Report: Greg Knapp will be fired this week


The Raiders struggled to adapt to offensive coordinator Greg Knapp’s scheme this season and, according to a report from Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle, there won’t be a second season to see if everything comes together.

Tafur reports via league sources that Knapp and several other members of the Raiders coaching staff will be let go this week. Knapp had been the Texans’ quarterback coach the last two seasons and brought a similar zone blocking system with him to Oakland. It did not mesh with the Raiders’ personnel and the team wound up 29th in rushing offense. Running back Darren McFadden averaged just 3.3 yards per carry for the season and he was glad that it had come to an end on Sunday.

“I don’t want to speak on it anymore,” McFadden said. “It is what it is. The season is over now. I am just looking forward to next year.”

If Knapp does go, it’s a good bet that the next offensive coordinator will install a scheme better suited for McFadden’s power running style. While a third scheme in three years doesn’t do much for stability, the Raiders definitely need to get McFadden going if their offense is going to improve in 2013.

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  1. So the Raiders are going to scrap another OC in the hopes of finding someone who can cater an offense to a supposed power RB that can’t stay healthy for an entire season? Very Raider’esque.

  2. About 15 games too late. This clown tried to stuff a square peg into a round hole all year. The Raiders have to completely overhaul the D. We need 2 new DT’s, 2 CB’s, and a MLB. If they keep Knapp, they need to overhaul the offensive personnel too. These players had a top 10 offense in 2011 and Knapp came in and destroyed it. He’s a joke!! Reggie Mac and DA can’t afford to keep this guy and wait for players to fit his system. They may be allowed a 2nd season to try to make it significant improvement, but they won’t get a 3rd season if they aren’t a hell of a lot better next year. And anyone who thinks Pryor is the answer just isn’t paying attention. He’s a great athlete, but maybe the worst passer I’ve ever seen, including Tebow.

  3. Wet hog, you are clueless! It was a terrible hire from the start. Their personnel doesn’t fit that system at all. They have the players in lace to have a good offense. They need a power blocking scheme and McFadden will be elite.

  4. We’ll be more than happy to send “take a” Knapp back to Houston. Now as for Oakland,,, Terrell Pryor showed the Raiders that it was a huge mistake playing him this late. He had what I’d call and above average debut,,, I’d even say pretty good debut, and if they played him around week 10, when the season was pretty much over for the Raiders, he’d more likely be way ahead in his development as a Qb and a team leader. 1 game is just too dangerous to make an assumption on how good or bad he may turn out to be. But I will say that I think he’ll turn out to be a really good Qb,, probably not great but really good once he learns to put more zip in his throws. Once we get a real OC I think Pryor may be sneaky good if we can get atleast a half decent O-line. Anyway I hope we. Take Star Lotulelie with that 3rd pick.

  5. Too little too late. This should have happened in week three of the preseason.

    As for McFadden, I wouldn’t be disappointed to see him traded for a draft pick. Guy just can’t stay healthy. Maybe some team will feel like they can keep him healthy.

  6. Knapp was stealing pay checks all year and that oxygen bandit will have a hard time getting a quality control gig somewhere…

  7. I’m not a Knapp fan but the major problem for the Raiders was the defense. I don’t think Tarver is a bad DC (certainly better than Bresnahan) but the talent is sorely lacking on that side of the ball.

    As for the new OC, I don’t think the Raiders need to search outside….just promote Al Saunders to that role. He’s a proven commodity.

  8. This had to happen and I want McFaddens potential to be met as much as anyone but he’s had a few years now of not staying healthy and I think the Raiders should find an innovative play caller that caters to the speed out side and Myers inside.

    Problem is who do you get? Shannahan and The OC from Denver would be great to take advantage of Pryors skill set….or do we get a guy that wants to stretch the field and see what they can squeeze out of Palmer?

    AND the final question? What is the 40 time from table to the podium with Te’o on the card? This team needs a heart and soul leader. I like him to be that guy.

  9. Knapp is a good QB coach, but a terrible OC. His offenses are rigid and ponderous and his playcalling predictable. Defensive coordinators in the AFC West will be sad to see him go.

  10. They should go back to Al Saunders’ offense, which a lot of people though was Hue Jackson’s offense.

    Jackson was merely the play caller.

    That offense was humming last year, first with JaCampbell and then with Palmer.

  11. I hear this Norv Turner guy may be available and I don’t think he will qualify for anything other than an OC from this point forward. Having a former head coach on the staff is something that Allen could greatly benefit from. Norv deserves most of the criticism he gets from his head coaching gigs, but in the places he has been “just” an OC he has produced.

  12. Funny….we had a successful offense and a good coordinator right there on staff in Saunders. If they would have just left that alone we might have had some form of entertaining football to watch this season instead of a big waste. Insult to injury…Knapp was bad the first time he came through here, so I’m not sure why they thought it would be different now? He had his play calling duties stripped from him just a few, short years ago. Another painful year for Raider fans and it was somewhat unneeded. They could have left the things working alone and let us enjoy at least competitive football.

  13. Good!!! He was never a good OC anyways!!!

    Why else did TO scream in his face?

    Houston should bring him back ASAP to fix Matt Schaub.

    Knapp supporters used the “he’s good with quarterback” cop out to justify his OC hiring. Well, he’s truly meant to coach positions only!!!

  14. so instead of trading McFragile while they can still get some value for him they are going to bring in get ANOTHER OC?Come on man use some common sense!

  15. Houston does not need Gregg Knapp back. The Texans need to get away for the conservative playcalling and soft atmosphere of Gary Kubiak.
    Norv Turner needs to be the OC of the Houston Texans going forward. Norv should also call the plays on gameday.

  16. Please fire him. If we are going to keep McFadden, lets go back to the power blocking ( which I prefer). If not, let’s trade him for either pick(s) or a proven starter.

  17. If what you saw from Pryor as a above average outing, your crazy. That play will never work. Not once did i see him drop back plant his back foot and step into a throw and hit a reciever in stride with any accuracy. Yea he had great escape ability, but thats all he did even when he didnt need to.

    I would tell Pryor learn to catch, your either a wideout or tight end..If you dont want to have a chance then we will try to trade you if there are no takers we will cut you. Trade down in the draft maybe we can get a 2nd rounder and with either a 2nd or 3rd I would talk to either the redskins or seattle for cousins or Flynn. Im keeping Palmer in any case and let the qb battle begin

  18. Well, this is really the only saving face move Reggie could make. I think Allen was a poor choice too, but I think he has to give him one more year. It’s just a mind crusher to think that these guys thought they could take a power blocking team and man on man team and transform them overnight to the dark side zone schemes. Don’t get me wrong, the zone works, but the personnel just did not fit what they were trying to do, they should have seen that from day number one.


    Reggie McKenzie. (D-), What were you thinking? You are a good draft picker though, can’t wait.

    Dennis Allen. (F-), Show some fricking emotion, and don’t look like a scared school child. Show some personality, and kick some butts.

    Gregg Knapp. Triple (FFF). I am not sure it is all your fault because the personnel did not fit, but it was horrible to watch. In the red zone, I turned off the TV.

    Jason Tarver. (C). The Defense rallied to you at the end. This shows they respect you and like you, and will listen and follow you. Please turn these young men into beast next year.

  19. Good riddance. If Dennis Allen allowed him to remain, we’d be in serious trouble. Dennis Allen also mentioned a week or so ago they were sticking to this. Nothing but coach talk.

    BTW, I liked what I saw in Terrelle Pryor. He got TD’s out of a week offensive system. He looks promising.

  20. Dalucks, stop it. Norv Turner has ZERO connection to the WCO/zone blocking tree. Rick Dennison is not going anywhere. Haven’t you figured out how this works? Coaches assemble staffs based on past relationships and familiarity. Just because you learned about Chris Ault and the pistol offense the other day does not mean this guy will magically be hired as running game coordinator, snap his fingers, and fix a porous right side of the OL. You claim you’re a Texan fan, but in your comments you’ve proven to be anything but.

  21. This is great news!!

    Now bring in Chris Ault to teach Pryor the pistol and the Raiders could have a scary offense once again.

  22. Greg Knapp fired? I’m shocked I tell ya!

    I don’t even know why Dennis Allen was allowed to hire Grep Knapp in the first place. Did no one watch Grep Knapp’s first go around as OC in Oakland?

  23. Power running scheme!!!!!!!!! It worked for DMC, he was comfortable with it, he gained yards with it, STAY WITH IT!!!!! Goodby to Knapp, don’t come back, your not welcome. You screwed up this team with your play calling. I can’t believe Reggie and Allen kept him around for so long

  24. They already have a replacement for knapsack in al Saunders, he knows the roster, talent and has worked with the coaching staff already…

    Ether way, I feel a lot better now that we’ve finally dropped that deuce and flushed it away…

  25. well makes sense, the offense was horrible. Raiders are not as bad as record. Over 20 million in dead cap money come off the books from guys like routt, wimbley, boss etc…. Seymour will be another 16 million. DHB, Palmer, and Huff can re-do their contracts if they want to be on the team, if not c-ya. Keep DMC, and Tommy Kelly. Tweak the o-line, and if the left tackle from A&M is there take him with the third pick. Get a center in mid rounds, move wiz back to left guard.

    We have plenty of UFA’s that we need to sign

    D is a work in progress. I am now convinced we need to keep Tommy Kelly. We need to get somebody on the edge who can get to the QB. Secondary has a bunch of concerns. If Eagles cut Nnamdi, bring him back as a FS.

    Bottom Line Go Raiders

  26. Goodbye Knapp! King of the sideline to sideline run for a loss! King of the 4 yard pass on 3rd and 7!

    I feel like I’ve studied his play-pamphlet (it’s not thick enough to be a book) myself, so easily could I call his next play before it happened.

    Horrible hire. Everyone in the Bay Area KNEW it.

    Why nobody in the Raider organization knew, I can’t guess…

  27. the raiders do not need a LT. they need to find a C and move Wiz back to LG. Bergstrom will play at one of the right side postions. Saunders definitely needs to be the OC if he wants it. The raiders need a bonifide leader and high character players. T’eo is a natural leader, I believe McKenzie will do his homework on guys intangibles, not just speed and size. those days are over

  28. kenstabler says: Dec 31, 2012 11:04 AM

    Dennis Allen. (F-), Show some fricking emotion, and don’t look like a scared school child. Show some personality, and kick some butts.
    I don’t understand that criticism. Allen isn’t a cheerleader. He isn’t the only coach that maintains his composure on the sidelines, and it’s not his fault that he looks young. He made a mistake hiring Knapp, for sure, and made a few other blunders, but I’ve seem him barking at players coming off the field, and yesterday he punched the guy standing next to him when Oakland blocked that punt. He had guys playing hard in the last game of a lost season.

  29. Big Reg and DA need to install Al Saunders as the OC. He was on the staff with Hue and their collaboration had the RAIDERS offense performing much better.

    Keep it cohesive, Saunders has the best chance of making it click again.

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