Jets postpone Rex presser, trigger collective “Hmmmmmm”

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If you take it at face value, the fact Rex Ryan isn’t talking today might mean nothing.

But with the Jets, seldom does anything mean nothing.

Ryan, who the owner has already said he would retain after the firing of general manager Mike Tannenbaum, had been scheduled to meet with the media at 4:45 p.m.

The team’s PR staff just passed along word that press conference was postponed because of an “organizational decision.”

Does that mean Rex isn’t as safe as we thought an hour or so ago when the owner said he was? Does that mean there’s a secret plot afoot? What do the unnamed sources have to say? How does Tim Tebow factor into all of this?

If the Jets did not exist, we would simply have to invent them.

Stay tuned.

22 responses to “Jets postpone Rex presser, trigger collective “Hmmmmmm”

  1. The media relations people have to coach Rex up first so that nothing comes out of his mouth that makes things worse I bet. A New York firing isn’t the same as the other firings. Rex isn’t that great at dancing around questions and giving answers that aren’t answers. Right now that is the HC the Jets need him to be.

  2. As a Patriots fan, I have loved witnessing the fall of the Jets from a feared opponent, to a circus sideshow.

    Never has a team talked so much, while accomplishing so little.

    So many of these Jets will end up in the HOF …… the Hall of Fools, that is. 😉

  3. I have to agree with psilenttype. The Jets are not a circus. If circuses were organized like the Jets people would die on the trapeze nightly and elephants would roam wild in the streets.

  4. The reason for the delay is due to the following: Jets will announce GM Pollian, who will then send Rex packing.

  5. i am bathing in the awesomeness of this train wreck. i must say that i would rather the jets be a solid team, because the rivalry is great. but this is pretty awesome too since they had such big mouths over the last few years.

  6. Even if Rex gets fired he shouldn’t be out of work for too long. Leading a team to two AFC championship games is still quite a “feat.”

  7. Saying Rex ran a superbowl caliber team into the ground is idiotic. The first 2 years I would say he took a talented but underachieving team and got the most out of them. Then the GM decided to strip that same team to bare bones and everyone expected the same results. Yes Rex is a defensive minded head coach, but so is Marvin Lewis. Once they smartened up and brought in good OC things turned around pretty quick in Cincy. The Jets are not that far off from contending, but after being around the team and New Jersey the last 3 years, Jets fans are some of the most fairweather fans there are.

  8. You’re all missing the obvious. Rex wants to be canned and he wants to be sure it happens. He has TV deals lined up already and not being cut has derailed his plans. He likes “foot”ball. He just wants to talk about it.

  9. Posted this before but it magically disappeared so I’ll say it again. Players were scheduled to meet with the media during the 10:00 hour this morning. Rex was scheduled to meet with the media at 4:45 this afternoon. It’s New Years Eve. Some Jets beat writers complained about this on Twitter; they understandably just wanted to get home and be with their families as early as possible. Instead of making up a story where there is no story, why not just look at the logic in the scenario that in all likelihood, the team realized a mistake was made in having a 6 + hour delay between the players and the head coach meeting with the media on New Years Eve, and instead of furthering the mistake by keeping it in place, they did the right thing and corrected it?

    Now, if Rex was rescheduled for an even later time tonight, then you have a very good point. But unless that happens, stop trying to make something out of nothing.

  10. Rex has been excellent as a coach and has done very well with the talent he was provided. Reading comments from imbeciles about how Rex talks too much or is a blowhard just proves how easily the minds of simpletons are manipulated. If one regurgitates talking points from the true circus, the media clown car, then that person clearly cannot think for themselves. Take a look around the league. Look at the records of your so-called great coaches in their first 4 years. Look closely at the drafts of those coaches that went on to win the big one. Pay attention to the details. If Rex were let go, there would be easily 29-30 teams, that’s right, almost every other franchise, contacting his agent to offer a DC or HC position. You have to be blind to not see what Rex brings to the table. You have to be a fool’s fool to say that Rex isn’t just an honest and passionate football fan with great defensive genius, inherited from his HOF dad. This is NY. You know that these drooling hyena-like reporters ask loaded questions and then print and twist words for the national NFL fan to read. They expect you to chime in on the hate parade. What they don’t expect is for the knowledgable fan to actually care enough to say something about their circus. They are the clowns. They only dream of being in Rex Ryan’s shoes, and clearly they don’t have the stones or the smarts to actually do his job. Personally, first as a fan of the team, financially and emotionally invested, I love what Rex brings to the table. I can see that he is only a great OC and some more evenly placed talent on the team away from being a dominant coach. It’s not that hard to evaluate talent of the coaching personal if you pay attention. First, you need to know the coach gets the X’s & O’s as good as anyone else if not better. 2nd, you need to know he can evolve with the game, from a fundamental perspective and from an in game management one. 3rd, you need to know he has passion for the game. Deep routed fire that players feed off of. 4th, you need to know the staff around him is top notch. Anyone who understands simple logic as it applies to a business or group enterprise knows that you are only as good as the sum of your parts. No week links. They break chains. 5th, you need to fight and work like a dickens when it comes to talent evaluation. See the 4th point. Draft excellent, not well, but excellent. Endless resources and time must go into the talent evaluation process by the most qualified people on the planet. Nothing short of this should be acceptable. Taking this approach, just as the hated rival NE Pasty’s have, is a sound formula for success. When you understand and apply these rules, the money and fan base will follow. Nothing brings over fareweather fans like a winning organization. For the rest of us that live and die with the team, we would finally get our wishes granted. All the other nonsense, created by the makeup wearing talking heads doesn’t and wouldn’t matter. These people make a living creating controversy and buzz words. Lets put it in perspective and keep it there. I hope the me OC and talent people are the very bestiary can buy. That’s the approach I take when I look for seats to a game or Jeys gear for my time away from the office.

    – Jets Fan

  11. Don’t bother mortgagemen….everyone hates Rex and the Jets anyway no matter what. What I love is when they quote Rex from his PRESS conference and then you have people saying doesn’t Rex ever shut up. If everyone is so sick of the Jets and wish they’d go away then don’t click on Jets stories. Problem solved, without having to the comment daily about Rex be a loudmouth. Stop the traffic and you’ll stop the stories but you can’t and rather just keep complaining about it.

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