Mike Sullivan to interview with Bears


There’s another name to add to the list of coaching candidates in Chicago.

Mike Garafolo of USA Today reports that the Bears have asked for and received permission to interview Buccaneers offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan for their head coaching vacancy. He joins Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and Falcons special teams coach Keith Armstrong as reported candidates for the job that Lovie Smith held for nine seasons before getting fired on Monday.

Sullivan just completed his first year as the offensive coordinator in Tampa. The Bucs were much improved from 2011, although the additions of running back Doug Martin and wide receiver Vincent Jackson had plenty to do with that. Quarterback Josh Freeman put up good numbers for much of the year as well, with the caveat that his play wasn’t quite good enough to get head coach Greg Schiano to fully commit to Freeman on Monday.

Before moving to Tampa, Sullivan spent eight years on Tom Coughlin’s staff with the Giants. He was wide receivers coach for the first six years and the quarterbacks coach in 2010 and 2011. Sullivan graduated from the U.S. Army Airborne, Ranger and Air Assault schools after graduating from West Point and before going into coaching almost 20 years ago.

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  1. I dont know… Lovie Smith still better than all those canidates. I’m against any team that fires a coach with a winning record.

  2. I like the first 12 hours of the post-Lovie era. An AGGRESSIVE GM who makes a decision, has a list of candidates already in mind and has begun scheduling interviews. I am also impressed rather than looking at defensive minded coaches (Smith, Jauron, Wannstedt) he is looking at what matters in 21st century football — offense.

    Would really like to see McCoy as new HC. If he can make Tebow look viable, than the Cutler redisgn should be a piece of cake.

  3. cannot have Sully…nope !

    Freeman has had 3 coordinators in 4 years….

    He stays in Tampa… don’t even think about it.

  4. As a Buc fan, I hope Sullivan stays on board for at least one more season. Part of the reason Josh Freeman looks like a star one week and lost the next is that he’s never been in a consistent system. One more year with Sullivan could really be the needed boost in the direction of elite status, as opposed to the next Jason Campbell.

  5. I think Tampa’s offensive history is so bad that people completely overlook that for MOST of the year Sullivan did a bad job with the offense. Before the bye week the offense was 31st in the league, EVERYONE, even the weak Tampa media was on Sullivan for his horrible play calling (run up the middle, run up the middle, throw deep, punt — in other words it was Ray Perkins II). After the bye his offense worked for a few weeks until everyone figured out his new offense was throw, run a sweep, throw, punt. The Bucs have a ton of talent on offense and still finished middle of the pack — yes it’a huge improvement over past years (Gruden was much worse btw) but I really don’t understand how he did anything to make anyone want him as a head coach.

  6. I’ll believe it when they hire someone. I’m still haunted by that year where they tried to hire a OC and everybody under the sun was linked to the team. But, nobody wanted the job until Martz took on the job with his main goal to break Jay Cutler’s neck.

  7. If they hire a guy who is smart enough to keep the defensive staff and not mess with that side of the ball, all he needs to do is turn the offense in to a middle of the pack unit and they are a contender

  8. His playcalling needs to develop a bit more. Just pounding it and taking deep shots doesn’t really build offensive consistency. Besides if Jay Gruden can’t get a job after what he did/is doing with Andy Dalton, Sullivan doesn’t deserve much after the season Freeman just had.

  9. Here the Bears go with totally bypassing coaches with proven track records. Instead of paying big money to bring in someone that has had some success, they go cheap and try to find the next big name. Up until Lovie it didn’t work! Why go down this road again??? Where did Tampa’s offense rank probably wasn’t top10 and even if it was… There’s no guarantee he’ll be a good HC.

  10. The NFL is rife with narrow-minded owners. Every season, some coordinator has a good year and all of a sudden he’s Vince Lombardi. He gets hired and runs a team into the dirt. Here’s a thought- why not wait a little while, a few more good seasons at least, until we anoint coordinators like Mike as the savior of the (INSERT TEAM NAME HERE)???

  11. Emery should go after Greg Roman
    and WHY havent anybody said Pete
    Carmichael Jr.’s name? in New Orleans Pete runs an offense that can put 30 points on the board in 2 or 3 min. Chicago has the weapons all they need is the Coach and the O-line. Mike MCcoy would be a nice choice and he would help Cutler with rythem and timing

  12. docsweeney- I have been reading posts for half an hour about Lovie firing and where we go from here- yours is the best spot on post that I read- GO BEARS!!!

  13. As a long time Bucs fan and as a fan who has had to endure the mess of a QB named Freeman, I can honestly tell you that their is a “tremendous” chance that Sullivan’s lack of success in play calling is likely do to the inabilities and inconsistenecies of the QB J. Freeman….

    He would over-throw wide open receivers, throw it at their feet and even over-throw a 3 yard dump pass to an open man… With a QB that unreliable, running the ball more than anything else is the best option to keep from turning the ball over… 4 years in the league and Freeman still plays like a rookie most of the time…. I can’t fault Sullivan if he wants to get away from that situation ASAP!

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