Report: Chargers not interested in Reid

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On Football Night in America, I said that outgoing Eagles coach Andy Reid would love to coach the Chargers, but that it isn’t known whether the Chargers would love Andy Reid to be their coach.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, it’s not happening.

Per Schefter, the Chargers plan to go in a different direction.  That makes sense, for a couple of reasons.  First, the Chargers likely don’t want to pay Reid the kind of money to which he is accustomed.  Second, the Chargers likely don’t want to give Reid the kind of power to which he is accustomed.

And so Reid will land elsewhere, if he lands anywhere, in 2013.  Some think that, when the music stops, there won’t be a chair for Andy, who remains under contract with the Eagles for one more year — and who in turn will be paid his full salary in 2013.

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  1. Maybe this is a sign for him to take a year off. The guy had what I can only imagine was an impossible family situation to deal with before the season began. Might be time to mourn, and recharge the batteries.

  2. The guy is fried. He should not want to coach, but he really has nothing else in his life due to football so he has to caoch. he is not alone in this profession but I see him as an extreme example. sad when your kid dies and you never properly mourn him because you have to get back to the team. A decision I will never understand. S.D. is right to pass on this guy.

  3. Not surprised. The west coast offense is becoming outdated in the NFL as pass offenses are evolving. He should take some time to be with his family and collect $5 million next year to relax.

  4. Gruden will most likely be coaching the Chargers next season. Unless he’s willing to deal with winter, he could also end up in Philly.
    Not sure where Reid ends up. Could see him taking some time off.

  5. “First, the Chargers likely don’t want to pay Reid the kind of money to which he is accustomed. Second, the Chargers likely don’t want to give Reid the kind of power to which he is accustomed.”

    Which is why S.D. has lived in mediocrity for years now.

  6. They are about to find out how difficult it is to replace a guy like Norv Turner. Please. Should have called him Nov Turner because November is when the season ended for the Chargers every year.

  7. Colin Cowherd on ESPN a few minutes ago said Philly is interested in Bill O’ Brien from Penn State. Just thought I would throw it out there.

  8. But but but eagles fans were told that he would get any job he wanted the minute he was fired??? And now your last sentence eludes that with all these openings he may not get any job?

  9. Reid will take a year off, unless a team like Dallas or San Deigo come calling.
    However, could he go to Jacksonville, with the indication that they will move to LA?

  10. Maybe Andy would be interested in OC positions so he can dial it back a notch. The Cardinals could use some sorting out, their offense is a shambles.

  11. I don’t really know where the Reid rumor started although I’ll bet on that big mouthed agent of Reid’s. The Chargers don’t pay big enough money, are bent on having the Spanos son in a prominent power role going forward, and Rivers isn’t his kind of QB, not to mention he’s on the down side of his career, something Charger fans haven’t quite come to grips with yet.

    But just like Dan Fouts, it will become more obvious as the years continue to go on until everybody realizes that his fast ball isn’t coming back.

    Still say Carolina is Reid’s best fit if he could sneak Heckert in there past the Giant personnel recommendations being pushed.

  12. I don’t know why these coaches rush back into coaching. If Andy Reid doesn’t get another coaching jobs, he will get paid by the Eagles since he still had a year left when he got fired.

    Also, who are the hot names we hear about every year, Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden.

    As a Steelers fan, Bill will always have a place in my heart, but fact is, he is an average Coach who benefited from the GM. He manages a game as he has no input in the way the offense runs. Gruden was the guy who couldn’t find a qb to save his life, and when he did find one, he almost got him killed, when the team doctors left Chris Simms in the game with a ruptured spleen. Bill retired, but he went 8-8, while Gruden was fired. Now they are hot commodities every year when the season comes to an end.

    So if i was any of these fired coaches, especially Andy Reid, i will sit out the year, enjoy my one year pay check from the Eagle, revamp any strategy i need to improve as a coach and get ready to get hired at the end of the 2013 season.

  13. I don’t blame Spanos. Reid is a good coach, but the Chargers need to go the GB/NO route and hire a younger/fresh face coach.

    They have gone retread twice already, it is time for some new blood.

  14. Rivers isn’t his kind of QB, not to mention he’s on the down side of his career, something Charger fans haven’t quite come to grips with yet.

    You obviously haven’t watched the Chargers recently, Rivers is fine, it is everything else around him that is the problem.

  15. I do not believe Reid will obtain much interest -anywhere. He gives the impression ,to me at least ,of a disinterested person who has other things on his mind. He has become morbidly obese and he looks disheveled He almost appears disinterested at press conferences. , Appearances do make a difference. Finally, he just has not been a good coach the last few years. Despite having above average talent he has produced below average results. Unfortunately, it appears as though Andy Reid has lost it as a coach.

  16. No way. First what SD needs is an OL and the balance of a good running attack.

    We have had enough of wingnut coaching chucking the ball all over the place mainly to the other team.

  17. I think it’s only that the Chargers want to choose their own coach and not let the media do it for them.

  18. I always find it interesting when people say “he needs some time off after all he has been through.” People handle grief in different ways. Just because you might take time off does not mean that is best for everyone. Different people handle life’s traumas differently.

  19. It’s amazing that people think the Chargers would be interested in Reid. People in SD see Reid as Norv Turner with more power.

  20. If I just got canned after making all those millions over the years, and having another several million coming, I wouldnt work for that year. Hell, I’d probably retire and never be heard from again. Reid must have plenty of cash, and he could supplement his lifestyle by writing some books or get a million a year from one of the networks to come in for a few hours on Sundays during the season. Reid has it made.

  21. “fissels says: Dec 31, 2012 10:41 AM

    Andy may have to be patient”


    Andy WILL be a patient if he doesn’t lose that extra baggage.

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