Russell Wilson settles for win over trying to break rookie TD record

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Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson put an exclamation point on a splendid rookie season Sunday when he ran in the game-winning touchdown from one yard out with just under two minutes left on the clock.

The 20-13 win was secured, but scoring on the ground meant that Wilson remained tied with Peyton Manning for the NFL’s rookie record for touchdown passes by a rookie. Both men threw 26 of them on the season with Wilson passing up a chance to break the record on the winning play.

Coach Pete Carroll called a pass, he said Wilson deserved a shot at the record, but the Rams dropped their defenders into coverage at the snap. That defense opened up a running lane for Wilson, but the rookie said after the game that he did have the record on his mind when he saw tight end Zach Miller break free for a moment.

“I was about to throw it to Zach to break the record,” Wilson said, via the Seattle Times. “Then I realized, ‘That’s not me.’ I wasn’t worried about that. The whole thing was to win the game.”

Tying a record held by Manning while rolling into the playoffs on a five-game winning streak (not to mention PFT‘s offensive rookie of the year award) is a pretty good consolation prize for Wilson.

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  1. Nice story. RGIII is going to show just how superior he is to Wilson Sunday. Granted Wilson is a good QB, but Robert is legend status. Michael Jordan (RGIII) vs Barkley/Malone (Russ).

  2. Dear Logicalvoicesays:

    I’m an RG III fan who clicked thumbs-down on your comment because you’re making the same mistake that RG III’s critics continue to make–you’re not owning up to the dynamic versatility and leadership on and off the field that Russell Wilson represents. The more I see of Griffin, Wilson and Luck, the more I think this is 1983 all over again: Elway, Marino, and Kelly. While Griffin may indeed prove to be the Jordan of the NFL, Wilson may very well find himself in the Hall of Fame as well.

  3. This team would have a better chance with home field….but they dont. And thats is why they will lose

  4. “I was about to throw it to Zach to break the record,” Wilson said, via the Seattle Times. “Then I realized, ‘That’s not me.’ I wasn’t worried about that. The whole thing was to win the game.”

    This kid is the ULTIMATE team player and very very deserving for ROY.

    Go Hawks! Go Legion of BOOM!!

  5. Legend already Wow.Lol funny how Washington fans forget how bad and long they washed the floor in the east lol.I remember eagles fans felt the same way about McNabb. and in his own mind he’s a legend alright. let’s wait a couple of years before we even see haven’t won anything yet and ill take Seattle any day over Washington right now. one and done

  6. I know this is gonna come off extremely harsh, but I hope RGIII suffers a torn ACL and never recovers, just because of Logicalvoice. Sorry actual Redskin fans.

  7. Behold an empire of incredible awe; an empire to rule all empires. Dynasties of the past shall lie in the shadows cast by this mighty empire. From the fish in the Sea to the eyes of the Hawk, all shall bask in the glow of its brilliance. The arrival of the empire shall be marked by its leader; a leader whom most will say cannot measure up; a leader who will have doubters all along his path to glory. Behold Russell Wilson and the beginning of THE SEAHAWKS EMPIRE!!

  8. Wilson is the best QB drafted this past season. Better than Luck and RG.
    The Seahawks absolutely stole him in Round 3

  9. If I were a college QB with the NFL on my mind, I’d hate these rookie quarterbacks with every fiber in my being. The last… 5 or 6 years, perhaps, have done a lot to change the role of a rookie QB coming into the NFL. Going back to a Carson Palmer or a Phillip Rivers these were guys that were allowed to marinate a little, learn on the bench, mop up in a couple of games and in Year 2 or 3 take over, and not really have to shatter any expectations until Year 4ish. Simultaneous to Rivers being drafted, Roethlisberger came in and did huge things, and there were some less successful rookies along the way, but you’d get Staffords and (don’t laugh) a guy like Mark Sanchez who found success almost immediately. Then you get to these 3 rookies; these guys, in whatever order you want to place them, are absolute freaks of nature. RGIII is breath-taking to Redskins fans, his fantasy owners (guilty), women and children; Luck is a call back to the Elways and the Marinos of yore; Wilson is just a guy that is damn good at football, can run, pass, make decisions… dude just plays.

    These three have set the bar so insanely high for early success that if I were Geno Smith, I’d be cursing these guys when I’m flipping burgers in 5 years

  10. RG3 is just like Michael Vick. Lots of talent but the Redskins will never get a complete season out of him–ever. It will be one injury after another. Wilson is outstanding, a team player, and he will be there at crunch time.

  11. Gotta love a rookie being mature enough to put his team ahead of an impressive individual record.

    Congrats on getting in the playoffs, Hawk’s fans.

  12. Each Fan Base thinks their guy should win, but the truth is all 3 guys should win. Valid cases could be made for any of them.

    That being said, I do worry about RG3’s durability and huge cost to acquire. Luck and Wilson seem like better long term bets for sustained sucess.

  13. All this clamor about Wilson . Do you Seahawks fans not realize you already had a pretty good team in place. Best defense in the nfl right now and NO significant injuries to speak of. Yet you guys finish one game better than the skins. Skins are a better story and team. Rg3 is the truth and cousins is probably a better qb than Wilson.

  14. It’s called CHARARCTER. There are players who would have moved heaven and earth to break that record. Brady would have, both Mannings would have, Brees would have Luck nad RG# would have. As his fan, I wanted him to, but he chose the team goal over the individual one. In the end he may live to regret it, but I admire him even more for his example.

  15. I do believe wilson, luck, and rg3 will be roy candidates but maybe those 3 along with peterson should be considered for mvp look where luck #1 pick, rg3 #2 pick and vikes #3 pick. These 3 players took there team worst to playoffs that to me is an mvp with peterson winning it because of the lack of talent and having the worst pass offense around him.

  16. It’s funny that this is a Russell Wilson article, and everyone wants to hate on RG3 because voiceofreason, and other boisterous skins fans want to get under everyone’s skin (no pun intended). As I have said to all that read these posts, the REAL skins fans understand how talented this rookie class is, and have a ton of respect for all of the young QB’s. This is the match up everyone has been waiting for, and we’ll see what happens. With RG3 banged up, he will have some issues with the Seahawks defensive speed, so this will be another nail biter for us skins fans. I’m just glad we didn’t have to go on the road to Seattle for this game. Congrats to Russell Wilson. I’m a big fan, but not this weekend. HTTR!

  17. It really kills me some of the idiotic things fans say. 1.RGIII won’t finish a complete season? Wait, he just did, missing one game. 2. ROY, lets be honest, not back our guy..look at the numbers please. Highest completion percentage, QB rating, Best td to int ratio, highest opposing team winning percentage, and all in the face of pressure from all the hype…c’mon RGIII! Now this takes nothing from R. Wilson. That man is a beast! I mean all the teams that past ( side note, we wanted to draft him instead of cousins). Glad we didn’t, the man DESERVES to be a starter. Luck, third best QB this year. People forget two years ago the colts won 11 games, last year looks very funny to me. Besides that, he is the most inaccurate of the three(check stats) and throws a lot of interceptions. How he can be ROY, makes no sense. 1. RGIII 2. R. Wilson 3. Alfred Morris (if he wasn’t on RGIIIs team) 4. Luck. Now things may change next year but right now…I invite all real arguments from intelligent fans with fact based evidence why I’m wrong. And please don’t ever wish for guys to get hurt, these are humans, they have families like you. Do I wish for you to hurt yourself on your job…it’s really perplexing to see fans type such classless thoughts

  18. We will soon be able to put the rg3 rw debate to rest in a week. Skins fans stop trolling and try to stay classy

  19. @r3alta1k: by definition if he missed a game then he didn’t finish a complete season did he?

    @seattle fans: you guys got trolled by the best. logicalvoicesays aka voiceofreasonsays is a troll of the highest order, saying he’s dumb is like feeding the bear, or the unbearable as the case may be.

    Plus he’s a liar, he said he would stop trolling if the skins didn’t go undefeated until the steelers game and I don’t think they even had a winning record when that game happened.

  20. I swear I called it after week 3 or 4…I knew that Seattle had something special in Wilson. If you step back and look at everything as a whole, Wilson deserves ROY more than Luck or RGIII, and thats not saying that Luck/RGIII aren’t beasts, because they are. But someone said it the other day and it got me thinking. Luck & RGII came into the leauge KNOWING they were being handed the starting job. Wilson on the other hand, came into a situation where Flynn had just signed a huge contract, & by all indications was the Seahawks starter. Wilson came in & simply outperformed, outplayed the competition from the start, & hasnt looked back. A 3rd round STEAL!!! Wonderful story, and he has my vote!! To be clear, Im not a Seahawk fan, but a Bronco fan, but more or less these days, a Football fan.

  21. Honestly how can anyone who is a fan of the game not love Russell Wilson- true character this guy has. I am not going to knock RG3 or Luck because they have had great seasons themselves. But after Hasselbeck’s decline, watching Whitehurst, Wallace and Jackson (who wasn’t too terrible) play I am glad we have the guy that will have our team in it competing for the next decade. Wilson is a true leader and has show he can win close games. Seahawk fans will all stand behind Wilson for Rookie of The Year but the fact we also have what should be Defensive Rookie of the Year in Bobby Wagner says about the way Carroll/Schneider have drafted and keep us excited for years to come. The fact he says “Go Hawks” after every interview just like us Seattle fans makes me love him that much more.

  22. He was trying to break the record. On that last touchdown he could’ve moonwalked into the end zone, but he 1st wanted to check every passing option. He even looked like he was going to try a Brett Favre shovel pass before he finally gave into the fact that he should just walk it in. So don’t tell me he didn’t care. 1st option- break record. 2nd option- walk it in, win the game.

  23. Really in the heat of the moment he had the time to think about the record while rolling out and then decide to win the game is better? All he should have been thinking about is to just score any way possible.

  24. Keep in mind, Wilson had 26 passing TDs and four more on the ground, matched with just 10 picks all year.
    Manning’s rookie season, he had 26 passing TDs, zero rushing TDs, and got picked off 28 times that year.

    It’s pure ignorance to not count the rushing TDs, and not contrast the numbers with Manning’s nearly 3 times more interceptions.

  25. It’s obvious neither fan base watched the other QB. Some of these comments are just stupid. One dumb @$$ said he hope RG3 gets a blown ACL??WTF??? Then another says Wilson has is a better leader and team player??? Both have shown tremendous levels of leadership and have redefined the QB position. They are hybrids. I must give Luck credit too but he’s not in this game Sunday so I will leave him out. I’m a Redskins fan and proud of it. Of course we will win but I don’t want ANYBODY’S career ended. Having said that….Redskins 38 ….Seahawks 14. HTTR!!!!!

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