Tony Romo: “I feel as though I let our team down”

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Dallas quarterback Tony Romo’s interception with three minutes left in the fourth quarter on Sunday night effectively ended the Cowboys’ season. Romo took the blame on his own shoulders after the game.

“It just does not feel good, and I feel as though I let our team down,” Romo said. “We’ve done such a good job in those last five our 10 minutes to come back and win games. We were back in that position again, and that’s on me. And that’s a hard thing to think about.”

Romo feeling as though he let his team down is not just a state of mind. He did let his team down. Although Romo deserves a lot of credit for playing well this season to get the Cowboys into a position in which they were playing for the division title in Week 17, he also deserves a lot of blame for his three-interception performance against the Redskins.

The question now is whether Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who has always been fiercely loyal to Romo, will attempt to find a replacement for him this offseason. Jones acknowledged after the game that he needs to make changes, but he didn’t specify what those changes will be.

“This is very disappointing,” Jones said. “We have players that have fought hard all year, but it did not get done. One of my jobs is to basically evaluate, analyze and make decisions in the offseason that can have us be in better shape when we’re standing here going into the playoffs.”

Going into the playoffs is something the Cowboys haven’t done for three straight years now. Fair or not, Romo will continue to get a lot of the blame for that.

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  1. Tony has essentially been the same QB his entire career. He scrambles … buys time … makes plays. But Parcells had him right when he said that he was too into ‘being’ the QB of the Dallas Cowboys, and not into doing the hard work to improve his play and lead the team to a championship. Lots of celebrity lifestyle … not enough football. In all these years he hasn’t raised his game to the next level … and I doubt he ever will.

  2. It’s entirely fair. Coming from a die-hard Cowboys fan, Romo is the reason you’re in it, and often the reason you won’t win it. By the time he is done playing, he may very well own every single Cowboys passing record for his stellar regular season play. He keeps the Cowboys relevant every year all the way until Week 17. His issue is what happens when the weight of the whole season is on his shoulders. He’s not an elite quarterback like Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers – he’s a second-tier quarterback who is often asked to play the role of an elite quarterback and carry his team to victory. He’s not the caliber of quarterback, and that’s why these things happen.

    His last interception that sealed the game for the Redskins, there were three minutes left on the clock and the Cowboys had three time outs. That’s a running situation, but unfortunately the Cowboys have no running game to speak of. Because of this, they went with short passes to emulate a run game to chew up some clock as they drove down the field for another score. Romo drops back for a screen in the face of a blitz and just makes a bad call and a bad throw. But I can’t help but go back and figure they should be able to run the football in that situation in the first place.

  3. This hurts. But this Cowboys team is going in the right direction. They are playing hard each week (so quickly we forget how a lot of these same players rolled over in Green Bay just a couple years ago). They have some deficiencies that need to be addressed and one of them is turnovers and forcing turnovers (0-5 this year when they force 0 turnovers, 8-3 when they get at least 1). I’m as upset as anyone, but come on – he’s played great down the stretch and I still think he can get the job done. The best thing the Cowboys can do for Romo is to bring in Norv Turner to run the offense.

  4. While he has the talent, he is not a player you can ever count on to win big games. With $11.5M due Romo in 2013, his last contract year, will Jerry Jones be in the market for a clutch QB?

  5. And Kyle Shanahan gave Dallas a shot- The Redskins had a 2nd and 7 right there, 4:15 on the clock- RG3 throws incomplete. Should have run and burned 40 seconds off the clock. 3rd and 7, another incomplete that should have been a run. I’m screaming at my TV that Kyle has them throwing when it is the most obvious running situation in the history of football, I’m practically despondent because I see the ultimate meltdown coming, giving Dallas the ball with 3:35 on the clock that should have been about 2 minutes or maybe less……

    But I can always count on Romo to bail me out in a big spot, right?

  6. It baffles me to think historically, his name will be above Roger Staubach’s in many Cowboy records…. How? He is slightly better than average.

  7. Fear not Cowboys fans. Seattle will expose those pretender Skins for who they truly are. What with their cheap trickery and shenanigans (Shanahan-igans).

    The bruisers are a’cruisin to our nation’s capitol.

    Get the popcorn ready for a good one!

  8. I’m not defending Romo because he definitely didn’t play well, but he is far from the biggest problem in Dallas. That title belong to Jerry Jones.

  9. As a Redskins fan there was nobody I wanted with the ball on the final drive other than Romo. Watching him throw the pick was so predictable. I have grown up watching this loser blow games in the final plays of the season. I would have loved to see Jerry Jones walking out FedEx last night.

  10. This just in: Tony Romo traded to Jets to be Sanchez backup and used in wildcat situations.

    Jerry Jones quoted, “I can no longer run this team based on my man crush on Tony Romo.”

  11. romo never ceases to amaze me with his bonehead interceptions. he has to get traded. start kyle orton next year just to change things and draft a qb.

  12. Yeah Tony way to give up 200 yards rushing to Alfred Morris. It’s easy to blame Romo but the guy had no chance behind that offensive line last night. Dallas needs to get him a line that can protect and another legitimate receiver-Miles Austin is a cream puff.

  13. I keep telling myself that one day, ONE DAY, the media will realize what all NFL fans realized long ago: Tony Romo just isn’t a very good quarterback. While he’s a far cry from being the worst, he just doesn’t have the mental tools to go along with some of the pysical tools he possesses. If he played for anyone other than the Cowboys, he’d have been long forgotten as a failure. In New York or Philly, he’d have been run out of town before his failures could have run up to this point. Credit Jerry Jones for giving him a shot and not replacing him at the first sign of trouble, but it’s clear now that you’re not winning a championship with Tony Romo as the QB.

  14. The end to this disappointing season is a lot more about Bruce Carter, Sean Lee, Demarcus Ware, and DeMarco Murray having significant injuries – along with a sorry excuse for an O-Line (blame the GM) than it is about Romo. He had a tough game yesterday, but was lights out the past several weeks. Not to be an apologist but once again Romo will get more of the blame than he deserves. He is NOT the reason why we aren’t hosting the Seahawks next week. Watch the games he has to yell at Ogletree at least twice a game for running the wrong route. Has cost them INTs as well. But let the hate pile on. MDS I know you love you some Romo bashing.

  15. Romo is a talented NFL QB, however he and the Cowboys need to part ways – Romo will never be able to get rid of that stigma as a Cowboy, a change of scenery will benefit everyone.

  16. You should because you DID!

    and Jerry says “One of my jobs is to basically evaluate, analyze and make decisions in the offseason that can have us be in better shape when we’re standing here going into the playoffs.”

    not doing that job very well.

  17. huge huge Redskins fan here do not blame Tony Romo it’s a team game Dallas fans. If anyone blame your owner.!! !!!!!! Even though Tony Romo is The Danny White of his time it’s still a team game.

  18. The reason you feel like that is because you did. When is everyone going to realize that this guy is not an elite QB? I mean how many times does he have to prove it? I’m sure there’s going to be excuses made for him like usual, I’m just tired of hearing about how great this guy is when he isn’t even close.

  19. Same storyline

    The same storyline every year with this guy. He always makes a major mistake at a critical time. How many years has he been in the league and he still plays with the immaturity of a rookie? Done with the boys

  20. I have been fiercely loyal to Romo as well, but last night sealed it for me. He just can’t avoid the bonehead plays when it really matters. It all started with the botched field goal in Seattle, and he still can’t shake that shadow. Enough is enough.

  21. “One of my jobs is to basically evaluate, analyze and make decisions in the offseason that can have us be in better shape when we’re standing here going into the playoffs.”

    Is Jerry Jones serious? As much as Romo let the team down yesterday, Jerry Jones has infinitely been worse in letting the team down for the last 17 seasons.

    As long as Jerry believes it’s his job to evaluate, the Cowboys have no hope.

  22. He’s proven over and over he will choke so yes it’s time for a change. I bet they draft a QB or maybe trade for one. Flynn is sitting on the bench in Seattle maybe he might be the answer Jerry. That’s what I’d do.

  23. As a Redskins fan I can’t put all the blame on Romo. We ran the same defense the entire game and I saw no adjustment on the offensive side of the ball. In my opinion offense Jason Garret is as much to blame as Romo. And lets say you do get rid of Romo what QB that is available can come in and play better? But hey like I said I’m a Skins fan so I would not be mad if you blow the whole organization up and start over HTTR!!!

  24. Flacco and Romo both heading to the offseason looking for long term contracts from their teams…what if they flip flopped teams? Would the teams be better off?

  25. Jason Garrett, way to abandon the run AGAIN last night. You’re down 7 at the beginning of the 4th quarter and you immediately abandon the run. How do you neutralize the blitz??? Run the ball!!!

  26. The best think Jerry Jones could do for the Cowboys is to fire himself and hire a real football mind as GM.this team could get alot better but it wont with him calling the shots.Romo might be good enough in Minnesota but he certainly isnt in Dallas.

  27. DEFLATING – However Romo is like Brett Farve. He is the reason we made it this far and the reason we didn’t. Coupled with FACT that any defense that allows 200 yards rushing is giving control to the other team. The finger pointing is oh so easy in times like this. If you go back over the last 8 games, ROMO is the ONLY reason why Dallas even had a shot in this game. Garrett is a pathetic play caller. I know most of the plays he is calling from my living room before they even break the huddle. Do you think the experts on the other side of the field can predict them too? You betcha. I’m not a Ryan fan but this defense was decimated with injuries? Anyone calling for a pass rushing defense end or NT in the draft? And not some 5 year washed up veteran. PLEASE! My beloved Cowboys played above their heads most of the year due to Romo despite the inept and predictable play calling of Garrett. Having 5 starters on defense and 5 from the street makes the fact we had a shot at a playoff game miraculous in itself.

  28. it wasn’t all his falt his called foodled the entire game and cowboys defense let him down so please stop blaming romo for everything thanks

  29. Three QBs that are good enough to start and make the Pro Bowls (once in a while) but will never get to the Super Bowl
    Tony Romo – Cowboys
    Joe Flacco – Ravens
    Matt Schaub – Texans
    (maybe a fourth – Matt Ryan – Falcons – this year will tell)
    They all are good enough to raise hopes for a few games and then fall apart when its crunch time.

  30. As long as Jerry Jones is the evaluator and insists on making the draft picks the Cowboys have no chance of ever returning to the Superbowl.

    Jerrah needs to be replaced.

  31. I can’t believe NO ONE is mentioning what Romo did PRIOR to the snap!! I know it was loud, but Tony went up to the RB, yelled at him, AND gestured wildly with his right arm (his back was to the defense) that the play was going to the left flat. His arm motion was so big and so violent, there was no way the Skins didn’t see it. It was obvious what the play was based on his gestures. I have NEVER seen a pro QB give away the play like that. Hats off to the Skins for making the INT , but if they didn’t they should have been embarrassed. Tony Romo told the entire stadium and everyone watching at home where the ball was going. I’ve seen Tony blow a LOT of games before, but I never saw him hand it to the other team on a silver platter like that before.

  32. don’t worry Romo next season you’ll be running the same offense but with slightly better protection up front and a much better running game. because two things Norv Turner believes in is Protection up front and a good running game. but let’s not blame Romom as much as we should be crediting the WASHINGTON REDSKINS for going from worst to first in the NFC EAST. maybe even extend a little extra credit to Mike Shanahan for rolling the dice on trading away two first rounders for RGIII and finally a shout out to logicalthinkersays for having the pecans to say all season long what most skins fans wouldn’t due to PTSD from seasons’ past

  33. Tony Boner pulled another one.

    Oh, and Jerry, you’re job is to simply shut up and sign the paychecks. If you could ever figure that out, then maybe the Cowboys would return to respectability.

  34. Hey Tony, if this was the first time, you would get a pass. The irony, with ball in hand I mentioned to my son in law, this is when Tony Romo always fails and 30 seconds later he proves me right with duck to Washington.

    I think its out of fear of the moment. He becomes myopic and set his mind on exactly what he is going to do and does it without thinking and its usually the wrong thing.

    Dallas may need to reassess its QB position for next year. Problem there are 10 other teams that need to do the same.

  35. Why the Romo hate?

    He didn’t lose the game. The defense allowed 200 yards to a rookie HB. Rob Ryan’s the main reason for Dallas to miss the playoffs

    He’s terrible

    Blame the defense and Ryan, not Romo

  36. Romo will finish his contract next year and be let go; he is a good guy, but not a top tier NFL QB. If Jones re-signs him he is even dumber than he looks. Have all of you noticed how much older JJ has been looking this season? I was into this game until mid 3rd Qrt. when Morris was running all over the Cowboys D. I knew there was not going to be a comeback. Romo’s not the QB who can take the ‘Boys back to the Promised Land.

  37. Bring Norv back as OC. Invest in some huge 300+ pound Leon Lett type O and D line players. Then make a play for Manziel in a couple of years.

  38. Twenty years ago, after John Elway had repeatedly choked in Super Bowls, the Broncos and Redskins held serious discussions about trading Elway for Mark Rypien outright. Chipper41 could be onto something when he says Romo should be traded for Phillip Rivers. Could we see marquee trade like that occur? I think we could.

    Did I just compare Romo to Elway? Yes. Please forgive me.

  39. No kidding? Dallas fans have been “let down” time and time again. How long must fans endure a mediocre quarterback like Tony Romo? While he’s not the only bad apple in the bunch, Romo has proven that he cannot win those games that really matter. Jerry Jones needs to get off his throne and really make some significant changes. I don’t see Romo make any meaningful improvements in the long run. Dallas fans deserve a quarterback who inspires confidence. Another year…another letdown. Ugh.

  40. How many times do you get to blow it and continue Tony? Your track record is amazing…amazingly bad. I sure hope old Jerry continues to make excuses for you though, cause I love it when the Cowboys lose!!!

  41. Tony Romo is, hands-down, the single most over-hyped and overrated player at ANY position in the NFL. It’s possible he’s the most over-hyped of all time based on results v. expectations.

    Heck, he’s a better golfer than quarterback. At least in golf, he can compete at an elite level.

  42. Romo is like Brett Favre was for the Packers in his hay-day. He’d keep you in the game and on the edge of your seat with his ability to scramble, make impossible passes, and drive down the field. But it’s those same characteristics that got him in trouble a lot of the time by throwing untimely interceptions in critical situations.

    Fortunately for Favre and the Packer fan base, he got to 2 Super Bowls and won 1 of them with with his style of play. Because Tony Romo is on a team with a more unforgiving owner and fan base and doesn’t have any Super Bowl appearances thus far in his career, he’ll be likely be labelled a choker until he can win the big one. . . . And time might be running out on him with his age to change that perception.

  43. Yes, an argument can be made against Jerry as well. He does have three superbowls under his ownership. How many owners can say that? In the end, he isn’t on the field and the talent in Dallas isn’t there because Jerry is a passive GM! Folks seem to forget that fact. He has to approve the players via trade and draft. Dallas has talent because HE put them there! Hello!!

    If Dallas didn’t have such talent, this wouldn’t be so painful….. The talent is due to Jerry’s determination to field a talented team…… He doesn’t call the plays or control the clock. Garrett does……. I know this isn’t a popular opinion, but Jerry isn’t at fault here – the guy who calls the plays and lacks creativity has more to do with how a game goes than Jerry does from his box. If we had no talent, this would be a non issue.

  44. The team let the fans down . The players forgot how to tackle and the receivers are allergic to the ball and even have a mental lapse and forget the routes. The rest of the NFL knows what your going to run in certain calls and so far they have beaten you to the punch. We need the coaching staff to bring something different to plate. I know Jerry has ties with Garrett but maybe a more seasoned coach. Romo having thrown for 4900 yards and third in the league can’t be all bad. Just a shame that a guy like Witten will probably end his career without a ring. Jerry just has to much pride to let anybody prove him wrong.

  45. How bout everyone else stepping up all you idiot Romo bashers. Demarco sucks Dallas has had not a stud in years. Ware sucked this year Dez sucked half the season no defense especially the secondary and Romo letem down get real he’s their only star you lamebrains! Witten and Romo thats it the team has no studs besides Romo and Witten and Dez austins always hurt and even Garret sucks too conservative like parcells

  46. I’m a huge Dallas fan, but Romo isn’t our only issue. The man puts up numbers, but he will never be elite if he can’t perform when it counts. Physically, he’s not a bad QB. Mentally, he is nowhere close. Put the golf clubs down Tony and study your craft. Our defense was terrible. Sure we had injuries all season, but someone needs to step up. The offensive line was awful. Head coach (no emotion and can’t instill discipline) and GM (yes Jerry…you with aging free agents and bad draft picks) are hurting us as well. Murray is decent but too injury prone so a good back up RB would be nice also. I give them another 2-3 years before we can turn some things around.

  47. In big moments in the past Tony has tried too hard! He’s pressed to be the MAN, instead of letting the offense come to him. Although last night’s loss hurts, lets look at the big picture here. Tony actually made good decisions, didn’t press too hard and did his job. He was calm, under control and didn’t panic. He just made 2 throwing errors. The pick over the middle was clearly Oggletree’s fault (who shouldn’t even be on this roster).

    These were physical errors, not mental errors from pushing too hard. Physical errors are going to happen. If that screen pass had been 2 feet higher, that play goes for 30 yards and an easy step out of bounds to stop the clock. GREAT play call! Tony just missed the throw. Same with the underthrown ball to Miles. Miles had a step,…..Tony just missed the throw 6 more feet on that ball and it might be a touchdown. My point is this,……Tony picked the right targets against the right coverage. Throwing accuracy Tony can work on. If you ask me, he didn’t really choke. He just missed a couple throws and that can happen to anyone at anytime.

    He will be great again next year. Give him a clean pocket and he’ll throw for over 5K yards. If I were GM, I’d draft OG, DE, OT, S, DT, DT, WR, and then trade Miles and Felix (neither can stay healthy) and Ogletree (after 4 years he still doesn’t understand our offense).

  48. Let’s face a couple of facts here…
    Tony Romo is a choke artist and Jerry Jones is no General Manager.
    I can count on the fingers of one hand how many big games Romo has won throughout his career. I don’t have enough digits on my hands and feet combined to count how many games he’s literally thrown away.
    Jones is a walking ego. He’s rather throw money away than admit he can’t do the job. His record speaks for itself. You suck, Jerry.
    My two favorite teams are the Browns and whoever is playing Dallas.
    Last night my 2nd favorite team won and I have Romo and Jones to thank for it.

  49. Jerry Jones needs to stick with being the promoter and tour guide and leave the football decisions to a new GM. As far as Romo, his stats are mid-range at best compared to other NFL QBs. Hire Norv Turner as OC and let Garrett be the Head Coach. Garrett isn’t mature enough to do both.

  50. they should have kicked that field goal first half with 45 secs. If they miss with 45 secs worst could happen wash gets a field goal instead and are up 10-7 instead its 7-7 at the half. Garret is a pus and needs to go not Romo

  51. This team has too many guys who have disappeared as impact players with fat contracts (Austin,Ratliff,Scandrick etc)all given to them by Jerrah Jones.Romo is now in a contract year and should be given this year to step up or step off!The Cowboys need to get back to basics:draft and acquire offensive and defensive line help.Run the ball and decide if Demarco Murray is the answer at running back or not because a stud running back would have helped manage the clock(see Alfred Morris)and limit Romo’s tendency to be wreckless.The nucleus is there.Jones needs to take a giant step and hire a GM who recognizes talent and help curb the circus atmosphere in Jerry World.

  52. It’s gotta be tough for Tony Romo. Another game and another blunder. I really do feel bad for the guy and it’s going to be interesting to see what Dallas does going forward. I feel as though you’re not doing much better than Tony Romo but there will be some fans definitely clamouring for change. Another disappointing season in Dallas and another disappointing end to the season for Tony Romo. Gonna be a fun off-season in Big D.

  53. “It just does not feel good, and I feel as though I let our team down,” Romo said.

    Well, Tony, you feel that way because you did. Romo has some talent and he’s a good NFL QB, but it might now be time for Dallas to move on and find someone new. This guy just cannot win a big game and, while he can put up big numbers when the pressure’s off, we know those numbers don’t matter when it comes down to a clutch situation. Best to cut ties now and get a QB who can do more with all the talent on this roster.

  54. Romo has issues at times, but its not all his fault. I totally hate the Cowboys, but if you take a look at the whole team, they just aren’t very good. Why such disppointment for not making the playoffs? They wouldn’t have went very far. Romo is far from the biggest problem on the Cowboys…start at the top…the very top, you will solve most of it there.

  55. Tony Romo, Celebrity Quarterback (TM), is more concerned with how he looks than how he plays. If he played for a team that doesn’t get as much (undeserved) media coverage as the Cowboys, he wouldn’t get nearly as much press and wouldn’t have nearly the ego.

    You “feel” you let your team down? Tony Romo, Celebrity Quarterback (TM), you weren’t the only one, but you DID let your team down.

  56. Romo hasnt gotten it done yet. 3 ints is usually the main reason a team loses. The guy has never made really good decisions with the ball. All the talent in the world doesnt help if you are always making bad decisions. The cowgirls will never compete for a SB with Romo as their QB. he’s had all the time in the world to chage the public perception. Same guy, same results.

  57. @japmen: You didn’t see Romo after the 3rd int. He was on the bench and threw his helmet and someone intercepted it LOL!

  58. I like how the announcers were gushing over RG3, saying he “dragged” this team to the playoffs with the win streak, in which he didn’t even play every game and in this game, where he barely threw for 100 yards while his RB got 200 on the ground.

    RG3 is at best the THIRD best rookie QB this year.

    As for Romo, It was a gutty performance with terrible play calling and a bunch of wide recievers made out of chinaand flash paper.

  59. You can blame Romo for loosing the game he is only
    the qb he is not the defense that suppose to protect the scores and keep the other team from score. Yes he threw three ints. but that not all the reason you must look at the defense. A

  60. Jerry Jones needs to fire Jerry as the GM. Then we need to fire Romo and probably Garrett too. If they don’t fire Romo they need to at least develop an offense that will account for his terrible decision making. Which still means Garrett should be fired. He has let us down all year.

  61. Romo is not an elite QB, but he could do much better, perhaps even win a super bowl is he had a decent supporting cast, starting with an offensive line, and a coach that could put a game winning plan together. Jones should start by firing Rob Ryan who is way overrated, then hire an offensive coordinator that would actually be allowed to call the plays, and if he intends keeping Jason Garrett, he should just put a dress on him and let him cheer. He also needs to do some serious trading to pick up some proven players, or do it through draft. We need some players that don’t get injured every other week. Sure, Romo threw an int, but that should not have been a throwing play to begin with. Perhaps a screen, but not down field. The Skins had been in single coverage all night, and pressing the underneath stuff, so what does Garrett call, a short out…just stupid! Let’s not put all the blame on Romo. The problem starts with the coaching, and that is where it ends.

  62. Once he has more than one offensive lineman who can hold a block for more than a second, romo cant be blamed for anything, especially with the horrid play calling. The dallas cowboys gain at least 15 yac every time they run deep crossers but they never do Jason Garrett seems to like quick throws into coverage, like the last interception in the game

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