ProFootballTalk: Will new Jets GM push Ryan out?

If the Jets sign a GM that wants to appoint his own head coach, is Rex Ryan the odd man out in New York?

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4 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Will new Jets GM push Ryan out?

  1. We’ve seen this many times in football and especially baseball–new GM, old manager/coach, if the team does well, the new GM won’t get “his guy” in there, so he has to make sure to undermine the incumbent field leader.

    Rex is doomed. If the new GM doesn’t fire him right off the bat, Rex can either do what he’s done the last two years (and get fired), or do well short-term (and gets sabotaged by his boss).

    When Rex does get the chop, the only ones who’ll regret it are a few media vultures who feed on the tribulations of the franchise and the fans of the other teams in the AFC East.

  2. If he’s fired, that should give him plenty of incentive to go south and build up that Dolphin defense to a playoff level…

    Jets will regret it if they stay in the division, because the problem was Sanchez. Rex knocked out Tom Brady and Patriots in Foxboro, then he was undone by Sanchez, and it was compounded with Tebow.

    Could make a near competitive team a playoff contender with the right situation.

  3. I’m not that sure about Rex being pushed out, but one thing I’m sure of is Sanchez CAN’T be a starting QB in the NFL, if they bring him back next year and dare to make him the starter, they will be in real trouble right from the start. Sanchez has to be moved one way or the other. I watched the Bills game and Marv Albert and Rich Gannon were doing the game, and Gannon said on the air that the trouble with the Jets offense was Sanchez, and said he had regressed rather than progressed in the NFL. In so many words you got the feeling he felt Sanchez to be replaced.

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