried the Browns route, it’s time to switch to the NFC version of suck.

  14. Does anyone remember a time when the Chiefs were considered The Next Great Team in the Making when Pioli was first hired? They had stockpiled draft picks for years, and Eric Berry looks like the only one who has really paid off in the last couple years.

    I’d be pretty surprised if Pioli isn’t eventually fired.

  15. I know that guys want Pioli gone, but they had success when they had Weis running the offense. I think Scott Pioli just needs a good coach. Andy Reid would be a great fit IMO.

  16. Didn’t Pioli make the decision to keep Crennel at the end of last year? He’s got to be glad he wasn’t dumb enough to trade for Tebow. That’s a sure way to get fired.

  17. Pioli would never hire Reid. Andy doesn’t have New England on his resume. Never mind that he can actually, you know, coach.

  18. Leave it to the Chiefs to overcomplicate even firing management. Just cut the cord, Clark! After 4 years of trying to get it right, Pioli is clearly spinning his wheels, right back to another 2-14 season. Keeping him on staff limits your coaching (and player) choices, which is probably why Peyton wouldn’t even consider KC. He has screwed up coaching hires, contract extensions (or lack thereof), draft picks, free agent choices, and relations with the paying customers. I’m not sure what is left to evaluate. KC will try the “paralysis by analysis” approach until all of the good GM and coaching candidates are taken and then take some long shot that has a 10% chance of panning out. History favors the bold, Clark! Recognize the problem and make the change.

  19. Pioli started in 2009…this is the third coach he’s fired, two of them being guys he hand-picked. How much longer before it becomes clear he’s a total disaster as a GM?

  20. @Posting as Broncos fan, I have to say that I would like a stronger AFC West. The sheer competitiveness makes everyone better.
    Chins up, Chief Fans…it will get better.

    Gee, thanks for the crumb of hope. KC had to endure 17 years of John Elway and now comes Peyton Manning.

    Sorry, but Denver fans have no idea…

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