Raiders fire Greg Knapp, three other assistants


Reports out of Oakland following the final game of the regular season indicated that offensive coordinator Greg Knapp was finished with the Raiders after one year on the job.

Those reports have been proven correct. Coach Dennis Allen announced Monday that Knapp has been relieved of his duties. The offense was down across the board this season — they had lower totals in yards per game, points per game, rushing yards per game and rushing touchdowns than they did in 2011 — and running back Darren McFadden’s averaged two fewer yards per carry than he did last season. Knapp’s not responsible for all of the problems, but it’s tough to skate by as an offensive coordinator when you’ve got a resume like that.

The Raiders are also parting ways with offensive line coach Frank Pollack, special teams coordinator Steve Holland and linebackers coach Johnny Holland.

“Decisions like this are very difficult,” Allen said in a statement. “I have a great deal of respect for all of these men and I appreciate their contributions to the Oakland Raiders this season.”

The Raiders finished the year 4-12 and they’ll pick third in April’s draft.

55 responses to “Raiders fire Greg Knapp, three other assistants

  1. Go back to the power blocking scheme and trade McFragile for some picks.The Raiders pick 3rd get the best available which I’m hoping is Jarvis Jones

  2. While you are at it…..

    How about the Defensive Coordinator…..

    I heard Lovie Smith and Romeo Cremmel are both available!!!!!

  3. Hey Raiders! Thanks for being so generous through the draft and also ON the field..Happy New Year and please don’t forget, you still owe me a draft pick coming draft day..By Mike Brown

  4. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of staff Allen can put together considering most credible assistants will question Allen’s qualifications as a HC.

  5. Knapp had to go, lack of creativity and ability to use the pieces he had, he was holding us back..

    Tarver was pulling the defense together towards the end, you all saw it, a couple high caliber draft picks, maybe a free agent or two and the defense can be respectable again.

    My candidate for O Coordinator, Al Saunders.. Not as far a step back as it would be with some one else, knows the players, knows their abilities, they had success with him already..

    Raider Nation 2013, I see sunlight coming..

  6. This one decision gives me hope for next year. I have to think that it was Dennis Allens decsion to hire him, and not Reggies. However it was Reggies decision if not Mark Davis’ decision to fire him. Bottom line c-ya, your east west play calling sucked..

    Lets get back to some north and south plays, and rushes between the tackles. Raiders can add quality player…..right now i would prefer DT Star, but have no problem with taking LT from A&M. Good possibility that they go 1,2, so if they are off the board I would try to move down.

  7. Good riddance! Same line-up with different OC’s and the result from 8-8 to 4-12?! And HueJack didnt have a full off season because of the strike! All Knapp says was “It takes Time(for his system to work)”! Get outta here!

  8. Hue help!!! Under Hue Jackson the Raiders were an exciting must see game and ended up the eight ranked offense. Al Saunders is still on the staff and hasn’t ran an offense that explosive in years.

  9. Once more… Al Saunders is 70 years old and doesn’t want the OC position.
    It was offered last year and he declined.

    He’s not an option….

  10. Your OC is already on ur staff… Jason Tarver. He knows alot about the offense scoring alot of points. 215 to 109 in 6 straight losses. What kind of defense is he running?

    On a serious note… the OC will prob be Norv or HC from Nevada. Pistol offense coming to Oakland!!!

  11. To all you Bungle fans that keep thanking us for the picks, considering the way you guys draft…we might be thanking YOU for Palmer.

    How is Dre working out again? Where do you think he will end up in the DPOY voting?

  12. Hey Bengals fans… Might be wise to win a playoff game for once before slamming other franchises. Until them you have nothing to brag about!

  13. felixinmiami says:
    Dec 31, 2012 3:32 PM
    “To all you Bungle fans…

    How is Dre working out again? Where do you think he will end up in the DPOY voting?”

    Not a Cincy fan, but they absolutely robbed the Raiders. They got two high draft picks for a player that retired. The fact that one of their picks got hurt isn’t germaine to the discussion. The fact that said picks came from your favorite team is.

    The Raiders got fleeced. Own it.

  14. Because Allen was hired so late he didn’t have the most choices for his staff. the d came together towards the end.

    I’m hoping for Turner but will be happy anyone that can better utilize the offensive unit they have. that line is a power line, the wrs have potential to be explosive, mcfadden can be a stud for 12 games in the right system.

    Tarver needs intelligent players. The mike Mitchells and Giordanos of the Nfl will not help this team. the d needs a lot but the unit can be strong with a solid corner, Huff back at safety and a beast at DT. i want them to trade back but would love to have Star wreaking havoc on the line

  15. Thank you Reggie McKenzie!!! Thank you!! I was bitterly disappointed when Allen tabbed this proven failure to be his OC. All this year did was reattest to the fact that Knapp has no idea how to get offensive production from a group of decent football players. He actually finds ways to get his players to collectively and individually underproduce.

    I don’t care if it is Norv or someone from college ranks, so long as it is not someone from the Holmgren coaching tree. Those guys cling so hard to their old west coast offense, and they cannot see that the NFL has changed and it doesn’t work any longer.

  16. smart move by the higher ups. hopefully if there’s interest, they’ll be smart enough to trade that 3rd overall pick to double our draft. as well as cut the cancer out of the defense. as far as tom cable and hue go, they were dipsh*ts that reinforced a stagnant raiders mentality. it was cool until they didn’t have a winning record for a decade. but i guess that’s what we get for appealing to probably the most widespread ignorant fan base. and as for the bengals, man, i feel sorry for you guys. i bet you wish you used your last 3 1st round picks to get mcclain, seymour and palmer. stop being so jealous.

  17. Why does everyone seem to think moving Huff back to safety solves a problem?
    He played at safety his whole career until this year. He was mediocre at best, bordering on bust status at worst.

    Moving him to CB may have prolonged his career, but it didn’t solve the leaky secondary problem. I’m not sure he’s long for the silver and black.

  18. mikebrownfaux says:
    Dec 31, 2012 4:33 PM
    Just waiting on the Palmer “I quit.. I mean retire” report to come out of Oakland.

    you mean waiting on” the raiders CUT palmer and his 13 million.”

    soon to be signing matt flynn.. GB roots to reggie.

  19. Knapp – see ya, don’t wanna be ya. What a loser you are and always has been. Yep, you are a has been………..
    Hue won’t come back and I don’t blame him, Cable won’t come back either. Yes, their heads got inflated but I think they did pretty good with what they had. Time to now clean the team of overpaid, under producing players. Get some people that can play together and “EARN” their money. Very disappointing season indeed. Hope next year is better. Maybe trade down in the draft for more picks, pick up a few free agents. Don’t sell the farm for one or two players who don’t produce.

  20. I found this old blurb. It tells a lot about the old Raiders before Reggie McKenzie. Looks like the scouting department wasn’t the problem. I have faith Reggie knows what he’s doing.

    Mon, 23 Apr 2007 21:46:00 -0700

    Phil Barber, of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, reports there is speculation the Oakland Raiders are torn on who to select with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. The scouting department reportedly likes Georgia Tech WR Calvin Johnson, head coach Lane Kiffin and offensive coordinator Greg Knapp like Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn and team owner Al Davis wants Louisiana State QB JaMarcus Russell.

  21. Knapp made the classic coaching mistake of trying to force a certain offensive scheme onto personnel who weren’t suited for it, instead of evaluating what his players could actually succeed at and adapting to them.

  22. While I’ve found the Raiders blend of dysfunction and paranoia endlessly entertaining in the past, the passing of Al Davis seemed to portend an end to that culture…..but the Raiders seemed as listless and disorganized as ever this season, and Allen looked absolutely Kiffinesque at times…..there’s some real talent on this team, but I’m not sure Allen is the guy to unlock it; having your staff gutted after one season rarely foreshadows future success.

  23. Manti Te’o is a great leader but I just dont think he is our answer for MLB atleast not that high in the first round. If we drop and he is still available ok…There is no way Bark is nothing more then the next coming of Sanchez, and he isnt top 10 or even 2o pick, I be surprised to see a QB taken in the top 10.

  24. This doesn’t solve anything! The real problem is Carson “the turnover machine” Palmer. Teams aren’t scred of him and believe their DBs can cover his WRs and TEs man to man because, sooner or later, Palmer will commit a turnover. With that, they can pack 8 men in the box to stop the running game.

  25. Thank god it is true, I was so tired of this guy saying just have patience every news conference. I don’t think Dennis Allen is a head coach either, I would not be surprised to see Allen on the chopping block too, he just looked way in over his head. The Raiders are going to have a hard time selling tickets next year with Allen at the helm again. Chuckie, can you hear me? The Raiders really need a veteran coach, Allen just does not seem to inspire this team.

    I think McFaddens contract is done next season, so the most we will get if we do not resign him is a compensatory pick.

  26. Best case scenario is trade down pick up some extra picks. Try and unload the headache/head case that is Ro McClain for additional picks. I wouldn’t mind seeing Wisenhunt or Good ol’ Norv as our OC.

  27. 1) this is a great move getting rid of knapp. this was THE one move they made last off season that i questioned after his last go around with the raiders. didn’t like his offense then, and didn’t like it this year from week 1. zero creativity. how can that offense take that many steps backwards from last year. why would you change to zone blocking after the way McFadden ran last year?

    2) anyone who thinks tarver needs to go is a fool and they obviously didn’t watch the last 3-4 games of the season. once they benched mcclain got rid of bartell and spencer this defense was very respectable. wheeler an burris were everywhere.

    3) in addition to the mcclain benching, the addition of ross and adams in the secondary signifcantly helped this defense

    4) anyone who thinks carson palmer is not a top tier QB is a fool. he still has at least 2-3 years left. if the raiders played better d early on and didn’t give up 20-30 yard chunks EVERY defensive series, carson could get by with a few turnovers here and there. he had to try and carry the team on his shoulders because the opposing offense was going to score practically every series. one can only wonder how carson would have performed if ron bartell, spencer and mcclain were not the opening day starters

    5) hopefully seymour will restructure next year, when he was healthy he was a force. bryant did nice filling in along with Bilukidi.

    6) would like to see them use EVERY pick in the up-coming draft on the defensive side of the ball. build upon what that D did the last 3-4 weeks of the year. they were flying around all over the place.

    7) D players who really played their asses off the last month – houston, burris, wheeler, gaither, bryant, phillip adams, ross, carter, bilikudi. and actually giordano wasn;t have bad either

    8) Lemar is a stud!

    9) pickup a few O-lineman via free agency

    10) give reggie and dennis allan AT LEAST 3 more years. the team showed signs of improvement the last month. they fought hard until the bitter end…

  28. Can DA next. Bring back Hue!!!

    It can be done. Just dump the 2012 Raiders season into some kind of vortex and pretend it never happened. Hue would come back. He’s still more of a Raider than DA will ever be.

  29. ghost2post:

    Palmer is NOT a top tier QB. His numbers this year simply reflected a ton of garbage time, and playing from behind. The same EXACT thing happened a couple seasons ago with Phil Rivers. The team was choking, and missed the playoffs, but he had almost a career year for yards and points. QB stats like that are always misleading. Do you know what is not misleading? Team wins!

    The Raiders are in as much trouble as KC (almost), in that they still need a true franchise QB for the future. Richard Pryer (yes, I know that’s not his name) was Weird Al’s final, flailing grasp and he won’t pan out as a team leading kind of man.

    So, if the Raiders load up on defense, then what? They’re not going to have the offensive power to do anything. Plus, they don’t even have much in the way to work with on D now, as it stands. Tough for you guys.

    Certainly, KC is worse, however they will benefit over the Raiders in that they get to hire a new, better coach (Oakland still has a loser at the helm) plus with the #1 pick, they’ll get a new QB – even if it’s not a banner year for QB’s.

    The Chargers are in a better position. They get to start clean with coach and GM, and they already have a QB with some years in the tank, and (surprisingly) one of the best defenses in the league this last season. But then again, they’re bringing the same guy in to consult, who just sold that bill of goods to Oakland. Oh well.

  30. LMAO!!! Carson Palmer a top tier QB? Ghost2post, what have you been smoking? Raiders showed improvement in the last 3-4 weeks? So did the Eagles and Bears and Dolphins and Titans, that doesn’t mean anything! NFL is a business, it’s the wins that matter…and give Reggie and Dennis 3 more years? I refer you back to the previous sentence – NFL is a business…no owner has that kind of patience. The only reason DA is still in Oakland is because of Reggie’s ego. He doesn’t want to admit that he was wrong. The Raiders have been pathetic for God-knows-how long. The only seasons they showed some life was when Hue was OC and head coach. That’s a fact – check the records and stats.

  31. dougy boy,

    The Raider hatin you do is funny nobody respects your opinions and your last post is comical. The Chiefs are way behind now no one can solve that mess in a year. They have one of the better Gm’s and he hasn’t done anything for that franchise.

    The Chargers have Phillip Rivers and ya I am Raider fan I also think Peyton is a hall of famer but Rivers is the most overrated qb ever SD has no one and no fans. Players don’t wanna play where no one watches ask Eli Manning. that back at zero

    The Raiders had a mess picked up by DA and Palmer. They had 4 million dollars a bunch of overpaid and unintelligent football players on he team. Big Reg is cleaning house and look at his draft picks the few that he had, all studs. He found a great back up RB in Goodson for a weak WR we have money, draft picks, new O.C. and line coach and Raider Nation is always strong.

    The Broncos will be tough for awhile now that Elway is at the helm and the Raiders are on the way up to start taking that helm from them. So keep hating dougydougdougity Nation doesnt care we have the most jealous haters in all sports.

    And Palmer is a great QB second best in the division. If Palmer was on the Packers he would be a hall of gamer but he got put with the bungals first and now AL Davis’s clean up act. See ya next year when The Black & Silver is on the rise

  32. “Not a Cincy fan, but they absolutely robbed the Raiders. They got two high draft picks for a player that retired. The fact that one of their picks got hurt isn’t germaine to the discussion. The fact that said picks came from your favorite team is.

    The Raiders got fleeced. Own it.”

    It is because in the 5 games he came back, he did little to nothing.

    There is NO DOUBT the Raiders gave up alot for Palmer. BUT IF you can’t do anything with the picks, then what good was the so-called “fleece”? You obviously are clueless to the history of the Bengals draft past. Only 11 players have made the Pro Bowl(a popularity contest “lite”) since 2000 from their ENTIRE draft….

    Palmer has not been spectacular, but he has MORE than a serviceble QB. He is by no means the fault to the Raiders problems the 2 seasons he’s been in Oakland.

  33. nmrdr795:

    One thing which never fails. If you poke a stick at a “nation” fanatic, they froth at the mouth and run around the trailer. You can blather on all you wish, but all of the facts (Google the word “fact”) would dispute what your 3rd-grade education has enabled you to cobble together.

    A frame of reference:
    There have been major overhauls in places like Seattle, Indy, San Francisco (the only nice part of the Bay), Tampa, Denver, etc. In those cases, the teams improved immediately, and in some cases, dominated, immediately.

    That “Big Reg” as you put it has done what? The team regressed, AND they just fired a bunch of coaches. So, again, please site the facts which support your claim that the Haiders are “on the rise”.

    And all this “hating” you “nation” fanatics talk about. What’s the deal with this? Is it because you feel like 2nd class citizens? Some kind of a cult thing? I know Scientology professes such tactics, when it’s challenged.

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