Mike Shanahan suggests Kyle is off limits until Redskins’ season ends


Redskins coach Mike Shanahan is the father of Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan.  Mike also is Kyle’s boss.

And Mike is setting aside the feelings of fatherly pride that would arise from his son becoming an NFL head coach for the good of their mutual employer.  According to Mike, Kyle won’t be given permission to interview for any head-coaching vacancies until the Redskins’ season ends.

“At least my opinion, at least this is my feeling when I was an assistant, it’s not time to interview during the season,” Mike Shanahan said Monday, via the Washington Times.  “It’s time to concentrate on your job.  After the season is over with, I think there’s plenty of time for all those things.  That’s my gut feeling.”

The issue becomes relevant only if the Redskins beat the Seahawks on Sunday.  For teams that win during wild-card weekend, their assistant coaches can be interviewed during the week preceding the divisional round, but only with express permission from their current teams.

“You’ve got a job to do, and you should do that first,” Mike Shanahan said. “But after the season is over, if somebody wants to interview him or something along those lines, I think it’s great opportunities for assistant coaches to interview for head coaching jobs.”

In Kyle Shanahan’s case, the smart move for the Redskins could be to pay Kyle like an entry-level head coach and promise that he’ll become the head coach once Mike retires.  Otherwise, Kyle could end up getting offers to leave the nest and lead his own team as soon as 2013.

Of course, Kyle may not be interested in doing that — unless he can take Robert Griffin III with him.

52 responses to “Mike Shanahan suggests Kyle is off limits until Redskins’ season ends

  1. And if Mike Shanahan isn’t willing to retire for say (another 8 years), then what? Mike Shanahan handled this in the exact proper way. Pretty much like he’s handled the entire season.

  2. It’s funny how a great player Like RG III will make a coach look good. We Skin fans wanted to run Kyle out if town last year. Now we are afraid of him leaving. HTTR!

  3. As a broncos fan I can recall mike interviewing for the HC position with the raiders during the bye week prior to the broncos heading to the Super Bowl against the redskins. His accepting the post prior to the game was a poorly kept secret and, given the outcome, may have been a distraction to his preparation as the OC of the broncos. He may have learned from that experience or he is applying a double standard.

  4. The shanahan’s will master the art of squeezing Danny’s wallet like no other. Kyle has the QB of a lifetime and would be dumb to leave. Dad will pave the way for him to stay.

    RGIII will put on the final touches for Mike Shanahan’ induction into the HOF.

  5. Going to love to see how Washington gets around the Rooney rule if they do make Kyle the head coach in waiting. How in the world can anyone take the Rooney rule seriously if teams are going to designate head coaches in waiting? Dallas already did it with Garrett and got away with it. Anyone really believe that Washington won’t get away with it? Perhaps this will be something else that will give Mara reason to try to stick it to Washington.

  6. Maybe he should find out if any other team WANTS to interview him first.

    RGIII would make lots of OC’s look good, but that doesn’t necessarily make them Head Coach material.

  7. I doubt anyone on Earth could have predicted in August that such a headline would be written by New Year’s Eve.

  8. Who says anyone wants to interview him anyway? He hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire in previous years. One good year doesn’t make a good coach.

  9. I think your last point is the key. Dan will pony up the coin, Kyle doesn’t want to leave the opportunity to work with RG3 for years to come, the skins have tremendous upside now and Dad’s gig will be gift wrapped in 2-3 years. I don’t think there’s a HC deal out there this year or next that is more attractive.

  10. Not the biggest fan of Shanahan but I agree with him 100% on this one. There is plenty of time in the off-season (too much time if you ask me) to interview. Let him concentrate on making a run in the playoffs. Interviewing is stressful. Preparing for the playoffs is stressful enough.

  11. Novelty offenses like this pistol trickery have a limited lifespan at this level. Some opponents already showed the ability to clamp it down.

    Kyle should bank on some poor owners inability to get that fact and take advantage of it while he can.

  12. Amazing that so many were calling for both father’s and son’s heads on a pike mounted on the hallowed halls of RFK Stadium. Eight weeks later, they are geniuses. They are not geniuses but they are both great football minds. The roster has been turned over twice and no one who has been cut is now in the NFL. Give Robert and Albert their truly great accomplishments but the game-planning and strategy is simply destroying the opposition. If the NFL had some “minerals” and had stood up to John Mara – A silver spoooning, love my inheritance BITCH- and rejected the ludicrous salary cap penalty, this team would be right at the cusp of NFL Elite. Kyle is too smart to let this go by. Snyder will pay Kyle. The Redskins will win. Kyle becomes the HC, Dad remains Prez. Redskin domination for a damn good while with real football guys in charge and Danno playing host to the power elite in his box and cutting the checks to keep it rolling. Get used to it, Dan got it right and the Shanahans are going to ride this horse for a good long time.

  13. I don’t see Shanahan leaving that cushy nest, not with Griffin and Morris on that team. So Kyle better go now that many options are available.

    Only place I see fitting Kyle are the Bears, Browns and the Chiefs (if they trade down and draft Geno).

  14. If you trust Mike Shannahan’s lips, I question your character.

  15. raymondtx says:Dec 31, 2012 11:09 PM

    Kyle is overrated just like his dad. 9-7 in the sorry nfc east gets u a head coaching gig?

    Ummmm, they went 10-6. nice try though

  16. lol @ unless he can take RG3 with him. Not in a million years will that ever happen.

    No sh#t! That statement was not meant literally!

  17. One semi decent season solely because Cleveland didn’t trade up and the league has a hardon for all things shanahan. News flash… These shanahans are awful coaches unless they have superstar qbs. They were both on the hot seat less than a year ago!

  18. The Rooney rule is just another politically correct bunch of crap. Forced diversity DOES NOT work. Interview who you want, but not because of the color of someones skin. The Rooney Rule is a racist rule!

  19. Please… This guy was a daddy’s boy non-talent for the last few years. In comes two bona-fide studs at QB and RB and he’s suddenly a hot property? Stop already. No rational NFL team can possibly be stupid enough to fall for that. Don’t worry Mike, your boy will be fetching your coffee for years to come.

  20. So last year this and many other publications either implied or flat out states that Kyle was not qualified to be an OC. However, now you are reprinting stories that he’s not allowed to interview for HC positions, okay I guess I can understand that. What I can’t buy is the editorial that he should be paid like an entry level head coach and be positioned to take over the redskins.

    Everyone ate him alive for the way he handled McNabb and the Grossman/Beck fiasco last year, but suddenly he’s a genius and the Shanahan’s should be the dynasty to oversee the Redskins for the next several decades?

    I get you need to put a spin on these stories, to make them your own, but please try to do it in a cogent and logical manner. Two not so great years and one good year don’t automatically make someone an ideal head coaching candidate.

  21. Kyle can call a great game when he has a quarterback like RG3. I think he really is smart, but he falls in love with freakin’ awful QBs. He wanted to roll with Rex Grossman, and has Chris Simms’ initials tattooed on his ankle.

    He’s done great with RG3, but at the same time, I could call a great game with RG3. No knock against the guy, but Leonardo couldn’t have painted the Mona Lisa with crayons.

  22. is funny how we wanted kid shanahan out of DC early in the season and now we don’t want to let him go. we can be some crazy and fickle fans. or we can be on crack, like RAYMONDTX who says we went 9-7. last i checked skins are 10-6. to OBXFANNINGS skins have’nt played in RFK in almost 20 years. if you are going to post please have year act together. as for kyle shanahan wish him the best, i don’t think it’s his time but whatever happens….happens. as a skins fan i never thought they would be 10-6 and division champs with a rookie QB. i had them going 6-10. hopefully this is just the beginning. happy new year peeps!

  23. raymondtx says:Dec 31, 2012 11:09 PM

    Kyle is overrated just like his dad. 9-7 in the sorry nfc east gets u a head coaching gig?


    Might want to get your facts straight before you make a fool of yourself… 10-6

  24. Kyle Shanahan isn’t going anywhere but if he does he will try to take Kirk Cousins with him. Shanahan learned this year how to properly call a game. Much improved over last year. Maybe he can teach a offseason course to Garrett I’m still amazed we blitzed 80% of the time and he didn’t throw a screen a dump off????!???!

  25. As good as Big Shanahan is, it has been Baby Shanny that has gotten not 1, but 2 rookie QB’s to play at a level where they not only can play in an NFL game, but play at a high level.

    Make all the nepotism jokes you want, but any success the Skins have had offensively this season Baby Shanny has been at the center of it. Its a fact and not really up for debate.

    Having said all that, why would Baby Shanny leave DC now?

  26. thunderskins007, The Redskins don’t play at RFK anymore? Really?? Yet ALL skins fans revere RFK as Hallowed ground and it still stands. It’s kind of a medieval reference. Not too bright on the upload, huh? You should change your handle to Captain Obvious. You need to read your own post and, maybe, check your third grade grammar before telling others to get their acts together.

  27. Why leave a bright job in Washington where you will be given the keys in a few short years to bolt for a job such as Kansas City or Jacksonville or even worse Cleveland, just stay put Kyle. I don’t foresee you sticking around long enough at a new job to score a good qb which you already have

  28. Kyle did the play calling in Houston and the offense was tops in the league, for about a 3 year stretch, before coming to DC. Even still, while he has been fantastic most of the time, he has a series or two every game that leaves me screaming at the tv….Throwing on 2nd and 3rd downs giving Dallas the ball back with 3:35 left needing one score….another one was Morgan throwing to Griffin on 3rd & 9 at Pittsburgh. 2nd and 2, maybe, early in the game, but not when you need a crucial conversion at a critical point… Situational Awareness, very important, & he sometimes ain’t got it

  29. Kyle Shanahan a NFL head coach? PLEEEZE! The only reason why kyle is in the NFL as a coach right now is because of his daddy. So the next time anyone says something as stupid as this article suggests, please remember this; kyle fought to get both Rex Grossman and John Beck to QB the Redskins. Enuf said?

  30. Kyle Shannahan is a really good offensive coordinator. People forget that the year before he joined the skins, his offense with the Houston Texans ranked in the top 5 of the league. This was before Arian Foster became a superstar running back I believe. So this year is not the only year his offense has performed well. Kyle Shannahan did really well with Matt Schaub, did a decent job with an over the hill Mcnabb/Rex Grossman. People would be dumb to base his career on Mcnabb/Rex Grossman. Give the man a real QB like Rg3 or Schaub and Kyle Shannahan will make magic happen. That said, I don’t think Kyle Shannahan went through some bums like Mcnabb/Grossman/John Beck to finally get a guy like RG3 just to leave him…….He should stay.

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