Peterson to Dickerson: “I’m coming for you”


Vikings running back Adrian Peterson came within 27 feet of breaking the single-season rushing record, set 28 years ago by Rams running back Eric Dickerson.

Peterson has a message for the man who didn’t want Adrian to best the mark of 2,105 yards:  “I’m coming for you.”

That’s what Peterson told Peter King of on Sunday night, after King asked whether it hurts deep down that Peterson came up short in 2012.

“Yes,” Peterson said.  “Yes.  Yes.  The feeling is there.  I understand the big picture, but the feeling is there.  I wanted this.”

For now, the playoff ticket the Vikings have punched has more value than the record, since until the Vikings lose the postseason berth represents the possibility of doing something the franchise never has done — win a Super Bowl.  But if the Vikings fall to the Packers at Lambeau Field on Saturday night, the record would have had a much longer lasting impact.

Indeed, does anyone even remember whether the Rams made it to the postseason the year Dickerson set the record?

Something else that would be more permanent than a one-and-done postseason is an MVP award.  “In my heart, I believe I’m the MVP,” Peterson told King. “Whether I win it or not, I feel I’m the MVP.”

We do, too.  In 33 days, we’ll find out whether enough of the 50 Associated Press voters agree.

65 responses to “Peterson to Dickerson: “I’m coming for you”

  1. Broncos 8-8
    Vikings 3-13

    Peyton Manning arrives. AP goes beast mode.

    Broncos 1st seed. Vikings in playoffs.

    Co-MVP may never had made so much sense as it does this year.

  2. perhaps he should contact lance armstrong for some “pointers”. sorry adrian… i dont think you are totally clean 😦

  3. I love this guy’s fire. If he doesn’t win we should just call the MVP award the MVQ (I know it’s a tired joke but still).

    I hope he coaches someday because I think he could really get a team to play for him.

  4. I would have called a timeout and ran another play for AP. They had 10 seconds left and about 25 yards to go to the endzone. He could have gotten 9 yards and then kicked the FG.

    And I know you guys are going to say they could have fumbled the snap, etc etc. But I dont think that would have happened.

  5. Yes, they made the postseason in 1984, though God knows how: they had a passing game that was more stone age than the Flintstones, hence Ernie Zampese being brought in in 1987.

  6. Heard a lot of Packer fans saying he wouldn’t even be close since Clay Matthews was back, and he has a big effect on the run game. That was proven wrong, or AP would have ran for 300 yards without him in there.

    The Vikings played a great game, but I feel they have blown their load. For instance, look at how SF looked after stomping the Patriots. Just exhausted. We’ll find out in 5 days, but it should be a good one at least.

  7. Diva? His actions speak louder than words, and he plays this game to win.

    The guy should be a lock for MVP. This was a 3-13 team last year, we have a young and inconsistent QB, our other best weapon on offense is on the IR and defenses load the box to stop the guy.

    He has fought, dragged and clawed the Vikings into the playoffs and the Pack should be terrified that he may light them up for 250 yards on Saturday.

  8. I’m a die-hard Packer fan, but I have nothing but respect for AP. He’s a class act who deserves the MVP this year. I wish he wasn’t on the Vikings.

    I can only hope he has a rare off day on Saturday.

  9. Eric Dickerson didn’t win the MVP despite having the rushing record and also carrying his team to 10-6. So why should AP get it, when Eric didn’t?

  10. Whatever makes him run harder I suppose. Winning games is what really matters though, not personal records. The only number that matters is Super Bowl victories, and so far the Vikings are 0-4.

  11. Sorry Peyton but the Broncos made the playoffs with Tim Tebow last year while the Vikings were one of the worst teams without AP.

  12. I think the fact that he came so close but is handling what would have been a record setting day for the history books with such poise further proves what a team player he is.

    Thus further justifying his MVP status.

  13. Why is the pro bowl roster set before the season even ends? Alfred Morris will probably make it since Peterson is unlikely to play, but I don’t understand how all the voting can be completed before all the games are over. Voting early by fans is just a popularity contest. Would people have voted for Jeff Saturday if they knew he’d been benched?

  14. “I want the rushing record” “I deserve the MVP” “I want to be in the Olympics.”

    AD used to be very humble. Now all he cares about are his personal achievements.

  15. I think people need to stop and think for a moment about how good Eric Dickerson was. 2,105 is a lot of yards.

  16. Logicalvoicesays: come on man, I’m as big of a skins fan as there is and I love your passion, but lay off the smack talk of other players and teams. Talk up the skins, please do, I love them. But you don’t have to rag on others to talk up the skins. Let the skins show how great they are on their own

  17. I agree 100% that this should be a co-MVP year. I can see how you could look elsewhere besides AP for this award but I keep coming back to the season he had and how he put this team on his shoulders and carried them. I say Peyton and AP for co-MVP

  18. They were at the 11 he needed to get to the 1. Basically score to get the record.
    I saw Dickerson the year he got the record. I remember straight speed up the middle and gone for 50+ yard TDS. APs performance was much more physical and Treated grown men like high school players. Dickerson was just faster than anyone, not to downplay his record but Peterson could get u jumping out of your seat the way he takes people on.

  19. Some players get their contracts and aspire for greatness like Peterson, others get their contracts and aspire to get fat like Chris Johnson.

  20. ENOUGH!!! While I love AP and all he has been able to accomplish, when does he get the backlash from openly seeking his individual goals over those of the team. I have not heard him, one time, talk about making and succeeding in the playoffs. All he is consumed by is breaking Dickerson’s record.

    Image a player like TO saying all he wants is to break Jerry Rice’s records.

  21. Am I on some blocked comment list?

    Voice of Reason or Logical Voice, or whoever you think you are today…even your team’s own fans don’t like your comments.

    Let RG3 and Morris prove they can do it more than once. Especially RB’s in a Shanahan system. Remember when Clinton Portis was good? You know, before he ever became a ‘skin!

    By the way, in your own prose, Morris isn’t even the best RB in Maryland.

  22. I don’t get why Manning is in the discussion other than he should be Comeback Player of the Year. Aside from whether you think AP is worthy, just compare Manning to Brady this year: Manning had the weaker schedule, a better defense, and the stats are more, or less, a wash (although I like Brady’s fewer interceptions). Brady lost three games by four points, one thanks to a missed FG. Manning should not really be in consideration.
    Peterson should buck the trend and be named MVP this year.

  23. I feel bad for Peterson given that the only thing the press could find to ask him after his wonderful season was how much it “hurt’.

    Whether he ever officially breaks Dickerson’s record he’s shown he’s effectively just as good by coming in only 27′ less than Dickerson’s total.

    What the mediots should have focused on was how happy he was to make the playoffs, not trying to create something negative out of his great efforts.

    Shame on you members of the press. It only demonstrates that those who can, do, while those who can’t jealously fill slots in the media.

  24. Eric Dickerson left John Robinson’s run-friendly offense in 1987. Slagheep RBs Charles White, Greg Bell and Cleveland Gary proceeded to rush for 1,200+ yards per season in the same offense from 1987-1992.

    Dickerson benefitted from the system he was in much more than Peterson. It’s like comparing Shanahan’s Bronco backs to OJ Simpson.

  25. AP is one of a kind! He is a class act and already has a goal for next year! What ever happens next week is a toss up and in all my years of watching this great rivalry I would say the both teams are coached well and display great professionalism and respect for each other more then ever! May the best team win!!

  26. In response to dannythebisforbeast,

    I too saw Eric Dickersons’ amazing year and if you think it was all speed, then you have a very selective memory. The Rams’ passing game was arguably much worse than what the Vikings have today. The Rams played against 9 man fronts all of the time because of the lack of a passing game. Dickerson had to lower the boom many times to get his yards. So don’t take away from what Eric Dickerson and the Rams did in 1984 because of a knee jerk reaction towards Adrian Peterson remarkable year.

  27. I am a Bronco fan, & I like AP alot, I truly do. But I like him better when he isn’t lobbying for MVP. I would rather he ACT like it doesn’t matter to him, it just looks better. It kinda looks selfish to make statements like “I feel I’m MVP” & stuff like that. I wouldn’t like it if Peyton Manning did it either. I like the mentality of just play & if the awards come, so be it.

  28. Rushing for 2000 yards with an average of 6 yards per carry less than 12 months after reconstructive knee surgery should be a red flag and trigger more extensive testing for performance enhancing drugs.

    That ain’t natural. That isn’t close to natural.

    I don’t understand why people just accept stuff like this without asking hard questions. How was Peterson able to do this so soon after reconstructive surgery when he never got close to those numbers before? IMO this is like people celebrating Usain Bolt’s victories while ignoring the fact that he is leaving Ben Johnson at his steroided up best in his dust while jogging across the finish line.

  29. If AP shares the MVP, it should be with Rodgers, not Manning. Rodgers had more TD’s, Highest rating in the NFL, and only 8 INT’s. Manning padded his stats against the worst division in the league.

  30. Playoff Teams the Broncos Faced (and lost to): New England, Atlanta and Houston.

    Playoff Teams the Patriots Faced (and lost to): Baltimore, Seattle, San Francisco.

    Can someone explain to me why New England fans are so eager to point out the Broncos’ losses to Playoff teams? Seems like they have some skeletons in their closets too.

  31. Great player, good guy, class act. However, history says this was his best and only chance at hitting that record. Most likely he’ll never get this close again.

    Still, a season for the ages from Peterson, an MVP performance this year from a RB in an age of QBs.

  32. Records are broken every week in the NFL. Usually they’re very specific, finicky type of records that hold no value. This is not one of those records. Adrian would have preferred breaking that record and going down in history than the Vikings getting into the playoffs only to be 1 and done. Christian Ponder ain’t winning them a playoff game. Props to Adrian and his publicist for saying all the right things in the media. He’d look terrible if he spoke the truth.

  33. Dickerson should hire some bodyguards. Just as long as they aren’t Packers players, who seem to have a lot of trouble tackling Peterson.

    Yes, I am a Packers fan.

  34. There has been occasions where AP was sidelined this season. He never reacted. I remember Peyton Manning flip out on Dungy when he was really close to break the single season passing TDs record, because they wouldn’t let him throw the ball in a meaningless game.

  35. Broncos went to the AFC Championship game with Tim Tebow last year while the Vikings were 3-13. This year their best receiver was Rudolph. Ponder was inconsistent all year. Defenses stacked the line trying to stop AD and they couldn’t. AD deserves MVP because without him the Vikings do not win that many games this year. The Bronco’s already proved that they could win without Manning.

    Manning gets comeback player of the year but Peterson should get MVP hands down.

  36. does anyone else hate logical voice says like me he is a terrible annoying person. AP is a beast and the vikings have a good foundation for years to come. they need some recievers and ponder to grow. Also FYI I am a Giants fan.

  37. Whether or not a player is “clean” in football is immaterial to fans. The fact that someone would even bother to bring the subject up reeks of hateration.

  38. If AD doesnt get the MVP, they might as well rename it the MVP QB award and just quit acting like anyone else on the field matters. 9 yards from breaking a huge record that I think he could have obtained if they didnt need the win so badly. What have the QBs done that they didnt every other year? Brady is the same Brady as before. Manning was given the job at a playoff calibre team already. Who has been better and more needed than AD? No one!!!

  39. Yes, the LA Rams did go to the playoffs that year. I think their record was either 10-6 or 9-7… I’m pretty sure their QB situation was one of the worst all-time as well. Vince Ferragamo…maybe… Dieter Brock possibly… Can’t remember… I think they won their wild card game against the Giants or somebody else and then were bounced by the Bears.

  40. It was Jeff Kemp and they were eliminated by the Giants. I was a little off. The following year they were eliminated by the Bears.

  41. FYI – Eric Dickerson had a lot more carries that year than AP did this year, yet there’s only a 9 yard difference. Also, don’t forget that AP was coming off of total knee reconstruction. There were games early this season where they held him back when he already had 80+ and/or 90+ yard games going. Finally, he had over 1,300 yards in an 8 game stretch. With a full year next year where he’s healthy from the start he could make 2,097 and 2,105 look like a joke. MVP!!

  42. I’ve had a lot of fun being kinda mean to Vikings fans, and some of them deserve it, lets be clear.

    But in my time watching football 30+ years, I’ve seen quite a few backs play against the Packers. 99% of them, you believe can be taken out of the game plan in some way… Load the box, make the QB beat you, etc. only three have ever made me say “sweet Jesus, there is no plan that will work against him.”

    Those three are Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, and Adrian Peterson.

    Manning shouldn’t be in the discussion. If a QB gets it, it should be the best QB, and that is Aaron Rodgers.

    Peterson should get the award because he continuously faced a loaded box and had 7 games above 150 yards this season, taking a 3-13 team to the playoffs, after tearing an ACL. As much as I despise the Vikings, that is one of the most amazing sports accomplishments I have ever seen.

  43. As everyone has already pointed out, the MVP award has become the MVQB award in recent years. The ONLY players this seems to go to anyomore are QBs.

    The Vikings without AP would have won maybe 4 games this year. They have no WRs and other playmakers on offense, and a young inconsistent QB. Every defense in the league KNEW they were going to run AP, and stacked the box with 8 or 9 defenders to stop him, and he STILL runs for 200 yards a game. If that isn’t MVP, then the award has just become a joke.

    Manning was good, but QB’s throwing for 5,000 yards and 35+ TDs has become the norm, not the exception. Not to mention the guy already has what 4 of them? This is possibly the one and only chance AP has at MVP, and one of the only chances a RB is in consideration for the award. AP deserves it.

  44. if he wants to say he wants to break the record then what’s wrong with that? Every player in the NFL wants to win a Super Bowl. If you are concerned with individualism, then why give each player a Super Bowl ring? Just display the trophy at HOF or team head quarters and list a team roster. Baiscally, deep down, if you ever played sports, we all wished we had the ability to be “that guy”. So stop with all the AP bashing. Heck, I want to be president one day. I want to be financially well off one day. I could go on. It need not be said he would rather be in the playoffs rather than break the record. Every one already knows the answer to that.

  45. soforizo says:
    Dec 31, 2012 10:33 AM
    Eric Dickerson didn’t win the MVP despite having the rushing record and also carrying his team to 10-6. So why should AP get it, when Eric didn’t?
    If I remember right, Dan Marino had a pretty good year himself that year.

  46. soforizo says:
    Dec 31, 2012 10:33 AM
    Eric Dickerson didn’t win the MVP despite having the rushing record and also carrying his team to 10-6. So why should AP get it, when Eric didn’t?


    14-2, 5084 yards, 48 TD’s, 17 Ints

    THAT’S WHY!!!

  47. He definitely should be the MVP, he ran for 2000 plus yards and lead his team to the playoffs. They would not be here with out him. At least the Broncos made the playoffs last year. Worst case scenario Payton and AP get co-MVPs

  48. Not to take anything away from Dickerson — who was a great RB — but Dickerson had 4 Pro-Bowl lineman blocking for him. On the Vikings O-line, only Kalil and Sullivan performed consistently at a high level while the guards, Johnson and Fusco, were mediocre.

  49. AD is the MVP, and the GOAT for RBs.

    if ya can’t give it to him now, when?

    the nfl is skewed towards making it easy for QBs anyway, ain’t fair

  50. I don’t understand the logic here. AP should be the MVP because this team was 3-13 last season? That’s the best you can come up with? PETERSON WAS ON THE 3-13 team, and he obviously didn’t do enough to give them wins, there’s no way you can give him all the credit for this year. On the other hand, the Broncos went from the 31st ranked passing attack to the 5th highest. Broncos went from the 24th ranked offense to the 4th ranked offense.

    I don’t even think Peterson deserves the comeback player of the year award to be frank. Peterson missed ONE GAME due to injury which is completely remarkable considering the injury, but that doesn’t change the fact that he only missed one game.

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