Mark Sanchez: “I know we’re destined for great stuff here”

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A miserable season hasn’t dampened Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez’s confidence.

Sanchez told reporters today that after talking to head coach Rex Ryan, he’s as confident as ever that they’re going to build a great team together.

“I had a good talk with Rex, and I know we’re destined for great stuff here,” Sanchez said. “I know we can be successful here. So that’s what I’m focused on. I’m excited to come back here and do my very best.”

Sanchez’s comments strongly suggest that Ryan told him he should plan to be the Jets’ starting quarterback in 2013. Although Ryan did briefly bench Sanchez in favor of Greg McElroy this season, Sanchez’s guaranteed salary makes him a near-lock to be on the team for at least one more season.

And although this season was a disaster, Sanchez would like to point out that it wasn’t all bad.

“There are a lot of things to be proud of: Guys going to the Pro Bowl. Shonn Greene rushing for 1,000 yards for the second straight year,” Sanchez said. “But in my opinion, I underachieved and didn’t play the way I’m capable of playing. And unfortunately that led to some losses and things like that so I’ve just got to get better, take some time and get away from the game for a little bit, then come back strong next year.”

If Sanchez is going to stay the starting quarterback, the Jets will need him to come back a lot stronger next year.

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  1. Sanchez will be a part of NFL Blooper reels from now until the end of time after his immaculate butt fumble, so if that’s what he means when he says “destined for great things” he’s right.

  2. This guy is delusional…I cant believe he still thinks he can be a good NFL starting quarterback. Half the teams in the league wouldn’t even have him as a backup, forget starter.

  3. This season just ended and it now looks like next years season is already dommed for destruction!

    Can we just skip 2013 and look forward to miserable 2014?

  4. With Tannenbaum gone I’m sure the Jets will at least finish 9-7 next year, but Sanchez is still not the answer. I just hope they bring in a GM who has strong direction and does things the right way and his way. They could be a force with a Ted Thompson-like GM.

  5. Please for the love of God don’t change a thing. The Jets are perfect just the way they are. It’s such a role model for the most Disorganized NFL team. I love watching this slow moving train wreck.

  6. If by “great stuff”, he means leading the league in interceptions and fumbles….then yes, they’re destined for great stuff

  7. “… I underachieved and didn’t play the way I’m capable of playing. And unfortunately that led to some losses and things like that…”said Sanchez.

    Sanchez may be physically able but it’s his mental toughness where his performance seems to breakdown and lead to losses and things like that.

  8. This season, with the poor performance of the QB, the unprofessional way they treated Tebow and the marbles in mouth excuses from the so called leaders had lead me to finally hang up my 22 years as a Jet fan. I’ll stick to pop Warner, they at least have an excuse to act like children… They are

  9. Sanchez has become the NFL’s official benchmark for sub-par quarterbacking. If the Jets had any decent management skills, they would cut him (or trade if possible), begin the McElroy era (which will be short-lived), and draft a real QB (which remains unlikely given their recent drafting ability) in 2014.

  10. If Sanchez is starting next year the Jets should no longer be allowed to be an NFL team.

  11. Sounds exactly like what Gary Kubiak will be saying at next Monday’s presser. He will be reading it off that multi colored card.
    Destined for great stuff, SOON!

  12. He has 45 TD’s over the past two years running and throwing and 52 turnovers. That’s not good. And it’s not just the last two years. He has 89 turnovers in his career vs. 79 TD’s. He does more harm than good.

  13. If Sanchez is back under center next season please keep him there until after you play my Raiders…PUHLEEZE????

  14. I’m sorry exactly which side of the ball did tannenbaum call plays on? Which position did he play? As a pats fan I hope the jets keep doing what they do. Tannenbaum had nothing to do with the terrible play calling or the terrible playing.

  15. Ha, that’s funny.

    “But in my opinion, I underachieved and didn’t play the way I’m capable of playing.”

    That makes 3 years of underachieving in a row. Even in the unlikely event that Sanchez is not a bust (career back-up at best), at this point there’s no way he’s going to have success as a Jet.

    The Jets should get rid of him to end everyone’s misery.

  16. I beg the Jets Organization to keep Sanchez and Rex. I have made a furtune off the Jets on parlay tickets. Jets game is easy money for me. Im headed to Europe in a few weeks thanks to yesterdays game. LMAO

  17. When he says “great stuff” he must be referring to soap opera or reality TV show material. He can’t be talking about anything regarding the play on the field.

    Their destiny is being the most overhyped over talked about losing franchise in galactic history.

  18. He really doesn’t get it. The guy needs to hone his craft seriously. Instead, he makes it sound like the best thing for him and the team is to take an extended vacation to “get away from the game” and then magically come back strong next season. You know why guys like Rodgers, Brees and Brady come back strong each year, right? They are perfectionist who are never satisfied, and who dive right back in a short while after their seasons end.

  19. If Ryan is going to start Sanchez next year, then the new GM should fire him! Imagine if this guy lived up to the expectations of a top 5 pick….his GM would still have a job right now and this team would have gone to atleast one super bowl.

  20. Just cut him. The guaranteed salary will seem like peanuts compared to the amount of ticket holders and jersey buyers you will lose out on.

  21. Biscotti and Newsome look like geniuses for not hiring Ryan as the Ravens head coach. Has to be miserable being a Jets fan, especially knowing the agony will continue with Ryan and Sanchez as your team leaders.

  22. This guy is absolutely clueless. When I saw him beebop of the field after fumbling against the Titans like he had not a care in the world I knew he did not have the brains or character to lead a football team or any other organization for that matter.

  23. Tired of the Jets, tired of Rex’s mouth, tired of anonymous comments, and tired of Sanchez pretending like everything is great and the future is bright. Report on anything else.

  24. Excellent. He and Rex will totally be back, we all know it. Another successful late season “run” got them within spitting distance of 8-8 and that’s good enough for another year on the merry go round. Great work!

    all other AFC East teams

  25. Hey Mark!!….Hi, I’m earth….have we met?…u were the worst QB in the league this year…count your turnovers again one more time…u and Rex are delusional…your ridiculous salary is why u will be back…go Pats!!!

  26. Sanchez’s comments strongly suggest that Ryan told him he should plan to be the Jets’ starting quarterback in 2013.


    Yup, it was all Tannenbaum’s fault. Until Rex makes it clear to Sanchez his job is in danger, Mark will continue to suck.

  27. Now I know where Jets fans get it from. This guy is purely delusional. Great things? Like what? Making it to AFC Championship Games with no division titles? Mark must love the way his Wild Card Trophies look in his … Wait… My bad.

  28. As a Bronco fan I so wish the Jets would fire Rex and hire McDaniels. The only thing is – McDaniels can’t do any more damage to them by trading their starting QB for someone of lesser quality – because there just aren’t any!

  29. As a dolphins fan…I can only hope Sanchez is right. Butt fumble, horrible play all year, dysfunction to laughable extremes. Woody, keep these guys forever please?

  30. I’m not a Jets fan, but I am a football fan – and as a football fan, Sanchez is repugnant.

    Examples: he throws an inexcusable interception into heavy coverage in yesterday’s game at Buffalo. But it got worse than that on the same play. Sanchez sprints at the BUF DB like he’s going to hit him and then backs off when he could have either popped the ball loose, tackled the ball-carrier, even just sent a message. But he wussed out – and backed away. The eye in the sky doesn’t lie. The dude, who is collecting paychecks with mega zeros on the end of them, just threw a pick 6 and totally wussed out.

    He’s a violation to the senses to anyone who is passionate about football. He wipes boogers on the jackets of assistant coaches, flinches and cringes all terror-stricken when opposing DBs merely pretend to come at him pre-snap and he has lots of plays like all the goofy blooper reel fumbles he has … including The Bumble (the Butt Fumble).

    They could do a Football Follies purely on The Sanchise – and it would set box office records.

  31. The only way the Jets would have any chance of being respectful is WITHOUT Sanchez. The guy just doesn’t get it, he stinks!!!

  32. Leave the rookie alone, oh what he’s not a rookie!! He’s in his fourth year and he’s had as many INTs as TDs in his pro-career..really, the throwing of Tannenbaum under the bus was the only decent throw this year by a Jet

  33. I don’t want to comment but I can’t help rubber-necking when a Jet’s story like this comes by. Why would anyone pay to see a jet’s game in 2013, if this guy is still QB? Every team knows you rush MS he panics. That isn’t going to change.

  34. Hey Rex ,how about trading your duo pack for Henne from the jags….. He still better than both at the same time…. LOL….. Sincerely Sparno

  35. 2013 will be a rebuilding year for the Jets. There is not much more they can do until Mark’s contract is up and they can let him go. Use 2013 to start building up your offense and re-building team chemistry (which has been absent the past two years). Hopefully either the free agency class or the draft class of 2014 will have a QB for the Jets in it. Maybe by 2014 Jets fans can realistictly hope for a Playoff run.

  36. Hopefully the Jets organization will bring back Sanchez and Rex Ryan.
    That would be great for the opponents on their schedule next year.

  37. Still the Sanchise, still getting press.

    Regardless of where he stands on the depth chart.

    The AFC East (New England) should be pleased to hear this.

  38. He will never be even a decent NFL starting QB, he might be a good back up if his ego could handle it.

    That said, the Jets paid a very steep price to trade up in the draft to secure him and then doubled down on the mistake when they extended his contract. When you swing and miss as badly as that, it makes sense to fire the GM. When you keep playing the guy when he clearly sucks, that will get the coach fired.

    Sanchez will be the death of all three of them eventually.

  39. You’re response to anything from the media should be, “im hoping to be here or have a chance to play next year”. I mean come on seriously?! is everyone in the Jets organization high or something?!

  40. Here’s how I look at the Jets: Can someone find a veteran on that roster that even has a reasonable shot at the HOF?

    How about a natural leader?

    What about a playmaker who comes up big in the clutch?

    No, no, and no. This team is lacking more than just talent.

  41. Mark Sanchez has the two most hysterical plays I’ve seen in the NFL:

    1) Buttfumble
    2) Flinching scared while lined up at WR resulting in a false start

    How can anyone in this league take him seriously?

  42. The only difference between Romo and Sanchez is that Romo does tease you with his ability from time to time before he chokes whereas Sanchez chokes from the get-go. This will be the only time I will admit to feeling sorry for Jets fans because it’s only a matter of time before they go back to the Rexy Kool-aid stand and start running off at the mouth about how good the Jets are.

  43. Not one of the above replies are from a Jets fan, yet the yokels are tired of Jets news. Who is forcing you people to find someone to read them to you?

  44. When i saw the title of this article, I thought it was a joke – there would be no way he could say that after the year they just had with him at the helm.

    I am glad I am not a Jets fan….

  45. The Jets are stuck with him. It’s like going out one night, getting blinding drunk, taking the first woman available to bed and then finding out two months later you impregnated an undesirable and now you’re inextricably handcuffed to her fortherestofyourlife. Good luck Jets.

  46. thebigtim2012 says:
    Dec 31, 2012 1:03 PM
    I’m sorry exactly which side of the ball did tannenbaum call plays on? Which position did he play? As a pats fan I hope the jets keep doing what they do. Tannenbaum had nothing to do with the terrible play calling or the terrible playing.


    TannenBUM gave this dude a fat extension in a self-serving attempt to get everyone else to shut up about benching Sanchez for someone else. Nothing like refusing to admit your mistake by forcing the issue. Now you guys are stuck with Sanchez for what will seem like an eternity.

  47. I feel for Jet fans as they will have to put up with the Rex and Sanchez circus for at least one more year. No wonder they are continuously mocked by Giant fans.

  48. Liked the post I saw this morning—“How do you say Tony Romo in Spanish?”
    Mark Sanchez
    What a joke–keeping Ryan, and a new GM with no juice. Another clown year on tap for ’13!

  49. He must mean the Great Stuff that comes in pressurized cans and fills voids. The Jets fill a void too …most amusing team.

  50. Before this season began, as usual I made some predictions. My most confident one was that by week 5, perhaps 6… Sanchez would be relegated to the bench forevermore. And the idiots who hadn’t realized all this time that he’s only a 3rd stringer and only a 2nd stringer if the starter is hurt.. would be on a short list to lose their job- if they didn’t get him out of there early enough to salvage the year. [I knew it before LAST year began!!!] But I was wrong!! The incompetence in that entire organization is astounding. I’ve said that Rex is actually a good coach. I now take that back.

  51. If nothing else…and there pretty much is nothing else…Sanchez has been as stand-up as you can be throughout this disaster.
    Never dodged the media or lost his cool dealing with those self-righteous turds.

  52. If nothing else…and there pretty much is nothing else…Sanchez has been as stand-up as you can be throughout this disaster.
    I agree. That interview sounded like a stand-up routine.

  53. “and unfortunately that led to some losses and things like that so….” – Mark Sanchez

    The partial statement above is a snapshot of why the Jets are crazy not to cut ties with this guy. As a QB in the NFL, you have it or you don’t mentally. This guy is Kordell 2.0

  54. Oh puhleeze, Mark, that’s just pathetic. Get real: the Jets have been a joke during your three years and you’re the last one seemingly capable of righting the ship. The only good thing that’s happened during your tenure is your loudmouth coach has been sufficiently humbled to keep his unrealistic trap shut–finally.

    Stop it with more talk about “great stuff.” Just get better without bellowing how it’s going to get better. Just shut up and play better.

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