ProFootballTalk: Previewing Vikings-Packers

Can Christian Ponder perform in consecutive games? Will the Packers correct their mistakes in time? Mike Florio breaks down the biggest storylines from this NFC wild card matchup.

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14 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Previewing Vikings-Packers

  1. Should be another barn burner!! Both teams have thier strenths and weakneses along with passonate fan bases!! And as Vikes fan I can only hope for a good game I expect nothing less!! Two superstars at thier best! Trying to will thier teams to victory!

  2. It all depends on the performance of the beast: AP. If he shows up, which we all know he will, then the Vikings have a serious chance at moving on to round two. Game on.

  3. Should be a good one, these teams are really getting to know each other…Let’s hope for a fun, safe game! (and a Vikings victory)

  4. Two really equal teams that should provide a great game. I can only hope that the officiating crew can finally meet the challenge. I haven’t watched a game since the infamous Seahawks/Packers game where the officials have called it fairly. They really are poor this year and thought should be given to making them a true professional group and not a parttime bunch of yokels.

  5. 2 really equal teams? No way. Packers are miles ahead of the Queens & this game is at Lambeau where there will be 0 Queens fans in the seats. This is just a warmup on their way to a victory in San Francisco the following week.

  6. Maybe not quite equal(QB), but pretty close. A lot of idiots said last year the Vikings were 4-5 years from competing or even making the playoffs. Well it only took an off season to get there. If those idiots were such future tellers they’d be rich. They said last week the Pack would win, and they are saying there going to win this weekend too, but guess what A Blind Squirrel gets a nut every now and then.

  7. The Packers should win. The Metrodome is a loud place (including the artificial pumped-in noise,) making it difficult to hear play calling, both on offense and defense. Plus, the Vikings and their fans feel like they won the SuperBowl, and it is difficult for that kind if lightning to strike twice. It won’t be a cakewalk but it won’t be close either.

  8. I always look forward to the Packer games more than any others, they’re usally a close evenly matched game, often decided by the last play. Alot of Packer fans seem to think they’re so much better, but a really good run game is a great equalizer. I hope the refs are on their “A” game.

  9. The refs sure weren’t on their “A” game last Sunday. Adrian Peterson fumbled & Blair Walsh missed that kick.

  10. If you look at the stats for the regular season that just ended, it is very interesting.
    1.Top 3 Passing QB’s are not in the playoffs
    2.Top 3 Rushing Running Back’s are in the playoffs.
    3. Only 1 of the top three Wideouts is in the playoffs.

  11. Adrian Peterson’s knee was down. That was not a fumble. A replay of the game winning kick viewed from a vertical position clearly showed the ball was inside the upright. The kick was good. The officials were terrible though. They were inconsistent all game. In addition to being inconsistent, the delay of game penalty on the Packers was terrible. That call is almost never made. At any rate, once Winfield came out of the game the Packers went 3 or more wide on almost every play and went after the vikings 4th and 5th string cornerbacks. Those guys were the first two reads on almost every pass play. That was really smart. I think the Vikings secondary is the key to next weeks game. Some things just can’t be changed or adjusted by Saturday. The Vikings D-Line is going to dominate the Packers O-Line again. The Packers will drop a safety into the box on every running down. The Vikings O-line will block the Packers D-line and linebackers pretty well and Peterson will get over 150 yards. The Vikings passing game away, outside in the elements at Green Bay will be average at best. So, what’s left? The Packers will score points and will go after the weak links in the Vikings secondary. They are going to get burned a couple times, but it will come down to whether or not they can limit the damage. If Robinson takes over for Sherels in the slot and Jefferson holds his own then I think the Vikings win a tightly contested game. If they don’t then it is going to be a Packers win in a blowout.

  12. Queenso, Peterson’s knee was down before the ball came loose. Were you the ref standing under the goal post? How many FGs has Crosby made lately? Jennings will look good in purple next year.

  13. I was there. I saw the replay on the screen that the ball came loose before he was down. And it’s too bad that Tramon Williams had to be penalized when he did nothing wrong & Jerome Simpson was instigating a fight with him on a 3rd Down play. Terrible officiating all the way around last Sunday.

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