Welcome to the offseason

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Every year at this time, we say the same thing.

“Welcome to the offseason.”

For 20 teams, the offseason has officially begun.  And with that comes the inevitable change that will occur as owners consider the fact that three of the worst six teams from 2011 (the Colts, Vikings, and Redskins) have ended up in the playoffs.

The changes already are happening, with General Managers and head coaches getting pink slips and the game of multi-level musical chairs unfolding.

So for the fans of the 20 teams who have commenced the process of finding reasons to be hopeful in 2013, we’re here for you.  And for the 12 teams who still have a chance of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, we’re here for you, too.

Hell, we’re always here.  But now that the regular season has ended, even more of you will be, too.  So welcome.  Make yourselves at home.  Kick your shoes off.  But if you use the facilities, please flush twice.