Vick rips teammates for lack of effort

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In a development that arguably says as much (or as little) about the Eagles’ players as it does about Mike Vick’s leadership skills (or lack thereof), Vick lambasted his soon-to-be former teammates on Monday.

Per, Vick complained about the players’ “lack of effort,” which he described as “very evident.”

“It’s all about focus, dedication and commitment,” Vick said. “Until you get guys who are willing to better themselves week in and week out and want to win, you’re not going to win.  And I haven’t played with guys like that.  It’s unfortunate for coach thing turned out the way they are.  It could have been a lot better.  This locker room could have dictated that.”

It’s ironic, to say the least.  Vick was precisely that guy for the first six years of his career.  And some believe that he has reverted to being complacent since putting together an MVP-caliber performance in 2010.

Vick said the lack of effort from the other players “pisses [him] off.”

And Vick said that he’s not to blame.  “I give 110 percent effort,” Vick said.  “My body is scarred up all year.  I’m hurt, I’m bruised, get up after every hit and still try and fight and push.  I do that for my coaches.  I do that for my teammates.  And I would expect the same thing in return.”

Vick admitted that the outcome arose at least in part from his failure to assert himself in the locker room.

“I should have done it,” Vick said.  “But I tried to take the modest approach, I tried to lead by example.  I held a team meeting and tried to help guys recommit.  It was still the same thing over and over again.  I’m not going to tell a grown man the same thing twice because the reason I ended up incarcerated was because people told me the same thing over and over again and I didn’t listen.  I feel like if you don’t learn in the first go-around, you disregard it.  You just deal with the consequences because there will always be consequences.”

But here’s where Vick’s logic falls apart.  Vick was in the past surrounded by a bunch of “yes” men and enablers.  A football team commands leadership — and it holds accountable those who don’t respond.

Ultimately, Vick’s remarks aren’t the ideal way to persuade other teams that he’s suited to provide leadership in a new city.

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  1. Great audition for all of the teams looking for a QB, Mike…

    Stink it up and point fingers after.

    Sounds like JETS material to me…

  2. Someone is still going to sign him. Look at the pitiful quarterback play that took place this year from the likes of the Jets, Cardinals, Bucs, Bears etc.
    Someone will sign this guy because one man’s swag is another man’s yolo.

  3. May not be the best way to land himself a new job for sure but something very refreshing as a fan to hear. Sometimes the dirty laundry does need to be aired and after 14 years of Reid covering for everyone nice to hear it finally. Avant and McCoy held the same belief in recent comments in interviews. DRC called out some of his secondary “brothers” about the same thing around the mid-way point. Where there is smoke theres fire

    I’m glad Vick said it and nice that he defended his man after Reid stuck by him.

  4. What he said is true. Hate it or not. You can’t force grown men to do anything. Some are motivated internally. Some need something else to motivate them like money, or a chance to win.

    When those external motivators are gone, you’re left with a fractured team with some people going all out. And, others packing it all in. Both factions resenting the other.

  5. Just because his performance on the field has eroded over the past 2 years doesn’t mean he’s wrong. I give the guy credit, he’s seemingly put in the effort and played through a lot of pain.

    He’s just past his prime and on the down side of his career.

  6. To me Vick sounded like a guy who was upset that the man who stuck his neck out for him to return to the NFL no longer had a job. Vick shouldn’t have said everything he said about his teammates though since Vick himself wasn’t anything to write home about. Given the barren wasteland of quarterbacks out there he should have an easy transition into another starting QB job in a different city. I doubt the Bills or whoever wants him cares.

  7. He can join our practice squad or be someone to warm up with pre-game.

  8. As an Eagles fan, he clearly stated the obvious. The team gave up after losing they’re 4th game. Players like Maclin (Mr softy), Blabbin, Nnamdi, DRC all gave up and those guys are supposed to be leaders on the team. I have n0 problem with Vick saying anything that he did. He was put in the wrong situation, a terrible offensive line, and a coach who throws the ball 50 times a game. He’ll get another opportunity next year, and while he’ll probably never win a super bowl, I hope he has success because we gave him a raw deal here in philly

  9. Dream Team ended up being a Nightmare. I swear I don’t know why some people have to toot their own horn before they’ve done anything then look like fools afterward.

  10. Vick is not a good QB, but his comments were not off base. He is one tough SOB and played hard. If you watched the Eagles week in/week out, you’d see a lot of soft guys that wanted no part of any physical contact and no part of putting in effort. The team is soft. Michael Vick is not a good QB, but he is no softy. He got killed by a bad offensive line and he was more eager to hit someone on a block than a lot of Eagles WRs were. After seeing his interview live, I gained respect for Vick. The Atlanta days are gone, he has since changed.

  11. This is coming from an idiot that has been in the league for 10 years now and still can’t read a defense or change a play when the defense is blitzing!!

  12. I disagree that this makes Vick look bad. He didn’t just straight up say “these guys suck” but said the effort wasn’t there and it cost Reid his job. And it’s true. This team has a lot of talent and underachieved big time, and Vick said what needed to be said. Heck, Cleveland finished with a better record!

  13. But is he wrong? No.

    Maybe he’s not the guy to say it. He’s part of the problem, too.

    Hey, I don’t even think he’s a starter anymore. But how is he saying something that isn’t obvious?

  14. Vick might be gritty, hard-working, and he may give it his all every game – at least right now. The problem is, his all is not that good. He’s 33 or 34 and on the downside of his career. The guy consistently overrates his own ability.

  15. Maybe if Vick wasn’t throwing a pick every other pass or fumbling and practically giving the other team the game, his teammates would at least try. Either way that team look like it had totally quit weeks ago. Dump the entire roster.

  16. Unbelievably sad that, after all the opportunities to learn from his life’s experiences (both good and bad), Vick still hasn’t a clue about the true nature of his football problems.

  17. Actually he has some good points. I am not anywhere near the locker room, so I cant tell you how Vick, or any of his teammates are. But Vick does play hard, I can see that. As far as Reid losing his job, I dont have anything against Reid, but it was just time. Sometimes a man is his own worst enemy, and Reid couldnt see he needs to step away for awhile. The Eagles have serious problems, & I am sure Vick isn’t the worst of them, he is just the type of player that plays a dangerous style of football & pays for it.

  18. Out of the 32 teams i the nfl, mark sanchez was ranked 33rd overall in QB ranking……vick would be a major improvement for the jets….vick to holmes! Omg whT am i thinking lolz

  19. I dunno if Vick is right or wrong. I wasnt there. But, the way he conducts himself on and off the field goes alot further than what he said he demonstrated as a teammate.

    Watch the Greats. They are constantly cheerleading for their guys to suck it up and get their jobs done. Vick goes to the bench after every series and hangs out with some coaches or just sits there. Maybe Vick just doesnt understand the game well enough to not have to be coached when he isnt on the field. I dunno. Other players find time to Lead their team. Vick doesnt have that ability. That is why he has never been great.

  20. He’s a fraud. HE is the one that didn’t put forth the effort. HE should be called out because he’s mentally lazy and doesn’t do what is necessary from a mental and preparation standpoint to be the success that he could be. He has done it in the past when his back was against a wall like when he needed to re-establish himself as a franchise QB after getting out of jail so we KNOW he’s capable of doing it. But then he always gets complacent and mentally lazy again and it shows on the field in a huge way. I find it disgraceful for him to point his finger at his teammates when he is the real problem. Micheal Vick is a complete fraud. Michael Vick is the very same piece of garbage he proved he was previously.

  21. accurate or not, surreal coming from a guy who is infamous for not preparing for opponents and being unable to read defenses.

  22. DIE HARD EAGLES FAN…….The fact that this comes after the season is over is so weak. I had a little bit more respect for Vick before this. He wouldn’t dare make these comments during the season for fear of facing his teammates like a man. As a whole, the team did not do their job. It is a team sport, individual effort isn’t as important as collective effort. Vick did not lead by example for his team, not with his actions nor his play.

    I have bled green since birth. Been through it through thick and thin, the great playoffs years as well as the years of pure failure. GETTING RID OF VICK AND ANDY REID is the ONLY option to change the culture of this eagles team. Philadelphia is made up of tough minded people and the city NEEDS a team that matches that same persona.

    The persona of say… Brian Dawkins

  23. This coming from a guy who gave the ball away 14 times in 10 games? Nice effort, Mike. You got paid, and immediately mailed it in, just like 98% of the country knew you would. Good luck with Rex next season. You guys are made for each other.

  24. anyone who watched the eagles with Vick can’t disagree with him. he took a beating and played hard all season. aso is trash, drc played uninspired, maclin came up small all season. McCoy, Vick, Celek all played hard

  25. Vick speaks truth. It wasn’t Vick that was the problem, it was the offensive line. No one could play QB behind those bozos. I don’t know if it was lack of effort as Vick says or just lack of talent, but that offensive line was terrible.

  26. Vick hasn’t ever been able to read defenses. He Fumbles all the and if that isn’t bad enough he throws interceptions like the football is candy.

  27. You heard it here first, DJax being traded for Alex Smith. DJax one of the guys not trying and wants back in Cali. Eagles need a QB. Thoughts?

  28. I dunno, I can tell you that the team looked like they played MUCH harder for Nick Foles than they did for Mike Vick. I think the o-line quit on MIKE VICK, not on the Eagles. I think the Defense was tired of people on offense putting the ball in the other teams hands with turn overs. This doesn’t make it right, but the defense played much better when Nick Foles was on the field than they did when Mike Vick was on the field. The O-Line still wasn’t great, but looked better than freaking terrible with Foles back there.

    Maybe they got sick of Mike Vick telling them how to do their job, when his play was what was making it harder?

    What Vick said was mostly true, and he’s not wrong. I just think he’s wrong on who they quit on.

  29. another graduate from the eric dickersom , jeff george , school of ” Look at me i’m perfect ” school of thought.enjoy your retirement

  30. Vick is right. As an owner of a couple pit bulls, I’ve never been able to accept him completely as my favorite team’s QB but I don’t question his effort for one second. I also don’t question that there are many players on this team that either quit or never showed up in the first place. And that is an indictment of the head coach, more than anyone. Especially (we’re told) one that had final say in personnel since his 3rd year as coach.

    Reid had the power to pick the players and coach them up. He took a hard line in the early years and demanded respect from his players and disciplined anyone who stepped out of line. In recent years, he has gotten much softer. All of his players still LIKE him but I don’t think all of them RESPECT him anymore.

    That’s the biggest reason why Reid was fired today. He’s a genuinely good human being and was once a great coach. But over the years, he lost his ability to discipline his team. It was evident in their lack of attention to detail, infighting, and horrendous play this year. Sure, they all still liked him but that was because he didn’t demand anything of them and wouldn’t throw them under the bus with the media.

  31. I love how some folks talk about Vick not playing hard- or even that he is not a good qb. I think you all are wrong on both points. Let’s see if some of you all may be suffering from a bit of hypocrisy: how many of you folks felt Tom Brady was out of line after the Jaguars game? And that was a win! Double standard or something else? Just like when Coach Singletary gets in player’s faces its viewed so differently than when Coach Harbaugh does it. And if I remember correctly, as a player the latter coach won squat compared to the former. Just an observation.

  32. People wake up, this is coming from a guy who can’t stay healthy for half a season never mind the entire season. He calls people out for not giving their all when he won’t even learn to slide to stay healthy. If he were the leader a qb is supposed to be he would have called the players out to their face not after he knows he will be gone. This bum has stolen enough money from the eagles. Show him the door and get rid of this cancer. Don’t you fellow eagle fans remember Owens have you forgot so soon.

    Good luck Andy I know you will find another HC job. Thank you for the last 14 years but it is a time for change for all.

  33. “It’s all about focus, dedication and commitment,” Vick said. “Until you get guys who are willing to better themselves week in and week out and want to win, you’re not going to win.”

    He just as soon have been holding a mirror to his face while he spoke those words. Instead, he projected it onto others. Not very sportsmanlike.

    IMO, Vick is not much of a winner much less a champion. Woe to the team that thinks he can help them win.

  34. Luckily for his fellow Eagle teammates, they are not dogs. Look at what Vick did to the underperformers in his kennel. That would be one way to “kill” off the dream team.

    Vick is a morally bankrupt scumbag loser. Good luck to the next team that thinks he can play QB.

  35. I don’t know him, but no other QB in NFL history talks as poorly as Mike Vick. He comes off as uneducated. And NFL QB is not a position for the slow minded.

    He played his best when he was humbled after incarceration. When only one team gave him a chance. As soon as he felt the entitlement again he disregarded being a Quarterback, and went back to his mental laziness.

  36. for all Eagles fans and any other team MV7 plays for in the future:
    During Mike Vick’s entire tenure with atlanta and what little i paid attention to while in philly, all anyone talked about was how bad the offensive line was. And THAT was the reason Mick Vick underachieved.
    Sorry, it has nothing to do with the offensive line… and everything between the ears of #7.

    When you back a loser, you become a loser.

  37. To be fair, the reporter fed him the “does it piss you off that..” line, but Vick did nothing to contradict it and spoke like a guy who has no desire to be back on that team.

  38. This is why I think Jon Gruden or Bill Cowher would be a perfect head coach for the Eagles because they can light a fire under these players rearends or ship them out of town.

  39. ronmexicothecoachkiller says:
    Dec 31, 2012 4:53 PM
    Names. Give us Names. Fans have a right to know what players quit on the team

    You didn’t look at their O line this year and take notes? Know why Maclin had a less than stellar season? Because Vick HAD NO TIME to throw the ball. He was too busy getting sacked, knocked down, hurried, and injured to be able to air a ball out to a deep wideout like Maclin.

  40. Michael Vick is a great addition to the Eagles and will continue to thrive in Philadelphia…

    With Respect,

    Washington Redskins

    New York Giants

    Dallas Cowboys

  41. I think he’s right but the horse is out of the barn now. What does it matter how hard they did or didn’t try. Andy Reid is fired. As for the rest, some of you could try to define the word mercy. I’m not saying what he did was right by any means. But, he’s repeatly said the he’s sorry. What more can he do.

  42. In regards to players on the Eagles who obviously either gave up, or showed no effort to begin with (in order):

    Jason Babin, Nnamdi Asomugha, Desean Jackson, DRC, Demitrus Bell, King Dunlap.

    Babin thankfully is already gone. I’d cut the rest of the cancers tomorrow if I could, starting with Nnamdi & Desean.

  43. I’m not a eagles fan but Michael Vicks talk was on his heart a coach is not the blame the way the team plays, like Micheal Vicks said these are grown mens. They practice day in and day out and not getting it in their heads, I don’t care how good of a quarterback a team has if the offensive line is not pulling their part of the deal that they was hired to do then the quarterback will get beat up in the pocket. Yes Micheal Vicks got scars on his body to prove that the line is not doing their job, all the coach can do is train them but he can’t make them play they best. But the coach catch the door when it should be the players who are not doing they job, Micheal Vicks is a good quarterback just need some good guys around him. And a coach only can do the best he can as a coach the players that are bought in for the job they are qualified for just need to do their job, coaches are not there to babysit these grown mens they knows their job.

  44. “I have a feeling those words are directed at the o-line. Manning wouldn’t win with that line.”

    “Let’s see if some of you all may be suffering from a bit of hypocrisy: how many of you folks felt Tom Brady was out of line after the Jaguars game? And that was a win! Double standard or something else?”.

    The difference here is that (a) Manning WOULD have addressed this as soon as it happened, (b) Brady DID address it, and (c) teammates WANT to play for those guys.

  45. beerbudsnbevo says:
    Dec 31, 2012 4:30 PM
    Great audition for all of the teams looking for a QB, Mike…

    Stink it up and point fingers after.

    Sounds like JETS material to me…

    dude for all the bad things i say about the jets…find me ONE single presser when sanchez pointed a finger at ANYONE other than himself?

  46. How could another player’s lack of effort even be noticed with Vick on the field? He really is the last one who should be criticizing someone else’s performance or lack thereof. I’ve give him a point or two for being tough, but overall, there’s not much there.

  47. Vick is not a great QB and his comments here show he isn’t a leader either but I promise you some idiot GM or owner will sign him to a big contract. He is an average QB who makes a few amazing, athletic plays here and there and people onlt see the highlight reel. They don’t see the throws into the dirt or the ones over receiver’s heads. But hey that ain’t Vick’s fault right?

  48. Michael Vick is the least of Philly’s worries. He took a ridiculous pounding week after week behind the worst offensive line in the league. Add a defense that had shoddy schemes all year and a passionless coaching job by Andy Reid, and it’s a wonder the Eagles won any games this year.

    There are much bigger holes on the Eagles to fix than Michael Vick right now.

  49. beerbudsnbevo says:
    Dec 31, 2012 4:30 PM
    Great audition for all of the teams looking for a QB, Mike…

    Stink it up and point fingers after.

    Sounds like JETS material to me…

    I’d have to say I love this comment. Vick is def not a leader.

  50. Too bad this garbage gets so many chances. Even if I had a flat out guarantee that if he quarterbacked “my” football team he would win the Super Bowl, I still wouldn’t want him. Some trash just stinks no matter how much you try to to hide the scent. I don’t care if he was the best quarterback in the history of the NFL, he is a piece of trash as a human being.

  51. Vick is what we thought he is. A big ball of waste. Wasted talent, wasted #1 overall draft pick, wasted money, wasted hopes. Which dumb eastern seaboard team will be dumb enough to sign him? Or re-sign him?

  52. As usual, its someone elses fault. Some guys constantly find themselves in the same situations over and over, but fail to recognize that they are the common denominator. Like TO.

  53. Vick is 100% correct with people on that team QUITTING, You look at Vick and he is running all around the field giving it his all and taking all sorts of HITS,

    We know who some of the culprits are and look no further to the DIVA wide receiver who by his own admission last year said ” i wasn’t happy with my contract so i took plays off”.
    For some here who says Vick is NOT a leader; well i can’t help you with what you are smoking, because when he was in Atlanta he took AVERAGE teams to the playoffs and did pretty well , Its funny like with anything in life when things aren’t going well stuff sure can get INVENTED.We sure didn’t hear this the season before when he guide the eagles to 10 WINS.

  54. “There are much bigger holes on the Eagles to fix than Michael Vick right now.”

    No there aren’t. Do anything you want with that team. It doesn’t matter. Whatever they do, if they hitch that wagon to Vick they’re doomed to failure. The only reason anybody can say that he’s an “NFL caliber QB” is that some NFL team was dumb enough to give him a job. He can’t read defenses. As if that weren’t enough, he’s fragile and he’s lost his legs… the only real physical weapon he ever had. He’s also a turnover machine. 10 INTs and 11 fumbles against 13 total TDs does not get the job done. And it’s only gonna get worse. He’s gonna be 33 by the time next season rolls around. If Vick were a Bad Newz Kennel dog he would have violently put himself down 5 years ago.

  55. “We sure didn’t hear this the season before when he guide the eagles to 10 WINS.”

    Wow, 10 wins is quite a few for a first overall draft pick with a $100 million contract!

  56. Talking to the press while full of frustration is not good. Vick would have been better off watching others who were fired, but who take responsibility for the poor performance by their team. Vick isn’t taking or accepting any of the blame…….He should have. Dumping on the team when he also helped get the coach fired is not good.

  57. It’s the old saying “beating a dead dog”. Or, “kicking a dog when it’s down”.

    Every dog has its day, Mike.

  58. Say what you will about this guy but he is telling the truth! Don’t you get sick of cliche after cliche? We shouldn’t rip a guy for actually giving you a substantive quote. I think a different team would like this attitude, frankly.

  59. He might of stunk it up but lets be honest, he said what we all knew.

    This team quit, they quit early. Say what you want about Donovan McNabb, I don’t think anybody ever quit on him. Actually if I am right, when he mentioned the errors the team had they got mad.

    “We played young” After losing the THIRD game in a row to Dallas Cowboys, a game that had only six runs and about thirty drops. Djax didn’t take kindly to that.

  60. I’m from Richmond, VA. We crowned this guy when he led VT to a national championship game and went to the NFL. We were so happy for him and Atlanta. It was a success for all of his fans. He showed his true colors as he walked into the Richmond Federal Court. It was bad, real bad. Really sickening. There were many people that said he was “better” and he got another shot in Philly. My questions was “Really?”, but it was another shot at QB. There are many people on here who dispute his talents. I do too. I have followed each year. I love Philly Sports and his comments just cement what I have felt for 10 years. I have followed the guy with promise for 10+ years and it’s just wrong. He’s just a bad apple. He may not have had the best O-line. Why? Goodbye Vick for your last chance. Philly needs better. (and that is from a Steeler’s Fan). Yep, I admitted it.

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