Report: Josh McDaniels tells teams he won’t interview

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Earlier on Monday, we shared a quote from Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels in which he said that he was going to keep his focus on the job he has “right now” in regard to queries about interest in head coaching vacancies.

The phrasing was such that it seemed McDaniels was being careful to note that he has responsibilities to the Patriots while making sure that potentially interested parties heard that he was also open to a change in title. According to a report from Adam Schefter of ESPN, we parsed McDaniels’ words a bit too much.

It now seems McDaniels meant that his focus will only be on the job he has right now and that he’s not going to be actively pursuing another one this offseason. Schefter reports that McDaniels has called teams looking for head coaches to tell them that he will be remaining in New England and won’t be interviewing for another shot at being the man in charge of a team even though he would like to be a head coach again one day.

McDaniels’ stint as a head coach in Denver for most of two seasons did not go well, leading to his firing and a brief stay in St. Louis as the offensive coordinator before making his way back to New England before the end of last season. McDaniels has overseen another good Patriots offense this year, something that had pushed his name back into circulation for head coaching openings.

If this report is true, McDaniels isn’t a buyer of such chatter and thinks that he’ll be better served by another year at Bill Belichick’s side.

43 responses to “Report: Josh McDaniels tells teams he won’t interview

  1. Kind of arrogant to approach a team to tell them you aren’t interested before they even contact you, no?

  2. What a shame. I was so looking forward to watching him put another franchise in total disarray for the next 2-3 years.

  3. Yeah, I think he’s the heir apparent in NE. I’m not sure he would have come back without some sort of indication that he’ll be the next head coach. Besides, I’m not sure why he would be considered for head coaching jobs now anyway, what’s changed from a year or two ago? Yes, he can co-ordinate an offence with Tom Brady and Wes Welker to a lot of points, we already knew that when he submarined the Broncos.

  4. Nothing like turning down jobs before anyone has even shown interest in you. His years in Denver and St Louis were such train wrecks it’s no wonder he has no urge to ever leave his golden goose (Brady) again.

  5. Why would you leave the only pro job where you can be successful? This way he can be Bill’s little errand boy,
    Tom audibles out of your idiot calls, the lineman can’t zone you out (like they did in Denver) ’cause Bill won’t let them.
    Bill and Bob won’t ever let you dabble in Player Evaluation,
    As everyone knows that you and only YOU were stupid enough to not only draft TEBOW, but, to actually move up to get him.

  6. I am surprised anyone would want him after using a first round pick to get Tebow to play quarterback. Can’t trust his talent evaluation skills after that blunder.

  7. Um, most Patriots fans feel better about the offense with McDaniels than with O’Brien. I hope sticks around and becomes HC of NEP after Belichick transitions to front office.

  8. How cool would it be if that’s what he’s doing (waiting to take over for BB)…

    THEN finally, we’ll see the undoing of the Patriots..

    All the Pats fans that give a thumbs down to negative McDaniels posts will soon be the ones giving the thumbs down to McDaniels!!!

  9. McDaniels will never be a good HC. He is to arrogant and doesn’t know how to lead mean, or deal with people honestly. Calling teams before they call him to inquire about interest shows his arrogance. He’s a great fit in the Cheatriot way, as a Bronco fan I advise all teams to leave him there.

    McD == Mistake.

  10. Wow people are haters. He obviously is doing what Belichek did when he got fired from the Browns, become a top assistant, learn from your past mistakes and be better prepared a few years down the road for your next gig (as HC for the PATS or someone else).

    Once the Pats get back to New Orleans the McDaniels chatter will start again.

  11. That road goes through Mile High now. The only team with a top 5 offense and defense is at home defending. Manning and Co. are firing on all cylinders now and a W in DEN is anything but assured for any team, regardless of what they did early in the season. I think you may be counting your chickens there friend.

  12. Yeah, he ran the Broncos so far into the ground that they got a playoff win the year after he was fired.

    Ask a Dallas fan what that’s worth.

  13. Look at the rate of turnover on the team before you go crediting McD with the win. The reason the team came together was that the cancerous HC was gone. Shanny had one hell of an offense in place that McD destroyed for Orton and Tebow.

  14. bradyisbest says: Dec 31, 2012 6:06 PM

    more seasoning under the master……..last time he wasnt quite ripe.
    How long until he ripens up? It won’t happen. Look at the track record for BBs assistants. It aint pretty. BB is a smart man, he teaches them what they need to know. He doesn’t teach them everything HE knows. Give them enough leash to guard the yard but when they jump the fence they hang themselves. Plus Josh just doesn’t have the ability to deal with elite primadonnas wihout friction.

  15. Ok you make this statement since not too many teams were going to be interested anyway. You might be a good OC, but the Broncos disaster is way to recent for a decent organization to give you a chance.

  16. I have to say, as a Broncos fan, Josh is absolutely incompetent. Now Belichek, I honestly beleive he will one day be remembered as an all time great coach, maybe the best ever. But for the life of me, I don’t know what he sees in McD.??

  17. For those that are bashing McD for the talent he kicked off/brought into Denver, it’s fair to point out that he brought in Decker and D. Thomas, amongst several others, that are contributing quite well on this 2012 Bronco team.

  18. People keep saying he could replace Bill but is Bill leaving anytime soon? In my estimation Bill will stay until Tom leaves and once Tom goes Josh won’t be worth much of anything.

  19. Bill retiring soon. McDaniels is apparently the heir apparent. And it will all fall apart once Brady retires.

  20. I have to say, as a Broncos fan, Josh is absolutely incompetent. Now Belichek, I honestly beleive he will one day be remembered as an all time great coach, maybe the best ever. But for the life of me, I don’t know what he sees in McD.??

    And, that, my friend, is why you are not Bill Belichick.

  21. As a Broncos’ fan, I actually like McDaniels. He was just young and dumb (which we all were or are). But remember what Pat Bowlen and Joe Ellis said on the day they let him go:

    “We know Josh will go on to be a fine coach; unfortunately, it won’t be with Denver.”

    McDaniels will eventually wise up, and he’ll be a good coach one day. He’s as sharp as they come.
    Plus, we all know he was right about Cutler.

  22. Anybody that believes Josh is waiting to replace Belichick, you have a better chance of dating Halle Berry! NOT!

  23. All coaches are successful with Brady or Manning; check Bellichecks record prior to Brady’s inception.

  24. Time will tell if he is a good head coach, but as OC you have to give him and Brady credit for implementing a hurry up offense the likes the NFL has never seen.

    By next season I predict you will see a lot of copycat formations from other teams knows that defenses have a hard time keeping up with an active offense.

    Give McDaniels some credit for that at the very least

  25. Everyone is hating on McDaniels! He is working hard behind the scenes so that when Brady n Belichick are gone he can become the head coach with Mallett as his starting QB! McDaniels will be the HC of NE within 3 years! Go Pats!111

  26. Jmd is a good coach in my mind even after the broncos disaster, he was really young then and I’m sure he learned a lot. That being said, it would be in his best interest to stick around for awhile in Foxboro and really hone his craft and I’d say he is the heir to the pats kingdom when Belichick decides to hang it up, give him a little raise to keep him in house and keep the dynasty going into the future with mallet. I’d prefer not to think about the day Brady and BB ride off into the sunset, but I think we will be prepared and that will be another accomplishment BB will be remembered for

  27. Haters hate. Yes he drafted tebow oh wait didn’t tebow come in and take them to the play offs and beat a superior steelers team? Oh boo hoo he got rid of cutler and Marshall two cry baby me first players yea horrible call there. Not too many hc have success first times around you morons do you not remember the hooded one in Cleveland? Yea that guy was horrible and now a strong case could be made that he’s in the top two greatest hc’s of all time.

  28. bdb808757 says:
    Dec 31, 2012 9:51 PM
    All coaches are successful with Brady or Manning; check Bellichecks record prior to Brady’s inception.
    If what you are trying to say is that TB makes BB, that’s flat wrong. How come everything has to be A OR B? They make each other better. BB won 11 games without TB in 08. BB is the last HC Cleveland ever had to win a playoff game, and he did it with Testaverde as his QB, hardly a TB type. And a big reason BB has been able to retool his defense while maintaining the team’s competitiveness is that he has TB as his QB so he can lay more on the offense. That street goes two ways, not one.

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