Pioli hasn’t learned his fate yet


The fact that the Chiefs already have fired coach Romeo Crennel but not G.M. Scott Pioli doesn’t mean that Pioli is safe.

Per a league source, Pioli has yet to hear from owner Clark Hunt regarding Pioli’s future.

It could be that Hunt decided to fire Crennel first and not Pioli in order to gauge the local reaction to the possibility of Pioli returning.  Either way, Hunt has not told Pioli whether Pioli will return for a fifth season on the job.

The Chiefs won the AFC West in 2010, Pioli’s second season on the job.  But 2011 was marred by dysfunction, with Pioli and the first coach he hired, Todd Haley, squabbling until Haley was fired.  This year, the Chiefs finished a dismal 2-14 in Romeo Crennel’s first full season as head coach.

The fact that the Chiefs have five Pro Bowlers helps Pioli’s case.  The 0-for-2 effort when it comes to hiring coaches doesn’t.

Peter King reported during Football Night in America that, if Pioli stays, Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz will not be the next head coach.  Though several reporters were speculating that Ferentz finally would be lured back to the NFL to work with his good friend Pioli, Ferentz’s recent track record makes him a hard sell at the next level.

23 responses to “Pioli hasn’t learned his fate yet

  1. Hunt possibly wants to gauge local reaction?

    You’d think that having an airplane flying over Arrowhead on gamedays with a banner that says “FIRE PIOLI” would be a pretty good indicator of the local opinion.

  2. The reason Pioli has not learned his fate yet is he is too ignorant to look at himself honestly in the mirror and say “I have failed here, I can’t be successful without Belichick or Parcells”. He only wants people around him who he can push around and intimidate into doing it his (unsuccessful) way. Scott. “Have you really been successful at draft picks and signinig contributing free agents”? Selecting coaches? Where would you be had Belichick not taken you under his wing and allowed you to sleep on the couch at Giants training camp? You seem to forget how you started and where you have been. “When your ego takes over, your brain shuts down”. Matt Cassel was your pick in New England, they tagged him and you traded for him giving him 6yrs and a ton of money. He succeeded in New England because he filled in for Tom Brady and benefited from a good system, thats it! By refusing to admit your mistake, you missed out on Russell Wilson in the THIRD round! Listen to your father in law, the team is built from the inside out. Get some OL who can play right now. Central Michigan, Texas A & M. I can’t stand writing anymore here. You don’t listen.

  3. Like all GMs Pioli has made some bad moves, but he’s made enough good ones, and drafted enough decent players to keep his job.

    Ferentz would be an excellent choice as Pioli and him come from the same coaching tree background. Give Pioli the #1 choice and the time to prepare for the draft, and things could turn around quickly

    A new GM and coach would be way behind the 8 ball in both veteran, rookie and free agent player assessment

  4. Remember chiefs fans calling to fire Carl Peterson and booing him at games when honored we also called for the head of Marty and herm don,t like what pilot is doing either but at some point we have to committ starting with a head coach would be great. How bout Andy reid

  5. How does 5 pro-bowler help his case? Do we get an award for that? Does it take us to the playoffs? We’re 2-14 and Charles is the only one deserving of a probowl. And thanks to the previous GM we have Charles.

    PS, I’d rather keep Crennel as HC than Pioli as GM.

  6. The team was 2-14 when Pioli was hired. Four years later, the team has some more talent on the roster, but they’re 2-14 again. Four years is more than enough time to turn a franchise around, and Pioli has failed. He needs to be fired.

  7. Pioli took over a bad Kansas City Chiefs football four years ago and he made it far worse ! look at yesterdays game in Denver , that was the least competitive Chiefs team that I have seen in my 40 plus years of watching …

  8. Silly question… When are we going to draw direct lines that all these “football geniuses” from New England failed because they do not have the last name Belichick or Brady?

    All of the guys connected to “spygate” have failed. Except for Belichick & Brady.

    What does that tell us? The cheaters left and failed. The two that remained still thrive to this day.

    I’m not a Pats fan and have no love for that organization but let us all realize that while football is a team sport, at its core you need someone at the helm who has intelligence & someone on the field who can implement the plan.

    In New England’s case that is Belichick & Brady. Can the other 31 teams please realize this and stop making these franchise crashing into the ground mistakes?

  9. The Raiders are a mess, but should be coming back into line in a season or two with new management. The Chargers are a mess, and who knows what direction they are headed in (other than to LA). The Broncos have a stranglehold on the AFC West until Peyton hangs it up.

    This would be the time to strike for the Chiefs. Dump Pioli, bring in a new GM, a new coach, new systems, and start building a team with a five year plan and dominate that division for years to come. Yeah, they might end up eating a losing season or three, but how is that any different than what they’ve been doing anyway?

  10. Football executives don’t gauge the public reaction to critical staffing decisions. Written by someone that probably never actually made an important decision.

    Why mention the 5 pro bowl players? Too lazy to look up the fact that he only drafted one of them?

    Wow, weak stuff.

  11. “The fact that the Chiefs have five Pro Bowlers helps Pioli’s case.”

    No it doesn’t. 4 out of those 5 are players drafted by Carl Peterson. The only credit Pioli gets is that he got Hali, Johnson and Charles extensions. Meanwhile, their above average starting LT, star WR, top 5 pick DE, and pro-bowl punter are about to hit the open market.

  12. Not saying he should stay, he shouldn’t but we need to evaluate our comments. Everybody can sit back and second guess but we didn’t give Peterson a proven winner time to rebuild. Chiefs biggest problem have never drafted a good quarterback. Montana krieg Gannon Dawson bono Grbac all via trade or free agency get a quarterback that can play enough of the cassell Quinn Croyle stuff

  13. lennydpocketqb says:
    Dec 31, 2012 10:44 AM
    Silly question… When are we going to draw direct lines that all these “football geniuses” from New England failed because they do not have the last name Belichick or Brady?


    What about Thomas Dimitroff? I guess he’s failed with Atlanta, too.

  14. This makes me so mad. I assume that Clark Hunt is a smart man, but as of right now that is a big assumption. The only pieces of information that Clark should need to make this decision are simple. Todd Haley, Romeo Crennell, Matt Cassel, Brady Quinn, Ricky Stanzi, Tyler Palko. These are the names of the 2 most important parts of a football team, head coach and quarterback. He has failed as a talent evaluator and GM in the NFL because of his lazy hires at head coach and inexcusable, terrible quarterback signings. If Clark Hunt keeps him around after 4 years of refusing to address the most important parts of the team, then maybe Clark is the one that needs to be fired.

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