Ronde Barber will take some time before deciding about 2013

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The Buccaneers waited until March this year to find out that Ronde Barber would return for a 16th season as part of their defense and it sounds like they’ll have another extended wait to find out if he’ll make it 17 years in Tampa.

Barber said after Sunday’s victory over the Falcons that he will take a couple of months to consider his options before making a decision about returning for the 2013 season. If he does decide to hang up the cleats, he said he’s got no regrets about the way he’s going out.

“If it is (the last game), it is,” Barber said Sunday. “I’ve always been all right with that. I’ve never been shy of saying I’m proud of what I put on the field, and today was no different.”

Moving to safety worked out well for Barber, who is tied with London Fletcher for the fourth-longest consecutive games played streak in history, as the 37-year-old turned in another year of strong play in a career that will almost certainly land him in Canton whenever he does decide to stop playing. Barber is a free agent, although it’s hard to imagine that he’d be playing anywhere but Tampa if he does decide to come back for another year.

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  1. I hope Ronde hangs it up. He’s been great to watch over all these years. Putting in another season at his age could have really detrimental physicals repercussions down the line.

  2. Sure hope he’s back, but understandable if he retires. I’m guessing the odds he would return were pretty good when they were 6-4, probably a lot lower at 7-9 finish.

  3. One of the most underrated, unappreciated players to ever play the game. The move to safety could probably give him a few more years, but even if he hangs them up now, he is a no doubt HOFer.

  4. He’s been a great player and would be recognized much more as such had he played in a major media market like his bad seed twin did.

    If he hangs them up, he’ll be remembered as a great player who had class to go with it.

    (I’m not a Bucs fan or non-fan, BTW)

  5. This will give him time to whine about things. Then he can follow his brother into broadcasting … right.

  6. Some someone who looks like Tiki will be in the Hall of Fame, but not actually Tiki…bwah-haha.

    Ronde is a great player whose work on the field has proven his worth and eventual destination of the Hall of Fame.

    That said, older players have a harder time because of the practice (yes, Iverson, practice) because they already know it but have to go through it anyway. If all they had to do was show up for games many players would play longer. If they have coaches that accomidate them they usually do. But the rigmorole of practce makes it more work than fun and that is when the players who can still play hang it up.

  7. Ronde could leave the game and Tiki could pretend to be his brother. That will get him back in the league and he can start getting some kind of paycheck again.

  8. I think he could do one more season but Tampa needs to draft hard in that secondary, as well as fixing the D-Line still in the sense of finding a pass rush…a much needed one we haven’t had since that Super Bowl season so long ago or so it seems now. Regardless if he comes back (could bring that veteran leadership still to tutor all the new blood this coming season) he will no doubt be in the Hall of Fame one day. Glad to know the Buccaneers will finally be represented (Munoz to me doesn’t count since he was mostly a Bengal, etc etc). I think Brooks and Barber for sure make it. Alstott, Sapp and Lynch could but I don’t think they will. I loved watching them play but they were the Hall of Very Good…not Hall of Fame.

  9. Oh, and if you’re going to make a ridiculous reference to Anthony Munoz, who never even donned a regular season jersey, why not just bring up former (actual) Buccaneers QB Steve Young?


  10. The Bucs are represented by one Leroy Selmon, don’t forget what Leroy did for Tampa man! Now Warren Sapp is a first ballot hall of famer who might be a second ballot because he was a di$k to reporters, not your ‘hall of very good’. .Ronde in the hall of fame? I hope so but like Alstott & Lynch they are not shoe-ins like Sapp & Brooks.

  11. I just have one question … does anyone really want to think of the Buc’s without Ronde barber? if u r a bBuc fan your manta for years has been
    ” god bless Ronde Barber “

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