ProFootballTalk: What’s next for San Diego?

After bringing in a great football mind like Ron Wolf to consult the front office, Peter King and Erik Kuselias break down the new direction San Diego is headed in.

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2 responses to “ProFootballTalk: What’s next for San Diego?

  1. Wasn’t this Wolf character the guy who helped consult on the “new” yet same useless Raiders? They just fired four key guys after only one season, so how exactly is Wolf a “great football mind”? Seriously, what credentials does he bring in this new era of football?

  2. The problem with the Spanoses is that they are not football people, they know nothing of the sport. Instead of wasting their money on bringing in Wolfe, I would have brought in Kevin Colbert from Pittsburgh and made him President of Football Ops, or his under study Omar Khan to head the franchise. The Wolfe consulting hire is merely to school young Johnny without making it public. Either way, this franchise has had it bad with the Spanoses.

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