Tebow’s year with the Jets ends with a whimper

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A year ago, Tim Tebow was a playoff-winning quarterback.

Sunday, he was again reduced to a fan with a good seat, as his little-used year with the Jets ended in familiar fashion.

He took one snap in Sunday’s finale, handed off to Joe McKnight, and then began a polite campaign for a real chance to start somewhere.

Asked whether he thought that chance would come with the Jets, he played nice.

I’m not sure,” Tebow said, via Mike Vorkunov of the Newark Star-Ledger. “That’s something we’ll have to look at and take a few days and sort it all out.”

Jets coach Rex Ryan was equally illuminating, saying “Tim’s under contract. So we’ll see what happens.”

It’s obvious Ryan never wanted him, and will likely feel a great relief at not having to deal with the Tebow distraction continued to build.

Even as Mark Sanchez floundered, and the skipped him in favor of Greg McElroy, it was clear Tebow wasn’t going to see the field unless it was an emergency. And maybe not then.

“I’m trying to win the game and that’s it,” Ryan said. “If I thought Tebow would have helped us win the game playing quarterback or defensive tackle, I would have played him.”

So obviously, he didn’t.

It appears the Jaguars are willing to, once they find a general manager who is willing to acquire him (which could limit their pool of candidates to those willing to go along with the owner’s apparent desire to bring the hometown hero back).

The Broncos proved last year that the Tebow experiment can be made to work, in a strictly controlled environment. Namely, with an excellent coach and a good supporting cast, both of which are tailored to his particular skill set.

The Jaguars, as presently constructed, can’t offer that.

But it seems like they’re willing to try, and it doesn’t take much reading between the lines to realize Tebow will welcome the opportunity, even if it’s not a good one.

21 responses to “Tebow’s year with the Jets ends with a whimper

  1. Not A Tebow Fan or apologists. But 2 National Championships and a Playoff run and Victory as a starter 2 years removed from college. SCREAMS WINNER! Gotta take your hat off to him, no matter how ugly it looks to the eye. The guy wins.

  2. If he was a good QB with potential – people would be lining up with trade offers …

    And his agent wouldn’t be starting rumors.

  3. All I can say is that he must have just looked abysmal in practice. It’s the only thing that explains him not playing. Certainly, he did nothing in games to warrant the complete lack of respect he’s been given by the coaching staff (he didn’t play enough to do anything bad).

    Mike McCoy (Denver OC) is believed to be a head coaching candidate. I would be interested to see if Jacksonville has any interest in him as a head coach. Wonder how he’d feel about the possibility of working with Tebow again.

    One thing is pretty clear, if Tebow in fact required excellent coaching to be productive on the field, then the Jets coaching staff is horrendous and they should all be replaced regardless of whether or not Tebow is there next year.

  4. It’s obvious that they thought his skills were much better than they really are. This will be obvious to any coaching staff that has him! I can’t imaging a coaching staff being stupid enough to bring him in, but the levels of stupidity never cease to amaze me.

  5. No GM candidate worth hiring wants to go somewhere where their first major acquisition will be forced upon them by a meddlesome owner.

    Constructing a team specifically designed to attempt to cover up the extreme limitations of a QB you didn’t want in the first place hardly sounds like a dream job for someone who has options.

  6. Even with all the good games Sunday, that ment something, we still must adure another meaningless article about Tebow. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and cannot wait till tomorrow for surly we will see another.

  7. What a fitting way for the season to end for the NFL’s biggest wimp, with a whimper! Tiny Tim Teblow doesn’t deserve to disgrace the NFL with his worthless presence, too many good players to settle for this piece of trash.

    If Tiny Tim wants to start then he’d better head over to the Lingerie League where his throwing like a girl won’t be noticed. Heck maybe they can teach him a thing or two about playing with girls.

    Go Away Tiny Tim Teblow!!!

  8. Tebow, please, please, PLEASE go away! Quarterbacks must be able to COMPLETE PASSES in the NFL! You are too big of a distraction to your team to ever be worth the trouble of filling a roster spot. Look at what happened at the Jets training camp… and put your damn shirt on!

  9. Sorry, but the Jags owner knows almost nothing about football. It was a vanity purchase from the start. As others have said, what self-respecting GM and coach would want to be on a team where the owner dictates who’s on the field. Just look at Dallas.

    Tebow will end up somewhere, but he’s not a starting QB yet. Might never be, but you have to train him to play in the NFL. You don’t change the whole game plan to fit his “talent”.

  10. I am so tired of the Tim Tebow controversy that has dominated this past NFL season. The first mistake was the Jets having 2 starting QB’s. Who does that? Nobody! I am a Cleveland Browns’s fanatic. Thank you for the condolences, but I’m tough! I have said this to ANYONE who would care to listen to me. Tebow never got the chance he deserved. He was never the leader. He has played poorly in his few snaps, but can you blame him? The constant uncertainty of Rex Ryan has me talking to myself. The fans need to grow up! Let this kid play a full season without all the criticism and maybe he might be able to concentrate on his job. I can see Tebow as a fullback. Size is in his favor. Maybe he’s not an NFL QB, but the way it looks, we may never find out.

  11. The Jets won just 6 games ….. Mark sanchez was finally, and completely, exposed as a fraud as an NFL quarterback, and McElroy lit exactly no one on fire …..

    I am far from a Tim Tebow fan, and believe he sucks even worse than Sanchez, but that said, nobody else gave the Jets a shot at winning a game, Tebow deserved to start at least ONE of those ten losses, just as an outside chance of doing something to not lose.

    I have no idea why Woody or Tannenbaum focred Tebow down Ryan’s throat, and then watched as Ryan left him rotting on the bench.

    Let the guy PROVE that he sucks as bad as you think he does, at least.

  12. I’m not a Tebow fan, and I think he stinks as an NFL quarterback, but I have to defend him again. He was treated shamefully by the Jets.

    Let him go, and let him compete for a job somewhere where (a) they want him, (b) they can tailor packages to his talents, and (c) they have some offensive horses to use in conjunction with him. The Jets had and have none of those things.

  13. Where ever Tebow has been, honest team mates have said that he is an athlete and a football player.
    He is not a supertstar but I think given the right fit he can help a team. If nothing else, he could help a lot of over payed, immature cry babies grow up and thereby bring chemistry to certain teams. I somehow still think there is a pleasant surprise awaiting him, and I hope he’s grateful that he got payed AND got his body spared one year of wear and tear!

  14. Trading for Tim Tebow was for publicity and putting more fans in the seats who are curious to see what he can do.

    Everyone can get better if they work at it. Tiger has changed his swing numerous times and it took time to get the new swing down.

    The money made off marketing Tebow more than made up his 1.9 million dollar salary. He was good for the practice taxi squad.

    I hope the Jets do him a favor and trade him to Jacksonville or someone who will honestly give him a chance. Tebow is a winner. I believe he can make about any team better. Maybe not as a full time quarterback but as a fullback who can run and is a pass threat and as a receiver.

    He may not ever be a starter but I’m sure he could be good enough to be a back-up.

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